The fear in Tianjun’s heart at this time can be imagined. I never thought that there were nine dragons hidden in the dragon mirror, and they were really real dragons.


The appearance of the nine towering figures suddenly seemed to sweep everything away, and the deep eyes were filled with the power of oppressing xìng. Even the earth trembled slightly, and the chasing horse collapsed to the ground, afraid to move, and the fear in his eyes sometimes flowed.
With the appearance of nine figures, the pressure on Tianjun is getting heavier and heavier. Those nine figures seem to have enemies with Tianjun, constantly exerting pressure to make Tianjun’s spirit and will collapse, and almost kneeling on the ground again several times, as if he must be convinced by Tianjun. I feel that sense of humiliation suddenly fills Tianjun’s heart again, and my heart keeps calling: "No, no, I won’t kneel even if I die."
The purple light on Tianjun is getting stronger and stronger, and the figure in the sky feels that Tianjun is so strong that there is no loss of appreciation on his dignified face, but then the coercion increases, as if they must kneel down before they are willing.
On that day, when your knees were about to kneel on the ground, suddenly a purple golden light from Tianjun went straight into the sky, dispersing the dark clouds in the sky. In a trance, Tianjun seemed to be back in Tibet. When I said an epiphany, I stood up like an ancient giant, my whole body was purple and golden, my hands were raised, and I pointed to nine figures in the sky: "I don’t know if you dare to make me kneel down and surrender."
Then the purple wind Excalibur independently stabbed nine figures in the sky. The purple wind Excalibur was surprisingly fast, and it stabbed the bodies of nine dragons in a blink of an eye. The dragon suddenly turned into a little bit of chaos and dissipated in the dragon mirror.
The sky was calm again, and the purple wind Excalibur flew back immediately, and it was not in the body of Tianjun. Just now, some movement really made Tianjun concerned, and after a short rest, he re-emerged from this dragon mirror.
Through the waist-deep weeds, Tianjun stepped into the jungle, and the bright moonlight shone through the leaves, sprinkling countless flashing lights on him.
His footsteps stepped on the accumulated dead branches and leaves, making a rustling sound, which was particularly clear in the silent night. The rustling sound accompanied his footsteps and he wandered silently in the forest.
Suddenly, his footsteps stopped. In the silence, a wisp of soft piano music poured into his ears like flowing water. In the dark forest, a mournful piano sound was made, which aroused his already suppressed sadness.
The sound of the piano is like silk, telling the infinite desolation and gloom. With the gentle night wind, it returns to dàng in the treetops.
Tianjun stood silently for a while, but I don’t know when two lines of tears fell on his face. He walked involuntarily towards the piano sound, because he wanted to see who could play such a touching piano sound.
The farther away from the forest, the closer the sound of the piano. He bypassed a steep cliff and came to a towering rock. In the bright moonlight, his figure slowly moved under his feet, moving among the messy stalagmites …
Suddenly, he stood still, staring blankly at a large stone screen on the upper left. The stone screen was as flat as a mirror, protruding from the high cliff and looking obliquely from below, as if floating in mid-air.
On the stone screen, sat a woman with black body and long hair. In the faint moonlight, she seemed to be sitting in the fog, and it was not very true. However, the nose of tǐng’s show and the relief-like outline made her look very beautiful. She leaned on a piano, and the night wind blew a black robe, which made Lu look jade-like.
Tianjun gawked at the woman in a black shirt with flying attire. He murmured in a low voice, "A woman in black Se is like a frosty moonlight with a faint melancholy and a soft piano sound. What a beautiful combination."
With a wave of his right hand, the woman in the black shirt drew an arc shadow with her five fingers in the air and pressed it again. The sound of the piano suddenly sounded loud, then Xia Ran was silent, and then inexplicably disappeared without a trace.
"Strange, what is the reason why this woman came here to play a song inexplicably?" Tianjun is also a mystery, but I understand that this is the inner door of Tiangu. I believe that there will never be outsiders who can mix here except Tiangu.
In the clause, after meeting with the elder Jin Taishang, Tianjun told the elder Jin Taishang what he had just seen and heard, but the elder Jin Taishang didn’t answer, just let him concentrate on his practice, and don’t think about other things, and told him that the woman was harmless to him and didn’t have to worry too much.
In this case, Tianjun decided to relax and practice as well. His mind moved, and he remembered the Tianlong realm. There were many places in it where he practiced, which was even worse than here. Tianjun naturally didn’t stay in Huadu Peak, but called out the Tianlong realm, reduced it to a grain of dust attached to the tree wall of the Bird’s Nest, and then the whole body disappeared strangely.
