A very funny scene appeared in front of thousands of people, a huge tree man, running around like a headless fly. Its figure sometimes enlarges, sometimes shrinks, and it never stops.


The most wonderful thing is that the voice of the tree people is sometimes angry and shouting, and sometimes it is sad and anxious, but it can’t pronounce any complete syllables, just like a dream in a nightmare.
It can only explain one thing: its fear has reached the extreme and it is in complete madness.
Wood spirit is miserable. What it faces is not only the soul pressure brought by Aoki, but also a real death warrant, Yamaraja, who is in hot pursuit.
Growing up in battle is incredible for Aoki, but for Tang Qing, it is an out-and-out routine.
Tang Qing’s flying speed is not as good as Aoki’s, and his casting level is terrible. Of course, he can’t hurt his body. The reason why he doesn’t choose to retreat is that he has no choice and no choice.
To attack Aoki’s ontology, one is to use blood to escape, which is sure to succeed. The problem is that the previous confrontation made Tang Qing realize that it is basically impossible to kill this 10,000-year-old wooden spirit with a real fire. Once the real fire is fully released, the result brought to Tang Qing is fatal. In at least ten breath time, Tang Qing will not only have no firepower, but also run out of mana.
Burning JingXie itself has serious consequences. If you can’t kill your opponent again, you will lose your whole body mana and firepower, and the consequences will be too serious. This isn’t Mingyufeng. There are so many experts on the side. If Tang Qing falls into that situation, Aoki will kill him at all costs even if he is half-dead.
True fire is a means of lore, which means to kill your opponent. If you can’t kill him, you’ll probably die yourself.
Furthermore, even if you are sure to kill this deformed wooden spirit, Tang Qing won’t do it.
He can’t bear it!
Then, we must increase the speed, and by what? The answer is-shadow step!
Can the shadow step be displayed in the air? I haven’t thought about it before, but now it proves that it can be done!
The tree people screamed and ran away wildly, and a ghosting shadow clung behind them. Even with the shadow step, Tang Qing is still not as fast as Aoki. However, at this time, Mu Ling was fighting with him, and when he came out and entered, he even chased him end to end.
Another chase!
Different from the previous chase, everyone can see that Yan Long Hou has gained the upper hand. The mess is undoubtedly a mess. At this time, Tang Qing has no good place in his body, and his blood is blurred, and there is purple and black blood oozing.
Tang Qing doesn’t know what kind of wood spirit is. What can be confirmed is that it is not only extremely aggressive, but also highly toxic!
Unfortunately, although Mu Ling is abnormal, she can’t compare with Tang Qing. Playing with drugs? Can you poison the dragon? And it is a combination of blue sea dragon and jasper dragon.
Super resilience brings more tragic visual effects. Some places have been scarred and torn apart by new attacks, revealing more fresh and tender inner and outer surfaces, becoming more tragic and heroic.
Tang Qing ignored this. With more and more skillful footwork and closer distance, he finally has leisure time and can do something else.
"And tang ye than mana? Aoki, blind your dog eyes! "
With a loud binge drinking, both Aoki and Mu Ling suddenly felt tingling in their brains, and their eyes were suddenly black, and their bodies staggered and they almost fell on the spot.
In the end, it is the realm of fake babies. The effect of shocking the gods only lasts for a moment, and Aoki wakes up from confusion. However, the scene that followed made him heartbroken and even mistakenly thought that he was still dizzy, or it was best to faint forever.
The five mysterious runes Ran Ran float, and Aoki can feel the majestic spiritual force contained in them even if he looks with the back of his head and thinks with his ass.
"Why? Why does he seem to have more mana when he has been casting a powerful flame? How is this possible! "
The extreme sense of absurdity makes Aoki almost crazy, even forgetting to suppress the wood spirit, and letting the awakened tree people flee by themselves.
He has collapsed, and everything in front of him has completely subverted all his cognition, which is an unexplained supernatural phenomenon. Aoki see at a glance, the effect of the runes is seal, the force of this seal, no less than yourself to the soul of the wood spirit banned, even worse.
