"I let you …"


The teenager’s voice is very trembling, but the words are firm, as if every word has been carved into the bone. From then on, the fire will not melt, the temperature will not melt and the perseverance will not-
"Stop! !”
As if something had been awakened.
He was able to obey his order.
So the people who vandalized the city suddenly became quiet-no, or it seemed that the pause button was suddenly pressed, and the whole soul was extracted.
This is a very strange feeling.
Cold blood seems to start to heat up, just like water in a hot kettle is burning a flame, accumulating heat little by little until the boiling point of steaming heat-
Light flint
At the moment when he shouted "Stop", Su Jiao seemed to be linked to something.
The world is plunged into darkness, and countless lines composed of ones constitute the background color of high-rise buildings, and those "out of control" seem to have pressed the pause button.
He heard distant soft familiar sounds.
[at your command]
In this sentence, the world fell behind and collapsed.
Then several spotlights were straightforward and simply hit him-
It’s those "eyes"
Su Jiao covered her eyes with her hand to cover the harsh light.
The cannon fodder stopped and the city fell into a long silence. After a long time, he heard the silence that grabbed him. The "out of control" suddenly made a hoarse mechanical sound.
[H Urban Destruction Plan … Temporarily cancelled …]
[Capture … (Lucky)]
This sound is coming from all directions.
All the "out of control" are repeating! !
And those "eyes" are also watching Su Jiao-he is what they call "the lucky one"!
What’s the point?
Su Jiao didn’t know that he was attending a live ball game.
Those dense "eyes" are the robotic human monitors.
Although there are many groups of robots fighting endlessly, they often dominate, and they all keep more human organizations, that is, the natural person side.
Niya didn’t tell Su Jiao that she was a natural person, the highest-ranking group of robots. They ate natural food and kept the natural human system. Although it was inevitable to install some mechanical prostheses due to radiation, if she wanted to beat a natural heart, she would be protected by robots with mechanical hearts.
Because it symbolizes "commitment"
Although the mechanical heart robot can live forever, the body can always be young, but it does not mean that the soul will always remain energetic
The soul is also tolerant, and a long life often brings too much experience, which makes it fall into terrible empiricism and lose its youthful imagination.
If a race has no offspring and has a limited time to live forever, it represents the aging and destruction of literature
What matters is not eternal life.
But "commitment"
Most robots acquiesce in this statement.
Natural persons are human species, their "history" and "roots"
If the last natural person dies, they will grow into roots and eventually die in silence in the times and years.
Robots can exist in the deep sea universe-even if there is no oxygen, they can use energy if there is light.
They can live on a barren planet for decades.
But natural people can’t.
But there are also robots who think that natural people are cumbersome, troublesome, delicate and short-lived
However, the average life span of natural people has been inactivated after the age of years. If you want to continue, you must change the mechanical heart into a robot.
However, some robots think that "natural people have a life span of years, which means that" human beings "have been abandoned by the environment, and the damage caused by radiation will be written in genes. How to protect people from being affected by radiation is the real direction of evolution. We don’t need to stick to" inheritance ".We should study how to give birth to new mechanical consciousness full of exploration and vitality …"
But now, no matter what faction they are talking about, they are arguing endlessly, and all their eyes are on the purebred human teenager.
"Oh my god … is pure human! !”
"He is so beautiful! His eyes are golden! "
""Cloud Eye "didn’t detect any metal equipment except external winding metal wire on him!"
"Oh my god … he didn’t have a mechanical prosthesis! The air pollution is so serious, can his lungs bear such damage? "
"Oh, my god, it hurts so much! ! How pitiful! "
"This is a human child! It is the hope of mankind! We can’t let him fall into the hands of out-of-control people! "
"What does the out-of-control person want?"
"They’re voting."
At this moment, it is no longer important to have any different opinions. What is important is to protect this human teenager and put it under the eyelids-absolutely not on the side of the out-of-control person!
The thinking and behavior of the out-of-control people are controlled by the brain. Although they have different mechanical bodies and different behavior patterns, they can share their thoughts.
They belong to human beings, and their thoughts have been destroyed. Even if they still have memories belonging to human beings, this memory is like an interesting shadow to them, and they are outsiders who watch this interesting shadow form data.
Primary out-of-control people will be controlled by bugs, and vandalism everywhere is the first priority.
However, with the passage of time, some out-of-control people have evolved a more complete data model and put it in their own "mechanical human terminal". These "data models" are mostly based on the analysis of human behavior in "memory" and the continuous improvement of data to form a human behavior model.
They help manage their own rows in the data model.
This is an intermediate runaway.
The top out-of-control person in advanced evolution can evolve the leader data model, which is very learning, almost beyond human imitation learning ability and can control aggression. The out-of-control person with lower order than him makes "instructions" dye in the data model of other out-of-control people like a virus and make them act according to "instructions"
But top out-of-control people also have ways to deal with things.
Like …
"the lucky one"
He searched all over the brain and assembled millions of data models to cope with the current model, and figured out countless developments, but he couldn’t find one that belonged to this child’s death bureau.
The out-of-control mode is "slaughter" and "destruction"
And in front of him, the boy picked out the most satisfying game from thousands of developments, which turned out to be-