Smiling at each other is to let go, forgive, let go, and have a deep brotherhood.


In the cemetery, the wind blows less, and the face is no longer so cold. Suddenly, snow flutters and falls, slowly becoming bigger and bigger, and the world is like a picture scroll, getting better and better.
Wu remained motionless and became alert, holding the gun in his coat quietly.
A Dai’s eyes burned with excitement, like waiting in the snow for a long time. The hunter finally smelled the beast.
I was aware of the warmth, but she was not nervous. This is her net already spread, waiting for the other party to jump in. "Anything else to say?"
Her voice is still hoarse, but it has lost its sadness.
Wen Lin nodded and looked at her expectantly. "Can I have a word with Aunt Lin?"
Warm Zheng and then not surprised. "Of course, your mother and my mother used to be in love with each other. Your sister and mother should be very happy to see you."
Lin Wenyan knelt down and moved a few steps forward. The snow was still falling on his shoulder, and soon it fell on the tombstone and turned into water drops. He raised his hand and slowly stroked the face and said, "Lin Yi, you must allow me to call you so, right?" Even if my mother does something wrong to you, you will blame her and be angry with her, but you won’t hate me, right? Because my mother says you are the most kind, how can you be cruel to children? "
"I will often come to see you later. Don’t bother me. I want to make up for the past twenty years. Will you be me?"
"In fact, my mother also wants to come. I can see that she misses you very much. Over the years, her mouth has always said that she hates you. How can she hate you without love? Now that she knows that she is wrong, she blames you even more. Her sexual pride is wrong and she won’t bow her head. But you know her so well, can’t you? "
"I’m not here to atone for her. I think one day she will come in person. Will you forgive her then? Well, it’s best not to forgive you for being too kind and forgiving. She will feel more guilty and let her miss you for half a generation. Please pray for you and … My father is happy in heaven, and I will also pray for you. "
After that, he knocked three heads respectfully and his forehead hit the ground and made a dull sound.
The warmth didn’t stop him from straightening up. Just look at his forehead, which was red and stained with some snow water. She handed the towel over to Chen, "Are you stupid?" Why kowtow so hard? Mom is not invisible. It’s ugly to wipe it quickly. "
Lin Wenyan took it and wiped his lip corner. It feels so happy to be so cut. It’s hard to describe "Warm son, I …"
Look at his over-moved look, you will know that he is going to say sensational words. The warmth is the most unbearable. Quickly interrupt "Okay, we are both up, don’t let the chill get into our knees."
Lin Wenyan consciousness replied "good, good …" No matter what she said at the moment, he would promise.
When they got up, they took pictures of Yi Xue and Tu Lin Wen Yan, and suddenly thought of something and asked, "Warm son, don’t you talk to Lin Yi?"
Warm smile "just said in my heart, my mother has heard it."
Lin Wenyan was about to say something again when suddenly a shot cut across the sky. Without thinking about it, he pulled her into his wings to protect her. "Look out!"
A bullet passed by as if it almost hit a thrilling ratio.
Wu also rushed to the other side of his body to cover the warmth, and at the same time, he did not hesitate to shoot in a certain direction. Someone screamed in pain and fell to the ground from behind the pine and cypress trees.
The blood melted the snow, and the collision between red and white was shocking.
A Dai also darted over at this moment. Compared with Wen Lin, Wu was as tight as a string. He was a face of excitement. "Oh, it’s really hard to finally come to Xiaoye."
As he spoke, he took out his weapon, which is a delicate crossbow. It is very small to fire several rounds at a time. This kind of weapon is unique these days, but he enjoys it.
He didn’t even aim at it, but he fired at random, and he heard constant pain around him, breaking the silence of the cemetery.
The three people form a circle to keep the warmth in the air. There is no shelter here to use the tombstone, but the warmth doesn’t want the tombstone to leave bullet marks, so she would rather.
Fortunately, she is not bravado because the three people around her are too capable. She didn’t expect Lin Wenyan to be a marksman, calm and accurate.
The attack was an instant counterattack, and it was also an instant. Three people joined hands and seven people fell to the ground and became sacrifices.
People are still getting close to the snow, and it seems to be affected by the murderous look around them.
Such a big ostentation and extravagance is a rhythm that must kill people such as warmth.
Warm sneer seems that the other party can’t wait and wants to seize this opportunity to solve it completely. Either you die or I die, so many forces are willing to send out, which is exactly what she wants.
"Ha-ha, come if you dare, little master is waiting for you!" A Dai shouted to see people in the dark with guns still proud of provocation.
Those people are by no means a few. With warm eyesight, they can find that more than 20 people have weapons in their hands, which is more than enough to deal with the four of them.
Of course, we have to ignore the cruel fact that the three of them are masters, and soon they made a decision to attack. Even if the first wave of people had just been dispatched and they were solved without any effort, they had no other way out. They had to attack or kill each other or die here.
Those who choose the two roads will not hesitate to choose what they can to do.
They don’t believe that these men are flesh and blood even if their martial arts are high. Can they stop playing?
Dozens of people are surrounded from all directions, and the vitality bombs are all aimed at the same direction.
Warmth became the target of public criticism. Wu had to protect her and dodge to a nearby tombstone, so it was a side. He stood in front of her and kept shooting Lin Wenyan, and he didn’t hesitate to rush over and leave his back for warmth.
A Dai is not afraid to dodge left and right, but he seems to be blind. Every time he passes by, the crossbow in his hand is an arrow. Every arrow is given to the enemy. It is shot in his hand and in his leg, so he throws his gun to the ground. Soon the other camp is flustered and shouting.
This is a cemetery. Usually, there are very few people, but at the moment, they can’t even see a shadow. If anyone sees this scene, they must be shooting a big gun battle.