The other end knocked at the door. ega stopped turning pages and closed the album.


Young alpha sounded slightly guilty outside the door of "Yes"
Ega frowned slightly at the thought of the evening, but still said, "Come in, the door is unlocked."
The door was pushed open. Tall alpha stepped into the room and turned to gently close the door.
Tan Wu put the photo album on the desktop and got up and walked over to the man. "What can I do for you? If the wine is still awake, let someone boil a pot of hangover soup for you. "
Feeling the disgust of alpha in ega’s words, he was embarrassed and slammed on one knee.
"What happened in the evening belongs to getting drunk, and it belongs to damn it. Please punish it."
Tan Wu chuckled, "You didn’t sleep in the middle of the night, so you came here to get punished?"
"Ah Yin, there are some things I have said many times. You have to count what you want to do in my hands."
"I don’t belong here tonight, but I have something else to tell you." Young alpha looked up and seemed a little anxious about Tan Wu’s eyes. "I’m sorry, Chief. I’m really sorry about the evening."
"Come on," Tan Wu frowned and seemed unwilling to talk to people. "What’s the matter? Say "
Fu Jin busy way "belongs to the red python who just learned the news and was caught by FDM this time-the piece of red python attached to the network in downtown Hui Jiang has been lost in recent years."
Tan Wuwei "Is the news reliable?"
"It should be reliable because the informant is staying at the Red Python headquarters in the name of a genus of Lega," Fu Jin said. "This time, he is in charge of the ega across the street. He has been doing well for two years."
Tan Wu snorted and laughed "interesting"
"That lega is really fierce."
Ega gradually laughed till her eyes bent.
"If I hadn’t known that he was so loyal to Lu Si, I would have mistaken him for his IQ. In fact, he is undercover on our side or he has long been unhappy with Lu Si."
"But …" EGA looked at Fu Jin with a slightly gathered look. "However, they pried Jiang City and had an impact on our mentality over there. Go there one day and take a few people with you."
"We should pay more for psychological counseling. Don’t let us get confused because the Red Python was taken."
Fu Jinwei’s moment should be "yes"
"Come on, just go home if there’s nothing else," Tan Wu said.
Fu Jin should get up with his head down again.
The door was just about to be opened, and ega asked people to "wait"
Young alpha immediately turned his head and his eyes lit up. "Do you still have something to say?"
"Well, I think I still have to tell you something."
Tan Wu looked at Fu Jin’s beautiful watery eyes like a knife made of ice and snow.
"What about you, Yin? You’re good-looking, you’re in good shape, and you’re also an excellent person. Except for the other EGAs, alpha can easily be moved by you. You should learn to let go of your eyes and make more appointments when you have no work …"
"Leader" Young alpha’s eyes gradually dimmed, and Fu Jin interrupted Tan Wu’s words "Stop it"
Tan Wu’s eyebrows are slightly frowning, and I’m too lazy to say this reaction.
In a blink of an eye, I smiled heartlessly. "Look at your ability to do things."
The sentence "All right, let’s get out" is a few degrees cold and shows impatience.
Alpha lowered his eyes, turned back, quickly opened the door, and retreated out. When the door closed, he didn’t master the strength well and gave a slightly heavy "bang", followed by a heavy breathing and hesitant footsteps outside.
Step finally took a step forward and went out, and the steps gradually faded away and lost their sound.
Tan Wu did not move in the same place, as if he had thought of something. After a while, his eyes flashed with pity and locked the door before returning to his seat. He took the desk photo album and gently turned it back to the side when he closed it.
The photo is young and tall, and alpha smiles at the camera, making the original evil cold and handsome appearance freeze in a gentle moment.
"A Feng" ega gently rubbed her fingertips against alpha’s face in the photo, and her eyes were as gentle as the bright moonlight. "I’m really angry if you don’t show up again."
"I’m angry that many people will die if you don’t coax me."
After a while, my eyes were wandering, and after a while, it seemed like I was coming back to God.
Corner glance at photos yellowing edge look a change.
As a nightmare came true, ega turned pale and her eyes suddenly became red.
Tan Wu lay prone on the desktop and buried his face. His arms and shoulders trembled slightly and he sobbed with little pain.
As usual, the light armored vehicle coated with carbon black leaves for Nanwan, the forbidden area of FDM headquarters, in the early morning.
Cheyan Shuhan Tablet finished yesterday’s shelving and put things in the office bag.
While and his adjutant LingYu line of sight.
Yan Shuhan "?"
Ling Yu is awkward.
Yan Shuhan’s "Speak frankly"
Ling Yu touched his head. "I want to say that I may stay outside tonight and not return to Jiang City."
"Hey, Mr. Xiaoyu is in love?"
The alpha driver next to him who hasn’t answered yet laughed.
Named Ling Yu, a modest one.
Alpha driver smiled more and more happily. "Yes, yes, talk to Mr. Xiaoyu later. Mr. Xiaoyu is listening. Don’t worry about accompanying his wife. He will definitely agree to let you stay out."
Yan Shu Han smiled and shook his head. "Where is he asking for my advice? He reported this to me as a "

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