It’s true that you won, but I won’t sit still, not sit still and get married


When it was dawn, Yeze was still going to stick to it, but I heard someone report back, "Master, we saw two people taken away by the emperor on the other side of the river. One of the two girls looked like Liu Xiyue."
Night jersey fundus instantaneous angered by jealousy eyes red "to recover if you see the emperor in shoot! !”
Say that finish his mouth cruelly hook a "ready to poison arrow everyone except late son casually shoot! !”
Willow sunseeker night some anxiously watched blood kill blood kill unhappy tunnel "you let me to save your lover? Although I promised to treat you, I won’t save him except my feelings. You can hope that he will help himself. "
Liu Sunseeker’s eyes roll at night. It is said that the lover’s night is also the palace, and your ya is the lover.
Unfortunately, she can’t talk.
After a while, it seems that all the people in Yeze are gone, and then I heard a few cormorants calling from the shore.
Blood kills water, eyes move slightly, and he gets up and hugs Liu Xixi, who struggles to find himself a soft-footed shrimp now.
Depressed as death, but soft as a bone, she can lean on her blood-killing arms. She is so depressed with her eyes closed.
Blood kill looked down at her eyes a soft "don’t lose your temper with me, I won’t always spoil you"
And hooked her nose.
Liu Xixi looks like crying at night. Yes, please don’t spoil my uncle! ! !
Just then, the blood killed her neck with a slight pinch, and she finally fainted because of her lethargy point, Liu Xixi, and she didn’t need to face such blood killing.
W w w collect and organize, return or leave the club.
Chapter 5 Don’t want to marry?
When she woke up in a daze, she heard an old man talking with blood outside. "Please let the girl go, young master. You should know that she doesn’t belong to you and you can’t keep her."
Blood kills cold voice, "So I decided to cook uncooked rice into mature rice so that she wouldn’t be hurt by Difeng Night."
Raw rice cooked into mature rice? ! !
"Poof cough cough cough! !” Liu Xi was scared and choked last night.
Outside the sound to an abrupt end blood came in a face of worry tunnel "are you ok? Is the wound hurting again? "
Liu Xixi finally stopped coughing last night, but when he saw his dry clothes, the whole person was instantly bad, and then he thought of killing the blood outside and saying that raw rice was cooked into mature rice-
Boo-hoo. Really?
She felt it carefully, as if her body had not been touched. Did he mean to look all over her when he said she was cooked?
Liu Sunseeker looked up angrily at night and killed a face of koo tunnel. "What are you thinking? I asked Anu to change your clothes. "
Just then, a girl in red came in. She took a sad look at the blood killing, and then she went to Liu Xiye and said coldly, "I took off your clothes with the blood killing, but I don’t think there is anything to look at. How can such a small man like you?"
"Anu" blood kills some blushes.
After the bulging Anu left, Liu Xixi blinked very seriously and said, "I think Anu likes you."
"Sister" blood killing is like precious words.
Liu Xixi pursed her lips at night. How nice and exciting. You’d better follow her.
"Why are you so heartless? She is so kind to you, you don’t like people at all, so don’t always put them around. Aren’t you torturing her? But now that you have done such a bad thing, why don’t you marry me instead? Marry her. Although you think she is a sister now, it is also good to cultivate feelings after marriage. "Liu Xixi persuaded her to be unswerving.
"You just don’t want to marry me, do you?" Blood swept her one eye.
Liu Xi looked at his face at night and said cautiously, "What if I say yes?"
Blood kills light tunnel "don’t marry, don’t marry"
Before Liu Xixi was happy, he added, "I always thought that you wanted to get married because you liked it. Since you don’t like it, it’s okay not to have a wedding."
Liu Xixi felt crazy in her heart at night. Is that what I meant? It’s not that I don’t want to have a wedding, but I don’t want to have a wedding with you, okay? ! !
She drum gills help looking at blood kill expressionless face hesitated to persuade a again.
Suddenly, the blood was like a point, and then she felt soft and fell back to bed at night. She couldn’t help but feel nervous and want to talk, but she couldn’t help but break out in a sweat.
Lying in the trough? Really? He’s just going to skip the wedding ceremony and go straight to the bridal chamber? !
Don’t, you beast. I’ve been hurt so much, and you want to bully me. You’re worse than Yeze! !
Willow sunseeker can look in the eyes to scold this sentence at night.
Blood kill looked at her and suddenly smiled. Blood kill skin is wheat color, but this smile is very sunny and healthy.
W w w collect and organize, return or leave the club.
Chapter 51 Drag bottle
It reminds people of a Shuai Shuai guy or a sportsman who plays basketball. It’s a pity that he doesn’t laugh often and always looks a little scary with a straight face.
Liu Xixi thought it would be nice if he always jokes. Now there must be a girl chasing him, so he wouldn’t be so abnormal.
Zhang Zhang’s mouth is small, and Liu Xixi decides that if he dares to pounce, she will kill him! !
But the blood didn’t kill her. He took her to bed, posed and pinched her nose. "You haven’t been hurt much. Get some sleep, or you’ll have been lying all the way."
Liu Xixi breathed a sigh of relief at night. It seems that he won’t touch her Amy tofu for the time being-
However, the blood did not leave the room in her expectant eyes, but took out a strange ribbon, which was dark and smelled a little fishy. He tied her to the pillars at both ends of the room and jumped to lie down by himself.
Liu Xi’s "O" in the evening
Blood kill dark eyes swept her one eye "don’t sleep? Or do you want to do something with me to make you tired and fall asleep and exercise soon? "
Threatening this cliff is a threat of red fruit! !
Liu Xixi quickly withdrew her eyes and pretended to be a corpse.
A smile flashed quickly in the black eyes of blood, and then he closed his eyes and didn’t know whether he was asleep or reposing.
Liu Sunseeker can’t sleep at night, but his brain is running fast thinking about how to escape, but it’s not so easy to fool if he is careful and cautious.
In the end, Liu Xixi wanted to fall asleep at night and didn’t think of any particularly good way.
It was in the dream that she had a dream of a little dragon boy and a condor hero. In the dream, the little dragon girl turned into blood and killed him, but she was dressed in white clothes. At night, she felt that she had been laughing.
But when the bloody killer flew over and called to her, she froze and looked down to paralyze her left arm. Sure enough, I became disabled. Don’t-
In the dream, she screamed, and suddenly opened her eyes. First, she saw that the scenery outside the window was already bright, and then she felt that her left arm was really unconscious.
She was startled and turned to see Mock’s clever and beautiful face.
"wow! !” Liu Xi pushed Mock late, but although Mock looked small, it was actually quite heavy. In the end, Liu Xi fell to the ground himself late.
Mock rubbed his eyes in a daze and his face was full of doubts. "Why are you so noisy in the early morning?"