Father Zhongyi immediately entered the pavilion. "The empress slave immediately sent Huei-fang back to Huei-fang’s place for you!"


Often miss this just relieved blanched to look at the queen even forgot to salute immediately with loyalty father-in-law.
After Chang Ai-qing left, the queen stared at Chang Ai-qing’s beautiful and slim figure with faint eyes. It was really amazing. Her face was dressed in plain clothes and she didn’t see too much dressing up, but even she admired that charm.
There is no one in the harem. No wonder the emperor’s mind has gone to her.
The queen sighed softly and said to herself, "Do you think she will pretend to be crazy?"
The queen glanced at the table of snacks. Was it because she often warned her or because she was afraid of her?
Thought of here, the queen smiled lightly, and she was actually not that terrible.
Just out of Fengyi Palace, I often miss you, and I see a familiar and gorgeous figure in front of me, which is Feng Jiang Yi.
Just want to say hello, I saw Feng Jiang’s clothes striding towards her side. As soon as I came over, I climbed my hands on her shoulders and looked at it again. I was anxious to ask, "Did the dead woman miss you?" Did you get anything to eat or drink tea? "
The tone of that heart move is definitely not fake. I often miss it. I look at this sudden rush and suddenly raise my face and smile.
Feng Jiang’s clothes are naturally afraid that the palace will harm people again on weekdays, but it is just a disguised poisonous snake. It is possible to open its mouth and bite at any time. Suddenly, the queen declared it into the harem, even because the emperor gave it a gift.
Before Chang Acacia could answer, Feng Jiang Yi had dragged her into it in the previous step.
Hold him tightly in your arms. Imagine losing her or hurting her a little.
Chang Xiangsi was caught off guard by him and struggled for a few times before he said sullenly in his arms, "I didn’t eat anything or drink tea."
Aside loyalty and righteousness, his face changed at that time. "Eleven sovereign queens declared her to enter the palace because they liked Huei-fang …"
Feng Jiangyi glared at loyalty and threatened, "What should I say when I get back? What should I say? You shouldn’t say Wang xin, otherwise the king will let you die!"
"I obey!" Loyalty father-in-law immediately knelt down.
"Get out of here!"
"But … I have to escort Huei-fang back to Xiangfu." Loyalty and loyalty are hard for my grandfather.
"The king here still need you this eunuch? Get out! " Feng Jiang Yi glanced at him coldly.
Father-in-law Zhongyi saluted and immediately got up and left.
Feng Jiang’s clothes only slightly loosened his arms. "Are you all right!"
Chang Xiangsi left his arms and took a step back before shaking his head. "Nothing! Why are you here? "
Seeing that she is really okay, Feng Jiang’s clothes are slightly relieved. "I’m not worried about your lovesickness. The queen looks gentle, dignified and generous, but you have to remember that none of the harem women will save oil lamps. If there is no king or thirteen companions to give you food and tea after entering the palace, don’t be white?"
Often miss a moment ago, she was also suspicious, so there was no dessert.
"What did the queen say to you?"
"She wanted me to serve the emperor in the palace, and I refused."
A woman is so generous that her man finds another woman to serve the queen. She is too wronged!
I wonder if she is really so generous.
"You will know that there is nothing good about entering the palace if you don’t underestimate the queen. Look at those women in the palace. You can’t get involved in this muddy water."
Feng Jiang Yi looked at Chang Xiangsi’s eyes carefully and saw that she was staring at him in wait for a while. She couldn’t help laughing. "Rest assured that the king won’t let you into the harem."
He can’t give his favorite woman to another man even if he fights for his life.
Acacia is a little touched because she can’t hide her fear and nervousness just now, so she can’t ignore it if she wants to.
Maybe it’s not an expression to like phoenix-red clothes.
So the indifference to him these days has already melted. "It’s okay to go out of the palace!" Although this palace is beautiful, it is not suitable for long-term residence. The resentment is too heavy. "
Especially those exquisite harem make people feel depressed.
Feng Jiang’s clothes nodded. "That was dead in that harem. They were all young, beautiful and resentful. Let’s go."
It seems that I feel that the change of lovesickness to him is no longer indifferent these days, and I am full of joy to see her change so little.
Often acacia smiled at him and felt that this person was not so annoying.
After Acacia left the harem for half an hour, Feng Lisu set out to drive the harem.
Empress immediately went to greet the emperor when she heard that he was coming, and immediately saluted when she saw that yellow dragon robe.
"Why did the male and female servants visit the emperor?"
Phoenix Li Su looked at the queen again, and her face was somewhat gloomy. "How often do you miss it?" The queen suddenly declared Chang Acacia into the harem to see this? "
Empress stood up and smiled. "It turned out that the emperor had heard about this matter. The emperor personally went to congratulate Miss Chang Si on her birthday. I didn’t want to see the emperor come back these days. I didn’t want to see a piece of paper filled with the names of lovesickness. Perhaps the emperor saw the lovesickness place and let her enter the palace today. The male and female servants didn’t talk about anything. They just told the lovesickness sister that they intended to let her enter the palace to accompany the emperor … It seems that lovesickness sister .."
Speaking of which, Empress took a sip of her lip and looked nervously towards Feng Li Su.
"What seems to be?"
His voice was cold and his eyes were fixed on that dignified and gentle face.
"Acacia sister doesn’t seem to have any plans to enter the palace, and she is afraid that since the imperial male and female servants are in charge of the harem after being in a country, the emperor should also consider that if Acacia sister has an imperial heart, she will be accepted.
It is also difficult to enter the harem without the emperor missing her so much. "
Phoenix Li Su sneer at "ah … the queen is really good bearing really let me admire! The queen told you today that those women in the harem are tossing around with you, but don’t blame me if you often miss your head! "
The queen immediately knelt down to Wen wan’s face full of grievances.
"The emperor misunderstood? Male and female servants … Male and female servants also want the emperor to share their worries. If Acacia’s sister enters the harem, male and female servants will definitely treat her well when she is a sister. "
"This don’t need to worry about the queen! Where have you taken lovesickness? "
The queen was slightly stunned before saying, "I have already left the palace. Just after I left Fengyi Palace, I met eleven princes who escorted Acacia’s sister back to Xiangfu!"