She blinked at Prynne.


"But I eat a lot."
Prynne immediately noticed the change of her attitude, and some couldn’t believe it was so easy to succeed. His eyes flashed a dim light to write it down and then smiled and said
Please don’t mention it. I still have the money. If I have the honor, I hope I can have this opportunity again in the future.
His words are all modest. After all, he is the head of the Jesso family, and there is still some money.
Xiao Yi definitely looked at him a few times to make sure that what the man said seemed to be true, and immediately moved her to pull Prynne and let him sit beside him quite seriously and patted him on the shoulder seriously.
"In this case, we will be friends. Just call me Yi."
Prynne was a little surprised, but soon her smile tone was ambiguous
"Good El"
He finally pronounced the inaudible magnetic sound as if to make people pregnant.
But Xiao Yi, who is opposite, nodded and got up and called Sister Sheng, please bring me the menu!
Just now, because Tanizaki Naomai invited them to treat her, she didn’t dare to ask for more, but now it’s different. There is a strange guy named Prynne.
Prynne was watching, and she suddenly didn’t expect that one day she would approach a woman and not rely on herself but her wallet.
Junichiro Tanizaki looked at a man who was treated as a sucker by Xiao Yi, briefly introduced the names of himself and his sister, and then added
"It seems that it is not the first time for Mr. Jesso to meet Yi?"
"Just call me Prynne. I’m not used to honorifics."
Bailan smile
"I first met Xiao Yi in a park. At that time, she and Mr. Taizai seemed to be looking for a cat. I wanted to know her at that time, but unfortunately Xiao Yi seemed to be in a hurry and left soon."
That is, when I was looking for Monica, I met her and was attracted to El?
This Italian seems to want to pursue Xiao Yi, but is it reliable?
Junichiro Tanizaki, who loves to worry, can’t help but think that it is true that Italians are passionate and unrestrained, and it is true that there are many people, which is different from their love concept
He didn’t think there was anything wrong with Xiao Yi being pursued. After all, a few days after Xiao Yi entered the armed detective agency, they found out that Xiao Yi and Mr. Taizai were not lovers at all, but Mr. Taizai liked to tease Xiao Yi with flowers in his mouth.
But … some things seem to be true after a long time.
Junichiro Tanizaki took a sip of oolong tea.
Is Mr. Taizai really just talking?
Over there, Prynne looked curiously at the dishes in front of Yi, and when he saw the contents clearly, he raised his eyebrows slightly.
"What is this?"
"pig brain flower"
After Xiao Yi’s generous answer, he directly put the pig brain flower into the boiling hot pot. It was not surprising that Xiao Yi had seen it before Junichiro Tanizaki.
On the contrary, Prynne was surprised when she heard that this thing was really brainy. Although she shared memories with other parallel worlds, he knew that there were many foods in this world that were too’ special’, but he was a little surprised that Yi dared to eat this. Wouldn’t it be strange?
Giving money is the uncle’s attitude at the moment. Yi can be said to be quite good. She can’t help but squint at the taste of eating pig brain in one bite. Everyone can see how much she likes it.
Swallow your mouth and find Prynne looking at her. She gives a happy smile.
"It’s delicious, soft and mellow! Great! "
"Are you? Sounds good. "
Prynne gave a fake smile.
I like sweets, especially cotton candy. I don’t really like hot pot. What’s worse, pig brain flowers are delicious in Xiaoyi’s view, but in his view, pig brain flowers with green leaves and pink curved gullies really affect my appetite
Nian Ren generally has Amway’s love for plants, and he can’t help thinking about it. If Yi invites him to have a taste, will he refuse or try to eat it?
At this time, Bian Xiaoyi spoke.
"Do you want to try it?"
Prynne heart way indeed as expected heart rare some struggle is thinking about very not easy to get a little favor, do you want to injustice yourself endure a fruit to see small Iraq correct way.
"if you want …"
After thinking about it, after all, he spent money on this meal. Yi struggled to choose the smallest pig brain flower from a row of dishes and then pushed it with heartache.
"I’ll give you this one. You must taste it carefully."
When she spoke, she stared at the dish of pig brain flowers and her heart ached. You know, the pig brain flowers in this store are limited, but they are precious and valuable.
Seeing her appearance, Prynne wondered for a moment.
Is it really that delicious?
However, the pig’s brain is still impressive. After discovering that Xiaoyi was so reluctant, he smiled and said that the beautiful woman loved him and how easy it was to rob him.
"This is what you said."
Xiao Yi was so happy that she quickly took back the pig brain flower and lined it up on her side like a squirrel who was greedy for food. Then she looked at Prynne with a serious expression.