The monk in jinyi looked at leitian from a distance and ordered a little bit of the devil. Would you like to follow my dharma righteousness?


You’re the devil. It’s a shame to enslave Draco.
Bai Qigen: No, it’s still a nonsense. He’ll never be able to tell the Buddha’s story. Brother N, the Buddha can make the stubborn stone nod and talk. hu is a kind of gas refiner.
The monk in jinyi said that since this is the case, don’t blame the little monk’s ceremony.
And he stretched out his hand and slapped him according to Leitian Yao.
Bai Qiwei Xuan turtle hardened, and the slap turned into a virtual shadow and suddenly turned into a solid body, as if a huge mountain peak had smashed the shell of Xuan turtle shell.
The shell of the mysterious tortoise shell is deafening.
The potential is amazing, but the mysterious turtle is unscathed and leitian laughs. The thief bald unexpectedly wants to hurt my mount.
The slap in the face of the monk in Jinyi looks ordinary, but the six-character mantra of smashing the Buddha’s hand can suppress almost all people who want to be pregnant with Buddha.
Chapter four hundred Lien Chan Lianjie
Chapter four hundred Lien Chan Lianjie
What is Buddha ing?
It’s definitely not that the first Buddha of Zhou Yuan said that heaven and earth were the only ones when he was born.
I’ve told you all about the mystery of Buddha
The Buddha said that I am not me, but I have always been a Buddha for everyone. That’s this. I can’t cut this if I cut it off.
The clever way to fight Buddha n can rely on strength to fight recklessly
However, the mysterious turtle in the white sky is blocking the Buddha’s N-degree palm, and the monks’ hands are closed to announce the Buddha’s name.
The guardians of the heavens help me to subdue the devil.
Behind the monk in Jinyi, there are a number of Buddha devils in the light and shadow, and all kinds of other creatures recite the Golden Sutra at the same time. The strength of the monk in Jinyi is rising steadily from the pick of Jinxian to the rank of Emperor of Heaven.
For the first time, Leitian saw that a spiritual practitioner could soar in strength in this way, and it was done in one breath.
What magic is this?
Immortals in Qingcheng Mountain, Kunlun couldn’t help themselves when they saw that the enemy in Leitian suddenly became strong.
Twelve pick Jin Xian directly moved to a huge mountain from the nine-day gang gas. This mountain was formed by gang gas, and this mountain peak has become a reality. The thick gang gas in Fiona Fang has been sucked until the monk in Jinyi smashed it.
This time, when the Immortal of Qingcheng Mountain in Kunlun held hands, this powerful gas formed a mountain, and the poor monks dared not raise their hands to ask for a favor.
The mountain formed by the vigorous gas was held in the hands of the monks in jinyi.
Vigorous gas formed in the mountains and crackled. This sound became louder and louder, but there was a fierce explosion in the palm of the hand of the monk in Jinyi.
The palm of the hand of the monk in Jinyi turned purple, and several creatures were in his strength in the light and shadow behind him, but his body was ultimately under the limit. Twelve pick Jin Xian joined forces to attack his strength, which could already hurt the Emperor of Heaven. He was able to move the power of the Emperor of Heaven, but he was not as strong as the Emperor of Heaven.
What’s more, Leitian can’t allow him to fight against the immortal so easily.
The monk in Jinyi made Bai Qifa close and powerful, and the Heavenly Emperor threatened Bai Qifeng’s realm roots and couldn’t get close to him. He simply released 360 mysterious turtles to surround the monk in Jinyi from a distance.
The immortal of Qingcheng Mountain in Kunlun refused to kill the fairy sword array, so the mirror of Kunxu Market was just to create an opportunity for Leitian. Otherwise, if the Leitian starlight array is arranged, the two sacred objects will also fall into the Leitian starlight array.
Starlight large array in the face of the Buddha’s N refining gas is certainly not longitudinal, then the powerful attack means of Kunlun Qingcheng Mountain will be temporarily suppressed in Leitian law.
The cooperation between the two sides finally started in a few minutes. As soon as the 360 mysterious turtles were in leitian, the light and shadow behind the monk in jinyi dissipated, and hundreds of thousands of creatures in the light and shadow were amazed.
The monk in jinyi, who was noisy, could hear clearly the Emperor Ziwei.
The monk opposite is a Chinese emperor. It is impossible that Chinese emperor left this universe long ago to seek a higher road in another world.
The trapped face of the monks in Jinyi became very expressionless, as if it were a stone with a large array of stars. Three hundred and sixty mysterious turtles launched the mountain peak composed of gangqi, and it was broken and integrated into the large array.
Kunlun Qingcheng Mountain Luo Jinxian’s mastery of magic has reached the peak. Is it not far from the strength of the Emperor?
This mountain merged into the starlight array, and in a blink of an eye, half of the light and shadow behind the monks in Jinyi were destroyed, as if these twelve pick Jin Xian had already calculated that Leitian would launch the starlight array while they attacked.
This cooperation is so wonderful that Leitian feels too comfortable. At the same time, he also feels that the Kunlun Qingcheng Immortal is powerful and a joint magic, so he controls the situation and then the twelve pick Jinxian hands to block this piece at the same time.
This blockade is quite thorough, so that the Buddha and Bodhisattva on the ground can resist it
What are you saying now? Looking at the monk in Jinyi with a sneer, I am the devil. What are you?
The monk in jinyi was trapped, but he wrapped jinyi around his body and let the light and shadow wrap him up and made a little puss-head.