After seeing this letter, Meng Qi’s face turned dark quickly. He really didn’t expect Fang Ling twill to do this step, which was terrible. The black emperor clan army was under great pressure, and there were six Yuan Godsworn brothers. Moreover, there are two monks in the middle period of Yuan God. How can this be called Meng Qi?


Meng Qi thought about it for a long time, and then he said to Lori, "Go and call the three ladies and some girls, and tell them that I have something important to discuss." At this time, the girl is out of the position of a priest, and she is also a part-time servant girl of Meng Qi, but everyone in Cuiming Mountain knows that the girl still has some weight in front of Meng Qi, so she is not regarded as a servant girl.
And girl nature also can’t go to call a person, after she went out, she also commanded other monks to execute orders. Besides leading the monks to pray every day, she spent the rest of her time around Meng Qi.
After a while, several women came, and Meng Qi said with a wry smile, "Meng Qi did a stupid thing, which caused a lot of trouble to Cuimingshan."
"What’s the matter?" Meng Qi called them and suddenly said such words. All the women were confused about the situation, so someone asked.
Meng Qi handed them the envelope in his hand with a melancholy face, and all the women were shocked after reading it, and of course there was a trace of anger at Meng Qi.
Especially AiZhuo water, although the face is as quiet as water, but Meng Qi felt that the temperature of this room had dropped a lot. Meng Qi knew that they must have misunderstood something and quickly explained, "You misunderstood. I didn’t do that."
"Didn’t do that? Why did people come to crusade against us when they didn’t do that? " To tell the truth, it is not only Meng Qi’s three wives who are angry, but also the other three women.
They are also very beautiful, and they are infatuated with Meng Qi. I didn’t know that this guy had three beautiful flowers and didn’t come to pick them, so he just asked for them and wanted to do that. Do you think the three girls can not be angry?
"Master hates it!" Zi Xuan pouted angrily and turned away from Meng Qi. As for Meng Qi’s explanation, who believes it?
Meng Qi suddenly felt that he seemed to have made a wrong decision and should not show them the letter. This time, I really jumped into the Yellow River and couldn’t wash it.
Meng Qi said helplessly, "I really didn’t do that. Please listen to me." Say that finish Meng Qi is said to come out that day to square ling ling. So say daughters is to understand some, but the look of doubt in the eyes is still not reduced.
Meng Qi said angrily, "What, in your eyes, I, Meng Qi, am such a nasty guy?"
Seeing Meng Qi’s anger, the daughters believed some. The consultant turned to look at Meng Qi and said, "Master, you didn’t lie to Zi Xuan, did you?"
Meng Qi was really depressed and said, "Forget it, forget it if you don’t believe it. Anyway, I am the kind of hungry ghost in your mind. What’s the use of my explanation? Think what you like. "
The girls looked at each other, and then Cheng Ruowei said, "Well," xianggong "is our fault. Now let’s hurry to discuss the matter of the black emperor’s army pressing the border. "
Zi Xuan also stepped forward and took Meng Qi’s left hand. He kept shaking and said, "Master, it’s Zi Xuan’s fault. Don’t be angry, okay?"
It’s just a strategy for Meng Qigang to get angry. Naturally, he won’t really get angry. At this time, seeing that the daughters are finally not entangled in this, he will naturally not push his nose and face.
"Looking for you to come over is to discuss this matter. Anyway, I’m afraid this battle can’t be avoided. Fortunately, there are only six Yuan Godsworn in the other side, and there are five in our side. In fact, we are not afraid of them. Moreover, we have the help of the five elements, but I am afraid it is not so easy to kill the Gulai father and son. " Although Fang Ling ghatpot is very angry at her not-so-authentic practice, Meng Qi has promised her, so he will try his best to do it.
Cheng Ruowei frowned and said, "Why do you want to help Fang Ling Ling?"
Meng Qi sighed, then shook his head and said, "After all, Miss Da is kind to me. Now that I have promised her, I must try my best to do it."
Cheng Rewei opened her mouth, trying to say something. But I was still silent, and Meng Qi knew what Cheng Ruowei meant. He said, "Don’t worry if Wei, at this time, I have my own discretion. I won’t do it if it affects me too much. I just do my best and listen to my destiny."
Cheng Rewei finally breathed a sigh of relief when she heard Meng Qi say so. She was really worried that Meng Qi would do that regardless of anything.
"Well, if the EU, now war nearly, you go to decorate. Zi Xuan, you should also cooperate well with your sister Ruowei and Gillian Xiang, and you should also work harder. " After solving the messy things, Meng Qi quickly got down to business.
