"Eye" Yang Xiu looked at the demon Dan. Suddenly my heart moved. Can’t help but come to the room where Jiman refined law.


This hall is one newly built by Yang Xiujin. There are hundreds of feet. I saw the room. It’s steaming. Colorful. A busy scene.
At the moment, Ji Man is directing the disciples of Mingle Shihong and other law enforcement halls to be naive and angry. Refining the flag. And she herself is refining the array. Hands with complicated hands.
Although there are disciples of the law enforcement hall to help. However, there are a lot of flags to be refined. Therefore, it can’t be refined in a short time. And Yang Xiu doesn’t want to spend too much time. So as not to delay the practice. Therefore, in the name of the law enforcement hall, I went to accept another disciple in the practice period. As a fireman.
He picked it out himself this time. Don’t arrange some family members to come in.
He is looking for those who are not very qualified. I have been practicing for more than ten floors. And I used to be a disciple of the introduction to Sanxiu.
Because if everyone wants to build a foundation. So as to practice wholeheartedly. It won’t help if you find it.
And the qualification is low. Scattered repairs again. There is no one to rely on. All forces are disdainful. There is no lingshi to buy Dan medicine materials. Many monks have not made any progress for decades. As a result, the advanced minds of such monks have faded.
Now Yang Xiu let them into the law enforcement hall. Not only is the position a little higher than before. You can also get a lingshi every month. Therefore, the school will not be active.
The monks saw Yang Xiu come in. Just nod and salute. Because one by one all day with real fire refining flag array. Already exhausted.
Although hard. But instead of complaining. On the contrary, it is more positive. Because Yang Xiu gave two more Lingshi in a month. But also prepared many elixirs. Therefore, these disciples not only don’t have to worry about their lack of magic. And the shape can be refined by refining the flag. It is also beneficial to cultivation.
Came to the front of Jiman. Signal her to come out.
After this time, the role of psychedelic silkworms. The last time I told Yang Xiu the secret of her heart. Ziman’s impression of Yang Xiu has completely changed. But also formed a certain attachment.
Take Ziman to her practice room. He took out the array eye and said, "This is an array eye that I accidentally noticed. I heard the power is not bad. You know I don’t know much about array. It’s no use staying around. So take it. It is also used for any large array to be refined in the future. "
Jiman looked at the demon Dan in his hand. Feel the spirit of terror contained in it. It was a shock. Although I haven’t seen what this is yet. But its preciousness can also be imagined.
So expensive. She wanted to decline. But don’t move He smiled at Yang Xiu and said, "Thank you, brother. Then I’ll take it. When you are high in the future. I must use it to build a large array. "
In fact, this is Yang Xiu’s intention. Anyway, she belongs to Yang Xiu. Besides, the array to be built in the future.

Chapter one hundred and fifty-three Closed
Fairy wild Chapter one hundred and fifty-three Closed
Six thousand words. One more]
After half a year. The array method refined by Jiman was finally completed. During this period, Yang Xiu also helped. Otherwise, it is only because of the naive fire of those disciples during the practice period. If refining is successful. I don’t know what year and month it was.
First, the abode of fairies and immortals used 18 sets of small gathering array methods to form a large gathering array-"Sun, Moon and Stars Array". "Sun, Moon and Star Array" can be the essence of the sun in daytime. And can gather the spirit of the moon. The magic is endless. Now the aura in the abode of fairies and immortals is simply not the same as before.
The large array of cave protection is first covered with a fantastic "four elephants and five rows array". In the "Four Elephants and Five Elements Array", another-kill array’s blood-eating cart was laid. The power of these two methods has passed the advanced level. In addition to forced attacks. Don’t worry about who will suddenly enter.
As for Bai Zhi’s training room. Yang Xiu not only arranged "Jueling Array" to cut off his corpse. Also specially put that set of "Ten kill array" in it. Only one message jade card was left. One is to prevent people from breaking in and seeing the abnormality. I’m here to keep Bai Zhi from going out at will.