In the dragon territory, Tianjun is the master of the whole space, and he is invincible here. Although he is more than his master like Snow Kirin and Blood Evil Rattan, Tianjun can kill them as long as he has an idea in the dragon territory. This is the strength of the master, but once out of the dragon territory, Tianjun has no chance of winning. ! .

Chapter two hundred and twenty-eight Admit
Entering the dragon’s land, Tianjun’s eyes closed slightly, and he soon felt the place where the snow jiaqi and the eagle were. With a mysterious smile, he saw that Tianjun’s figure quickly faded, and in a blink of an eye, he came behind the snow jiaqi and the eagle.
"eh? What a strong breath! " Snow jiaqi, who is teaching Kitty Hawk wholeheartedly, suddenly found herself with a very strong momentum. I didn’t even notice how to come to my side. I couldn’t help but burst into a cold sweat when I thought of it, and hurriedly looked back.
"How, how, how can it be you …" When she saw that the figure behind her was Tianjun, Xue jiaqi was speechless with surprise and softened her expression. Xue jiaqi seemed to speculate and asked xìng, "Are you the master of this dragon realm?"
Before Tianjun put the snow jiaqi in the dragon land, Xueqi jiaqi didn’t think that Tianjun was the master of this dragon land. After all, Tianjun was much weaker than him in the cultivation of immortals, but now it is different in this dragon land. Tianjun exudes an unparalleled strong breath. Snow jiaqi believes that Tianjun can easily destroy himself with a little finger, and this strength, in this dragon land, is the only shadow in his impression.
Tianjun is not afraid. After all, you can’t hide this kind of thing if you want to hide it, and there is no need to hide it. So he nodded silently and admitted his identity.
Seeing Tianjun’s expression, Xue jiaqi was dementia at that time, and I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t expect the boy who was still vulnerable some time ago to become the master of this dragon territory now.
"Little beast visits the ancestor emperor!" Snow jiaqi jiaqi is a little flattered hurriedly fell to the ground, a face of j and said.
"The progenitor emperor? Ha ha, tǐng has an imposing name. Although my strength as the master of this dragon realm has not been enhanced, I have absolute power of life and death within this dragon realm. " Tianjun thought to himself.
At Xue Qiqi’s glance, he nodded with satisfaction and said indifferently, "You will follow me in the future, and the benefits of teaching Kitty Hawk well will be indispensable in the future."
At this time, the eagle’s eyes were shining with strange brilliance, and he felt the strong breath from Tianjun. He couldn’t help but call out excitedly, "Boy, how did you become so powerful?" No one outside said anything about Tianjun’s getting Tianlong territory, so Kitty didn’t know that Tianjun was the master here.
"Hey, now I can make a fortune. This dragon land is my back garden. Learn your stunts well. In the future, we will ride this celestial realm together."
"Well, I must study this stunt well with your words." Hearing the grandiloquence of Tianjun galloping together to cultivate immortals, Kitty Hawk’s J: and feeling seems to have been ignited. This conversation seems to be long, but there is a spiritual contract between Tianjun and Kitty Hawk, and communication is only a moment.
After hearing that the owner of this dragon territory actually wants to be his own entourage, the snow jiaqi is a burst of J: and moving. I think that the strength of this dragon territory is stronger than his god beast, but Tianjun can choose himself. I think he must have taken care of himself on the face of saving his friends before, and he thinks that this snow jiaqi is crawling all over the floor, and he is convinced of J: Tianjun.
"Ok, Xue Qiqi, now I’ll take you to a place where the aura is very full, which is an excellent place to practice. You can guide Kitty Hawk when you are free, and you can practice by yourself the rest of the time." Before the snow jiaqi and the eagle could reply, Tianjun disappeared with the eagle in his left hand and the snow jiaqi in his right hand.
"Oh, this is it." Tianjun easily found the place with the strongest aura in this dragon land through the memory left by his ancestors.
"It really deserves to be regarded as the best practice place in Tianlong’s territory. Reiki has almost become liquid, and it seems to be isolated from heaven and earth, completely unaffected by noise. Compared with the inner gate of Tiangu, there are too many strong ones! " The day after you arrive at the designated place, you can’t help admiring this place in your heart. The huge place stands on the top of the mountains, with a width of about kilometers around it. Looking down, it is surrounded by steep mountain walls, just like an axe. Looking around, the scenery is all in your eyes. The distant mountains look like tiny ants here.
Just hold the snow jiaqi jiaqi and kitty hawk arrived here is a face of great surprise "so rich aura? It’s really against the sky. If I stay here for a few years, I am absolutely sure to break through and reach the realm of immortals. Is this the legendary gathering place? " Feel here so rich aura, snow jiaqi excited whispered.
"Gather spirit top? Indeed, it is as famous as it is. " The first time I felt that I had reached such a strange place, Tianjun was also filled with emotion.
