"He, what’s going on? Yuan Ying’s strength is even greater than the strength of the body. Lao Zi is just a Yuan Ying period. How is it possible?" Star xuan quickly teleport back to the cover, thinking again.


The memory of the golden lotus in Xing Xuan’s mind was turned out by Xing Xuan, and he rethought the various realms of Xuangong. Xing Xuan couldn’t help but be ecstatic: His present situation should be the golden body and the Yuan God mentioned in the Golden Lotus. If you practice in this direction, your own body will be mixed with Yuan Ying and become a complete spirit. There will be no Yuan Ying and no Yuan Ying in the future, only one golden body. If you keep practicing, the golden body will grow up gradually.

Chapter 123 Obstruction
And the nine head worm yuan baby, will become another busy, uniting the word, itself is a demon nine head worm yuan baby may also become a golden body.
Xing Xuan suddenly got excited. This is a brand-new cultivation direction. When he entered the OBE period, it was the period when the golden body was formed. At that time, he would be more severe, and others would be more unpredictable about his own cultivation, because this achievement method is very different from other methods of fixing truth.
Want to see, the star xuan quickly set up the leg, five heart upward, beside the black month, according to the usual practice posture.
Today, however, what is different from usual is that he called Yuan Ying out, so that Yuan Ying, who turned into a thin film, would cover all his body and start practicing under the brilliance of the invisible divine light.
I don’t know why the snowstorm stopped. One foot of the hole where Qiongzhi and others are located is thick snow. The snow mass on the mountain wall of this valley has all rolled down, filling the valley with a thick layer. If ordinary people are here, they can only resign themselves to fate.
Xing Xuan and Black Moon have been buried under several feet of snow.
"Why don’t the two seniors come up? They won’t …" Qiongzhi went white.
Manyun blocked her mouth and whispered, "Sister, don’t speak ill of your predecessors, or he will hit you!"
Qiongzhi’s face turned red at once, and she squeezed Manyun’s arm and said, "He will hit you. Yours is quite stiff. It must feel good when you hit it!"
Man Yun snorted and smiled, and suddenly shouted, "Senior, two seniors. The snow has stopped, come out quickly! " After shouting, he muttered in a low voice: "Qiongzhi’s is quite stiff and warped!" "
"Bang" a big ring, blue brilliance broke the snow, foaming at the mouth, and in the middle of brilliance, like golden couple’s star Xuan and black moon appeared in front of Mu.
In an instant, the two women’s faces turned red.
Fly out of the snow. With a wave of Xing Xuan’s hand, Hai Yun’s psychic cover, splashed with deep blue water drops, shrank and flew into the mustard bracelet. Here we go. Two people side by side across the snow layer, towards the hole where Qiongzhi and Manyun are located, and their skirts are flying and fluttering, making them both crazy.
"Qiongzhi. Man Yun, where’s your brother? The snow has stopped, so it’s time for us to hit the road again! " When Xing Xuan came to the front of the two men, his eyes were like electricity, and his face was flying. He turned and ran into the cave to call Yi Ren and others.
The snow on the original snowstorm has been extremely hard, and the wind has stopped, so since. Instead, the disciples of Ming Yang Sect saved some energy. They slipped on the ice and snow with a light fit, and their sides were natural and comfortable.
Gradually, I saw the outline of a huge snow mountain, which was magnificent and steep, and Xing Xuan took out a map to compare it, which made me feel happy. This is the mountain of python teeth.
But … At this time, Xing Xuan felt a little abnormal.
A strong energy fluctuation appeared in front of about 100 meters, and the five elements became more and more strong as they approached the place.
Eyes flashing red mans, a large array of vague outline appeared in front of him.
"Invert the Gankun five-element mobile array?" Xing Xuan was taken aback. Once this large array is touched, it will be transferred to any place in this world at will, and the transfer distance is directly proportional to the energy stored in the large array.
"Who built this large array here and what is its intention?" Xing Xuan thought of this and shouted, "Stop!"
Yi people and others were already close to the large array. When they heard Xing Xuan’s drink, they stopped immediately and did not dare to touch.
"Come with me!" Star Xuan said, and turned to spare the large array and flew to the place where there was no way to follow.
Those Ming Yang disciples looked at each other in amazement, but thinking that Xing Xuan was a patriarch, there must be some reason for this, so they all made no objection, gritted their teeth, flew up and followed Xing Xuan around.
A light "yi" came out in the jungle in the distance, and Xing Xuan immediately looked in that direction.
A light gray shadow flew from the bush and rushed to the northwest.
"Stay!" Xing Xuan let out a cry, and a thin awn in his hand went towards the shadow maser, which was the three-point dry needle.
A silver curtain fell from the sky and was protecting the man. There was a ringing noise, and the three-point dry-Kun needles fell to the ground, but the curtain was finally broken by the last three-point dry-Kun needle, and it was scattered, revealing the figure behind the curtain.
The man has a triangular head, small eyes like mung beans, and a pinch of goatee. He looks like a middle-aged man, but he doesn’t know how old he is.
At this time, Xing Xuan has also flown to the front of the man. When the red mans eyes appear, he can see the cultivation of this man, that is, a guy in Yuan’s infancy. Such a low cultivation dare to set traps on the road to prevent others from entering the python tooth mountain. Xing Xuan has some doubts about his guess.
Behind, the dark moon also flew up and reached the position where the three-point dry Kun needle fell. With a wave of his hand, the three-point dry Kun needle all entered his mustard bracelet, re-accumulating energy and preparing for the second shot.
"How dare you set up obstacles on the way to Python Mountain? Aren’t you even afraid of the angel of heaven?" Xing Xuan had to take the lead at this time, and cheat him first to see if he set up this large array.
The man was really taken in, blushed and shouted, "What if I set it up, little boy?" Messenger of heaven, hehe, they are too lazy to care about such a thing! "
"Ha ha, it really is you, really bold, quickly removed the large array, the patriarch spare you die!" Xing Xuan saw the man admit it, smiled, and then spoke more words that made that guy go on the rampage.
"Little rabbit, you want to die!" The man let out a cry, and a green awn flew out of his body and took the star Xuan straight.