His heart is a little lost, but that’s all. He’s glad he didn’t really fantasize, or he’ll be sore to meet himself now. The people around her are so outstanding that they are not comparable to himself


And she is as beautiful, intelligent and dazzling as a goddess, so that he can look up to worship but dare not give birth to blasphemy, so that he can silently guard and wait for her to leave without himself that day
He calmed down after jumping for a while because of his unbalanced heart rate. She and they couldn’t get in. He wouldn’t bite off more than he could chew, so he smiled and naturally replied, "You are very humorous."
JiNianMei a wink then ponder to laugh again.
The warmth is inexplicable and the topic is changed. "How are the martial arts schools these days?"
Hearing this, Qi Nianmei collapsed and asked faintly, "What do you think?"
"eh?" Obviously, it’s not good for her to find this topic at random and hit a sore spot.
Sure enough, Qi Nianmei was in tears when she complained. "Warmth, since the martial arts school in your home, our Shuang Mu has become a bustling place. No one has come to sign up at all, even the price reduction can’t attract people to come. It’s just a gratitude to Master for staying now. I’m sorry to leave my heart. I have already flown to your home warrior …"
"Is cough so exaggerated?"
"Why not? That is, I am thinking about others, not to mention many other disciples in Shuang Mu who secretly went to Shenshi Martial Arts School to inquire about what your master taught, such as Shui Piao’s flying skills, teaching flying flowers to pick leaves and concealed weapons to hurt people, and ten weapons that are absolutely proper after being trained. Who doesn’t care? Moreover, I heard that several crews who shoot martial arts dramas want to go there to choose roles. Many martial arts stars also secretly sign up. With this kind of kung fu, how can they hang Weiya and body double directly? How handsome they are! "
"It’s only been a few days. Is it already so … prominent?" It’s still a little weird to feel warm. She didn’t intervene in the martial arts school. It’s all amazing that she is managing what she knows. I haven’t read her eyebrows yet.
Is she too heartless to that bear child?
JiNianMei a pair of indignation "warm don’t you know? Or are you deliberately playing low-key with me, but are you actually showing off? "
"Ahem, I really don’t know about the hospital. I can’t manage all the things in the hospital. How can I have the energy to ask about the martial arts school?"
"Hum, you’d better. Otherwise, I’m anxious with you. By the way, did your master promise to teach me a trick and a half? I want to learn from that flying leaf, can I pick flowers? How about Shui Piao? Or is the shadow fencing more cool? "
"Warm, you won’t ask?" JiNianMei fierce stare at her.
"Hehe, how come?" A warm heart is also a collapse. She has already asked. Naina, what should she do in exchange for that shame?
"Is that the Great Xia’s refusal?"
Seeing her face lost and warm, she couldn’t bear to think about trying again, so she vaguely said, "It’s not that he has been a little busy recently, so he said to consider teaching you when he is free."
Qi Nianmei’s eyes lit up. "Really?"
Warmly nodded to her best friend, so she just went out and asked again.
JiNianMei excited took her arm eyebrow eye smile "I knew it would be best to warm, girlfriends can do anything, hey hey, no, I can sacrifice hue …"
Warm face suddenly dark.
JiNianMei sly wink at her ambiguous low way, "I know your warrior that unruly darling to heel just strange, but I heard that he is the most don’t like to teach women if you don’t get some cheap back to promise? Hey hey, thank you. Warm up this offer. Well, I won’t forget … "
"Fuck off!"
"Hey hey …"
Wu in front of the car else calm wave.
The warm dining place is a little far from the urban area. It is a manor full of all kinds of flowers. Every season has its own scenery, and when the planting area is spectacular, it is as amazing as the sea as the eye can see.
Now is a good time to enjoy the osmanthus. Hundreds of acres of osmanthus forests are competing to bloom and the fragrance is spectacular.
Surrounded by laurel trees, a table and chairs are placed in it, where you can enjoy the food and enjoy the wine.
The two of them played in Guilin for a while very early and took a lot of photos. They didn’t go back to the table until twelve o’clock and sat down for some good food. They also felt a lot better while eating and chatting.
Warm and asked for a bottle of wine. Two people drank it at will, and some words just wanted to pour out. Most of the time, Qi Nianmei was talking about warmth and silence alone and being a listener.
Qi Nianmei held a cup, so the ancient literati bit the words and praised deeply. "It is said that the sweet-scented osmanthus is clear and can overflow far away. Now I have seen it with my own eyes. Hehe, I am sorry in this life."
Warm, smiling and silent
She looked up and drank the wine in the cup. She was as generous as a woman, but her mouth was distressed and murmured, "Is it very worthless to warm me up?" We agreed to release it, but we still didn’t do it. I can’t stand the news of catching the shadows. No, there are photos, even if they are propaganda photos. I still think it’s an eyesore that they’re going to take pictures together. Kissing me after a romantic movie is definitely a lot of drama. Even if filming is fake, I’m hugging, kissing and sleeping. What if I can’t watch it? "
"Then don’t look."
"Yes, I don’t, but I can’t help thinking that I almost look down on myself. I know it’s wishful thinking, but I’m still stubborn. Do you think I’m stupid?"

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