"Is this distinguished guest all right?" Fairy girl’s soft sound got up.


RuXiaoNan did not consider all the people to take a surprised look at her to the desktop.
There’s no one there.
Ru Xiaonan’s hair stood on end. Where did that hand come from just now?
Chapter 274 Have Yin and Yang eyes nun 1 cold hands
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RuXiaoNan jumped up, and the whole person was like a fried animal.
At that moment, all eyes were on her.
"Little girl?" Blue ink yan called her a.
RuXiaoNan this just to react, she just reacted too excited.
"What’s the matter?" Blue ink Yan noticed that her face was a little poor.
"No … nothing was just pierced by something" RuXiaoNan concealed and looked at the desktop again at the same time "as if the chair had a thorn …"
The little hand was gone, as if everything was her illusion.
"I’m really sorry for the poor hospitality." The nun across the street apologized and bowed her head.
RuXiaoNan said it’s not good to say anything. Aunt Fairy came in and apologized for changing the chair.
Sit back to RuXiaoNan heart has been.
Even the dishes on the table have lost their interest, and their eyes always slip to the desktop unconsciously.
"Is it uncomfortable for this girl to eat less?" The nun’s soft voice suddenly sounded.
RuXiaoNan discovered that there was more than half left in the bowl in front of her, and everyone else had almost finished eating.
"No …" RuXiaoNan stammered to avoid green ink yan to explore eyes.
When nun 1 looked up at Ru Xiaonan and glanced at Qing Mo Yan’s face, she was slightly stunned but soon returned to normal.
"Female Yin will naturally be uncomfortable here, and so will I." Fairy girl’s face is considerate with a faint smile. "There are too many villagers everywhere in this mountain. Although I can see life and death, I can help them …"
Fairy fairy said with a sad smile.
"Can you see the dead?" RuXiaoNan weak asked a sentence.
RuXiaoNan sip tight mouth to test a sentence "now here …"
"I don’t want to say it for fear of scaring you." Sister-in-law worried and looked at Qing Mo Yan. "This girl is male …"
"Madam" green ink yan calm way
Fairy girl once again looked at Ru Xiaonan "I’m afraid it will scare your wife."
"It’s okay, I’m bold." Ru Xiaonan straightened his back by trying to be brave.
"In that case, I’ll tell you," said Xiangu faintly. "Because I have yin and yang eyes, those dead people will always haunt me. My body has been a little weak thanks to my uncle and aunt. Otherwise, I really don’t know what to do …"
Then she lifted her sleeve and wiped her eyes and smiled again. "Look at what I said, please don’t care."
The four monks recited the Buddhist name lightly, which was quite sympathetic.
Ru Xiaonan tightened her mouth. "Can you see the dead in the room?"
Fairy looked up at Xu Wei and smiled as if she was in the eye.
"Yes, they’re all here … I’ve been talking about how to avoid them."
RuXiaoNan turned to look at the blue ink yan.
She knows better than anyone whether there is any dead air in the room because she can see it in yin and yang.
Now the house is clean, let alone dead, and there is not even a trace of unclean things.
Blue ink Yan has been silent. He quietly stared at the nun 1 and looked a little serious.
At this moment, a monk said, "We want to get rid of the demon fog in the poisonous insect valley. I wonder if Fairy can help tell us where those monsters are hidden?"
Xiangu shook her head. "You can’t get rid of those monsters."
"Because they are stronger than you." Sister-in-law suddenly turned pale when she looked at one of the monks. "You … behind you …"
The monk looked at him in surprise. There was nothing behind him.
"You … you behind … that a few children is how to return a responsibility …"
Monks coloured deeply and looked behind them again.
The other three monks also looked over, but they didn’t see anything.
Fairy girl’s sleeves cover her face and she seems afraid to look again.
"What … what kind of children?" The monk’s face was livid with a hint of trembling in his voice.
"The clothes are tattered as if they were poor children." Sister-in-law sobbed. "It’s so pitiful to be so young …"
"ah!" The monk shouted and staggered to his feet and accidentally bumped into the table.
There was a loud noise, and the table utensils were knocked out of place.
Fairy nun buried her face in her sleeve and was shaking as if she were extremely afraid.
RuXiaoNan sat there watching this scene and clenched his fist unconsciously.