When everything has been arranged properly. He didn’t cooperate with Jiman to start a real closed-door practice.
In order to avoid the low-age elixir in the cave house being eaten up by the mobs. Yang Xiu put it in the wooden house, too.
I have to come down in a few months. He has thoroughly seen how big mobster’s appetite is. There is no magic medicine protected by array method in the medicine garden. More than half of it went into its mouth. And the toad meat that Yang Xiu had stayed to taste. It took three days to cook in a special way. He, Jiman and Bai Zhi only had a few bites. It solved the rest.
These days. Besides eating. There’s nothing else without it. It seems that only eating can arouse its interest. But after eating so much. I can’t see it grow. So in order to avoid being eaten by it. Yang Xiu’s let it in the cabin together.
Practice still begins with taking Dan medicine.
At that time, although Ji Man and Ji Yan were in Delong, they bought some Dan medicine for the foundation period in Dan. But because it’s all on Ji Yan. So Ziman can only take Yang Xiu’s now.
Well, Yang Xiu was worried about his qualifications. I bought a lot of Dan medicine. And it didn’t take long before it was successfully promoted to the middle stage of the foundation. Therefore, there are still many "giant magic pills" left.
Moreover, Jiman only used the "giant magic bullet" in the early days of Tsukiji. The medicine is too strong. It’s better to wait until her cultivation has reached the initial bottleneck.
According to his estimation. Because after the bath of "dead wood meets spring spring", the marrow is washed. It should not be difficult to enter the bottleneck of the foundation period.
The stars move around. The days when the sun and the moon changed passed day by day.
Yang Xiu is running "Been Earth Tactics" all day. Collect the aura of heaven. If you encounter the stagnation of cultivation. Take a pill. I began to refine my spirit again. Is completely into the state of penance.
During this period, he also refined two magic weapons, otherwise it was just a soft finger. It’s often inconvenient.
One is called "Wind and Fire Hammer". To the "ancient uncle" storage bag. Can produce ghost wind. The cold corpse flame attacked the enemy. Wind blows fire. Non-general defense is unstoppable. And the hammer is as heavy as a mountain. Hit it with a hammer. Gerdan will also be smashed into a paste.
The other one is called "Blood Tooth Stab". I don’t know what monster’s teeth are made of. It’s not only hard. And unusually sharp. If the usual protective body is shining. It can be broken in a flash. Very sharp.
However, the two pieces of "fairy-wrapped ribbons" and "bronze ancient mirrors" of Mei Lanying were given to Jiman for refining.
As for the iron coupon given to Bai Zhi at that time. Now it has also been refined by Bai Zhi. However, after refining the iron coupons. The appearance has changed completely. Become a palm-sized iron doll. The iron name is "Three Corpses Cutting the Divine Charm". But it is an auxiliary sorcerer. As long as you get clothes with other people’s breath. Then write his name and worship in secret for three days and nights. You can worship his three souls on the first day. You can cross off his seven spirits the next day. In three days, he completely cut off his yuan god. It’s really weird. But listen to Bai Zhi. If you can’t cast the spell on the other side, it will be self-inflicted and dangerous.
Bai Zhi has no magic weapon to attack. Yang Xiu let him choose one of the remaining magic weapons. After all, he will take care of the safety of Yang Xiu in the future. I didn’t expect Bai Zhi to look at anything else. Straight took a fancy to Liu Suiyun’s "giant stick".
And the ghost king Yang Xiu didn’t mistreat it. Also gave him one.
Of course, these things are just a little seasoning in his closed-door process. Didn’t take up too much time. Practice meditation. Or his main life.
Now. The "great panacea" has no effect on him. He has started taking "Qinglingdan" now.
And Jiman guessed it to him. Because after "dead wood meets spring", the pulp is washed. Even if there is no Dan medicine, it has successfully reached the bottleneck of the initial stage of building a foundation. You can already take the "giant panacea" to make a breakthrough.