I want to practice at a speed of thousands of miles a day. If I practice in this place again, Tianjun is sure to break through the fourth change of the cat’s nest soon. I am excited at the thought of it, even if I just break through a layer, then the cultivation of the whole person will reach a terrible level.
Tianjun understands that the cultivation of immortals is a place where the law of the jungle itself. If you have strength, you are a knife, and if you don’t have strength, you are fish. Thinking of this day, you can’t help but be eager to practice this unprecedented method.
Looking at Xue Qiqi and Kitty Hawk, who are still in a state of sluggishness, Tianjun said flatly, "All right, Xue Qiqi, you go there with Kitty Hawk to practice first, and I’ll go there. I’ll try my best to let you come here in the future." Say that finish also regardless of the snow jiaqi che a face of j: and moving love, alone to the edge of the gathering spirit top, carefully read the cat’s chance taught by the ancestors, slowly read this supreme classic method.
"Tai chi y and n Yang Xuan Li Ming, ever-changing and inseparable. Be impartial and keep neutral, and realize the tightness. " Seeing these words, Tianjun closed his eyes slightly, as if he were understanding the profoundness of this secret and the ever-changing world, and the whole person was caught in a wonderful world.
For a long time, I saw Tianjun suddenly open his eyes, with an excited smile on his face, and whispered, "It turns out that I have been pursuing the wrong thing. Cultivating immortality is to cultivate my heart. As long as my realm is raised, cultivating my strength is like a boat with the current, and it will naturally be improved." With this understanding, Tianjun continued to think about it, as if possessed, and the cat was unwilling to let go when it became natural. Occasionally, he met him and took out Panlong Excalibur and waved it constantly, but at this time, his one move and one type seemed to be in harmony with heaven, and seemed to blend in with nature. ! .

Chapter two hundred and twenty-nine Continue to practice
There is no sun and moon to cultivate immortality, and it will be nearly a month for Tianjun to stay at the gathering summit. During this time, he has been studying the secret every day, but it seems that Tianjun is playing around on weekdays, but when he settles down to practice, he is fully committed and not moved by the outside world. This is also the reason why he can step into the realm of true immortals in just 12 years. The qualification of cultivating immortals is important, but what is more important is perseverance and perseverance.
If a person has a good qualification, but idles around all day, philandering and doing nothing, then he will be a mediocre man even if he has a good qualification. On the contrary, if a person’s qualifications are average, but he has the perseverance and perseverance to make progress, then his future achievements will be brilliant. Poor qualifications can be transformed by the panacea of cultivating immortals, but one’s perseverance cannot be corrected.
Tianjun knows this truth very well. If it weren’t for his strong strength, the party who has been killed and injured in Tianlong’s territory is likely to be their big army of Sixianmen, not those monster beasts who are sacrificial.
Since Tianlong’s trip, Tianjun has become more and more eager to improve his own strength. In Tianlong’s place, there are still some exotic animals such as snow jiaqi, blood evil rattan monster, black ghost snake, magic cloud beast and so on, which are not enemies of his own ability, not to mention the cultivation of immortals in this undiscovered talent world.
Especially when he and his younger brother were caught, he was powerless in his hands. At that time, Tianjun told himself in his heart that he must strive to improve his strength and not seek fame and unity in cultivating immortals, but at least he can protect his loved ones around him.
At the edge of the gathering summit, the young man standing at one end suddenly got up, swooshed and pranced, changing from extremely quiet to extremely dynamic. The young man in black, like a clever rabbit, turned a perfect curve strangely, holding Panlong Excalibur, emitting endless colorful light.
Suddenly, Panlong Excalibur, which was originally just emitting light, was like a flaming fire stick carrying Zijin Se flame, burning up, and Tianjun’s body also changed dramatically. At this time, he was dressed in black, like a drawn sword, and seemed to be integrated with Panlong Excalibur, carrying a sharp shock wave, emitting a sense of endless oppression.
"It’s too strong. This is still the effect I achieved without spiritual power. I don’t know what will happen if I hit it with all my strength?" Looking at yourself, conan the destroyer in Panlong Excalibur’s changing cat has such a powerful momentum. Tianjun can’t help but be surprised. This is still not attached with any spiritual force. If you put all your spiritual forces within then on the blade, you can cast your best blow at present, and I don’t know what strength you will reach.
Some curious, but more ambitious Yu xìng, Tianjun tried to gather the spiritual force in the built-in then-elixir on the blade. Suddenly, the Zijin Se flame condensed on the blade was oppressed, and quickly condensed on the tip of the blade. An energy sword with a length of about kilometers quickly expanded with Panlong Excalibur as the template. After a few breaths, he saw that the energy sword was tightly held by Tianjun’s right hand.