He is very strange how he used to eat this set and like this kind of woman.


It’s tacky!
Compared with his wife-bah, how can you compare with her!
"Why are you here?" Su Jinghe frown tone some cold and cheerless a shock also want to go forward, and then conveniently nestled in his arms wisteria.
Wisteria doesn’t know what’s wrong. How could the gentleman do this to her?
Eyes a little hurt jiao gentle and lovely way "menservants, menservants, menservants and concubines can’t sleep and come out for a walk. Don’t want to touch the gentleman so skillfully. You are here … but what’s bothering you? Male and female concubine-"
"Shut up!" Su Jinghe frowned and shouted at him, "Can you inquire about my business at will? Pay attention to yourself! And what are you doing in this dark place alone in a woman’s house at night? This is taboo, don’t you understand? "
But is it necessary for a big family to walk around casually after dark? An aunt also refused to let the maid go to the garden to "enjoy the flowers". I don’t know who she was coming to date!
Wisteria heard Su Jing and the implication, and turned pale with a cold sweat behind her. "Yes, I know my mistake, and I won’t dare, I won’t dare again!"
Su Jinghe looked at it and suddenly turned from charming and attractive to a timid wisteria, which was even more boring!
These women one by one is melodramatic to 1835 chapter 1835 set-up 4.
Su Jinghe has a kind of disgusting feeling. He gave a hand and didn’t hate it. "What are you still doing? Go back! "
"Yes, yes!" How dare wisteria say more than half a sentence? Rushed to answer, stumbled and walked fast!
Su Jinghe is not in the mood to go shopping again and turn around disgruntled.
I don’t want to "bump into" another one in the loop. I can’t sleep at night and just walk around. My room was so angry that I stamped my foot and left without giving a cold look at it.
The concubine room was stared at by him, and the hair was cold behind her. It was even more tragic than wisteria, and she didn’t even get a good word from her face, but it had a bad influence.
Su Jing and this don’t want to stay in the garden any more. If you stay any longer, maybe there will be a "chance encounter".
So he ran out of Jessica Fong Ching in anger and turned around. He ran into two concubines, Su Jinghe, and went back.
Anyway, he won’t go to any room after being killed! I had the cheek to go back. Why? Can a daughter-in-law drive herself away?
She wants to be a good wife? Well, it depends on his permission!
It’s a lot better to think that Su Jing, who can’t be a good wife when she is stirring up her wife, is a little complacent at the moment.
I have to say that Master Su is a wonderful flower!
Shuangling is sitting outside in a small space, concentrating on the soles of the shoes and waiting for tea beside Jessica Fong Ching in the small room inside.
Hearing the footsteps, Shuangling looked up and saw Su Jinghe come in. She was so surprised that she hid her sewing work behind her back and quickly got up and said, "Young master!"
Su Jinghe didn’t good the spirit stare at her, and snorted in her nostrils. Do you want to be seen by a worthless little girl doing needlework? I don’t want to see your work when I’m a young master, okay?
Sue gentleman where know Shuangling this is in place of little lady begin natural guilty for fear that he is a risk-averse to see.
Su Jinghe ignored Shuangling and went to the small room to see the end and the quiet figure sitting at the table beside her heart. She looked at the faint light in her hand and reflected a soft room. Her face was soft and her eyebrows were soft. When people saw her heart, they settled down quietly.
"wife!" Su Jinghe approached with a smile as if the first two people had never been awkward.
Jessica Fong Ching looked up with a question mark written in his eyes, but deep in his eyes, there was a bright flash with a smile, and his mood jumped like a light one.
She actually cares about him!
"Husband!" Jessica Fong Ching smiled at him.
Su Jinghe became more and more energetic, regardless of Shuangxiu’s arm around Jessica Fong Ching’s shoulder and smiling. "Don’t be too busy. Go to bed early and I’ll go back to my room first!"
Fang Qing nodded and gently "well" a pair of show early red in the face, he lowered his hand gently back and lowered his head in an effort to reduce his feelings.
Su Jinghe was even happier to see her reply. She leaned over and kissed her forehead and smiled, "I’m going!"
Jessica Fong Ching smiled and said, "Good!" Watch him leave.
Fang Qing stared at the door curtain unblinkingly, and his face gradually became soft and light, and his white face was like a soft light.
A lift eye caught a glimpse of Shuangxiu, only to remember that there was a third person in the room. Jessica Fong Ching was a hot face and asked Shuangxiu to look at it. Some of them were not too embarrassed to gently cough and bowed their heads to continue.
Shuangxiu lip-synching smiled and couldn’t help laughing slightly. "It’s really good for a young lady to be young! The handmaiden has been in the mansion for many years, and I have never seen a young master treat anyone so well! "
Don’t say that the young master lost his temper with his colleagues. When will he take the initiative to make peace?
There will be a young lady!
Jessica Fong Ching faint smile didn’t speak.
By the time Jessica Fong Ching returned to the bedroom, Su Jinghe had already slept.
Behold, I crept into the bed before I could lie down, and I was hugged by a pair of arms stretched out.
Jessica Fong Ching got a fright and couldn’t help exclaiming in a low voice with a thick nasal voice.
Su Jinghe leaned forward with an itch in her heart, kissed her face and lips a few times, bowed her head and sighed, "Wife, if you don’t want me and won’t force you, don’t drive me out again!"
Jessica Fong Ching a fiercely in the heart, she didn’t think that he actually felt her mood at that moment, so she was a little embarrassed and vague. "What are you talking about? I didn’t! "
Su Jinghe also argued with her differently. Ha ha smiled. "No, no! There’s nothing better! Let’s sleep! "
Jessica Fong Ching stopped talking, but his consciousness rubbed against his arms.
Su Jinghe was greatly encouraged to hold her tighter.
There was a surge of enthusiasm in Jessica Fong Ching’s heart, and her eyes were moist and tearful
Think about it coldly and quietly. In fact, he has treated himself very well. It is not easy for him to do so.
But Jessica Fong Ching had to admit that people are greedy, including himself.
Because he treats her so well now, she is afraid that one day he will treat her badly and he will treat others as well!
If one day, she doesn’t know if she can stand it.
Su Jinghe wanted to go to the tea shop after breakfast the next day, but he didn’t have the nerve to slouch around the street with Fang Qing’s expression that "no one is allowed to intervene in my site and play anywhere cool"
"Hey, this is not Sue gentleman! Haha, long time no see, long time no see! Gentleman, is this shopping? " A rough heroic voice came from the side in vain. Su Jinghe hasn’t come yet. When he turned his head and looked, his shoulders sank, and he was already patted and twisted with pain.