During this period, he also took time to contact Bai Zhi twice. Everything is normal outside. So distracted. In this aura of dense. Earlier, I washed my marrow through the dead wood in the spring. With the help of Dan medicine. Yang Xiu’s cultivation degree is a thousand miles a day. But twenty years. It has successfully entered the late stage of building a foundation.
And Jiman was promoted to medium-term cultivation as early as ten years ago.
Now the psychedelic golden silkworm method has been completely integrated with Jiman’s soul. What Yang Xiu told her. There will be no doubts. Totally willing. Unconditional obedience. This let Yang Xiu let go at the same time. There are also some unknown so faint loss.
Just as he was going to muster. When you successfully concluded the elixir and went through the customs. But I received a message from Bai Zhi. Tell him not to come.
Although it is not the first time to enter Bai Zhi’s training room. But Yang Xiu still unknowingly got a cold war. Since Bai Zhi practiced martial arts. Suddenly make Yin qi dense. Ghosts are heavy. The cold wind flows. It is also the "nine ghosts’ kind of heart" in Yang Xiu’s knowledge of gods that now suppresses Bai Zhi. Otherwise, the general monk in the construction period comes in rashly. Will be soaked in Yin qi. The mind immediately fell.
"What the hell gave birth to something. It’ s not very white in the arraignment? " Yang Xiu frowned. Let anyone be disturbed while practicing. You won’t even have a good breath.
Bai Zhi was lying in the scarlet coffin at this moment. See Yang Xiu come in. Hurriedly propped up. With a pool of blood.
Yang Xiu will come out when he sees it. Hurriedly stopped: "Forget it. Don’t come out. Just tell me directly. "
Bai Zhi couldn’t help saying, "Master, forgive me. After the host treated the body. There is practice, but the master will do it soon
Late period of building foundation. The day when I want to come to Jiedan is not far away. "
Yang Xiu: "All right. Don’t talk so much nonsense. What the hell is going on? I thought I told you. No, it’s not. Don’t bother me easily during this time. "
Bai Zhi suddenly revealed his grievances: "In fact, I have blocked it several times. But there’s a lot of news outside. It turned out to be once every other day. Now it’s once a day. If the host doesn’t come out again, they are afraid that they will be summoned several times a day. "
Yang Xiu smell speech unknowingly a great heart. It seems that something important really happened. Otherwise, the disciples of the Law Enforcement Hall dare not do anything when they know that he is closed. I want to stop here. Can’t help but also show a little heavy. Immediately, he said, "Give me all the signs they sent."
Yang Xiu after watching. Frown deeper thought for a moment. Then turned out of the law. Come to the hall.
Enter the hall. See all the law enforcement cousins are here. But everyone showed a sad look. Among them, Mingle Shi is restless walking back and forth in the hall.
When you see Yang Xiulai. They all felt relieved. Get up and salute quickly. "Elder Yang!" he said.
Yang’s face is calm as water. Can’t see the joys and sorrows. Diameter went to the main seat and sat down. Then he said faintly to everyone, "Sit down."
See all the people have been seated. He said to Mingle, "Tell me the story in detail."
Ming Leshi: "Yes. What happened is like this. "
After the narration of Ming Leshi. Yang Xiu finally got the feeling clear. Originally, he was Bai Ouqing, a disciple of Nanling School. Three days ago, I picked a Millennium elixir privately at Peiyao Peak. And escaped from Nanling.
If it’s an ordinary monk in the practice period. It’s not necessary for the disciples of the Law Enforcement Hall to be in such a hurry. A dozen people. Just chase it.
Privately collect and cultivate the elixir of Yaofeng. That’s a felony. Moreover, the Millennium panacea is also rare in Nanling School. If you follow the door rules, once Bai Ouqing is captured. There must be only one way to be reborn.
But the bad thing is that Bai Ouqing is the daughter of a married couple in Peiyaofeng (otherwise she wouldn’t have stolen it). At that time, the couple showed what their daughter had done. While being angry, of course, I am trying to find a way to clean up.