Desperate and powerful flesh, unpredictable mana cultivation, real fire that can make people desperate, and this daunting seal means. Everything is incredible, but it comes together in one person at the same time, and it is a person who has been practicing for less than two years. Such a reality is in front of us, who will not collapse!
"Yan Long Hou is not good at fighting? Who the fuck said that! " Aoki roared from the bottom of my heart.
Wood spirit doesn’t have so many ideas. It’s not really a spirit thing. Unless Aoki is completely swallowed up, otherwise, it’s just an instinctive "wood demon" after all.
It is also good to think less. Mu Ling’s reaction is much faster than Aoki’s. A sad cry is not like human voices. The tree people suddenly turned into a streamer and rushed at the screen like crazy. Without Aoki’s suppression, Mu Ling’s speed will reach its limit, and it will break through the ban of light curtain at all costs and leave the human who makes it desperate.
Runes don’t seem to be very fast, but the problem is that their powers are released too fast.
That’s light! No matter how fast the wood spirit is, can it run too fast?
The only way to deal with an avatar or magic weapon that attacks with light is to carry it hard in advance and respond when the other party does not display it. No one can run too fast, and neither can a monk.
A golden light shines, and a wooden man stands still.
Touched by golden light, the tree people who have recovered to the size of Aoki itself are still struggling. Try very hard to lift your legs and walk, trying to get out of the quagmire that paralyzes it all over.
In vain, completely in vain. If it is the heyday of Muling, just five runes are not enough to imprison it; Now, both he and Aoki are already a spent force. Aoki has been terrified, completely negligible, a life’s core monuments Jing Yuan lost more than half of the wood spirit, and was also buried deep in the body by a fire spirit, which cost up to 10% to 20%. This level can’t be sealed, and Bao Puzi won’t allow it.
As the five runes slowly approached, the tree people’s body was attached with the most gentle gesture, and Aoki-or Muling-completely turned into a wood carving. Except for those eyes that move, all expressions and actions are frozen.
At this time, Aoki’s appearance can not be described as tragic, naked and in a running posture, as if an Olympic athlete had just started. The expression on her face is even more wonderful, with fear, despair, confusion and relief.
If you compare Zong Qing’s ending with him, in a word: pediatrics!
People are immersed in the illusion of dreams from beginning to end, and they have no sense of everything around them. What about Aoki? You can see everything and understand everything, but you can’t move or even die.
Tang Qing was not much better, not to mention the horror of her body. This time, her mana was really exhausted. The body that eats the spirit also has its limits, and his cultivation is low. It is too much for people to fight with such high intensity.
Tired to tired, injured to injured, Tang Qing’s spirit is extremely excited. With unabashed threats and pride on his face, Tang Qingshi shiran went to the tree people who stood still and looked it up and down.
The stadium was a mess, the smoke gradually fell to the ground, and the field was quiet.
Aoki didn’t give up, and the fight has not yet ended.

Chapter five hundred and ninety-five: Plan after the shock
Chapter five hundred and ninety-five: Plan after the shock
"To die or to live?" Tang Qing asked.
"…" Aoki nature can’t answer, eyes moved, and not so rigid.
The whole audience was silent, vacant and dull.
"Er … do you still want him?" Tang Qing seemed to understand and asked 1.
"…" Aoki still can’t answer, eyes moved again, with some expectations.
"Tang Ye is not him, you can think it over. Playing tricks with me is killing you!" Tang Qing sneer at 1, eyes contain bloody and ferocious, enough to make the evil spirits tremble.
"…" Aoki or in silence, eyes’re.
"All right, say to you. Just because of you, you also have the courage to play with Tang Ye. "
Tang Qing raised her hand and punched, with five fingers hooked, and deeply cut into the eyebrows of Shuren. I don’t know what I did, but Shuren’s eyes darkened in an instant, and then they became transparent as if they had been painted with stealth drugs.
The next moment, a glittering and translucent turquoise light mass emerged, and a fire mass was tightly attached to it, which flashed a few times in front of Tang Qing. As if to get approval, the two light beams flashed directly into Tang Qing’s eyebrows and disappeared.