Cheng Ruowei nodded and left with the daughters, but before leaving, Meng Qi suddenly said, "Girl, Xianger, Gillian, stay here for a while. I have something to say to you."
Three women stare blankly for a moment, and then stopped. After Cheng Ruowei and Hu Xianer left, Zi Xuan asked, "Master, what do you want to tell us?"
Meng Qi was silent for a moment and said, "I know it’s not authentic to say these words now, but I still want to ask you. Do you want to leave Cuiming Mountain? "
The atmosphere suddenly cooled down. It wasn’t Zi Xuan who spoke first, but Ao Jiao: "What do you mean? Why, if you cheat the power in our hands, you will drive us away? " The voice is cold, and there is an unspeakable sadness and anger in the faint.
Zi Xuan was also stunned, and then said with a hint of tears: "Master, don’t drive Zi Xuan away, okay?" Is purple sweet just looking at Meng Qi, didn’t speak.
Meng Qi shook his head and sighed, "Gillian, you misunderstood me. I am not driving you away. It’s just that I have a feeling that after a few years, the cultivation of immortals will be chaotic again, and I’m afraid Cuiming Mountain will bear the brunt. If you stay here, I’m worried … "Meng Qi’s meaning is self-evident, but it’s not driving them away, but caring about them.
Knowing that Meng Qi was not driving himself away, the hearts of the three people felt much better. Zi Xuan walked up to Meng Qi and said, "Master, people don’t want to leave you. If something happens to you, Zi Xuan doesn’t know how sad it is."
Aojiao said coldly, "I won’t leave." Purple sweet just looked at Meng Qi for a few minutes, but didn’t say anything, so she turned around and left with Ao Jiao.
So what else can Meng Qi not understand? She sighed, touched Zi Xuan’s head and said, "Silly girl, you will leave the master one day."
"No, I want to be with the master forever." The hand around Meng Qi is tight by two points …
Meng Qi’s guess is not groundless. With the strength of Meng Qi’s hands, it is definitely not easy for the black emperor to want to shoot down. It is even said that only six monks of Yuan God can not pose too much threat to Cuiming Mountain.
As for the frontal storm, it is even more impossible. Now Cuiming Mountain is not the Cuiming Mountain six years ago. Not only is the number of monks in hand greatly enhanced, but the strength of the large array of five elements has also been upgraded to a higher level. If nothing else, it is the five animals that are condensed from the large array of five elements and guard the five peaks respectively, and it is not easy to shoot down the monks guarding the above.
However, the black emperor zong came angrily this time, which will definitely not make Meng Qi feel better. Plus, it’s even harder to find a way to kill Gulai.
After the first world war, it goes without saying that the natural loss of Cuiming Mountain is not small, and the Black Emperor Sect is bound to suffer heavy losses. If that Gulai is really the mole of the magic door, Meng Qi believes that he will definitely send the news back to Monty Sect. Then the Monty Sect will surely attack while the Black Emperor Sect is empty.
If the Black Emperor Sect has been hit hard, I am afraid that the situation in the southwest cultivation of immortals will change. And the whole world of cultivating immortals is interrelated. The so-called world of cultivating immortals, which has been quiet for several years, will once again fall into war.
Of course, this is only Meng Qi’s guess, but there is no denying that this guess is very likely to happen. So Meng Qicai wanted to ask the opinions of Aojiao Zixiang and Zi Xuan. Even if they returned to their respective races, it would be much safer than staying in Cuiming Mountain.
However, the reaction of the three women made Meng Qi very disappointed. He was not stupid. After so many years, can’t you still see their thoughts? Meng Qi can only sigh slightly: it’s the hardest thing to suffer from beauty.
Chapter 38 High-altitude, then exhausted, three failed.
Chapter 38 High-altitude, then exhausted, three failed.
In fact, Meng Qi’s guess is not only correct, but also more than half right. Gulai has indeed sent back to the magic door the fact that the Black Emperor Sect will vigorously conquer Cuiming Mountain. And let the magic door wait for an opportunity to attack the black emperor Sect.
However, Gulai knew that it was impossible to wipe out the Black Emperor Sect in one fell swoop, even if so many forces were contained. Therefore, Gulai’s opinion is only to eliminate the effective force of the Black Emperor Sect as far as possible.
After all, for the cultivation of immortals, it is the most difficult thing to supplement those monks. Even if it’s just a monk who understands the order, there won’t be a large number of qualified monks without decades.
Of course, the reserve forces of all schools in the right path still attach great importance to it, but it is not a matter of one or two days to replenish troops. It is even more rare for monks to begin to understand. Generally speaking, if a monk then doesn’t have a hundred years, don’t even think about it.