Bian Shi and Zhang Ning are nervous, but they are still calm. The Zou family can’t do it. It seems a little overwhelmed. The mother muttered, "Dream Lang is not as good as my day. Sisters look at me like this …"


Zou followed and said, "Sister Yun said that it is better to be reasonable than the handmaiden to retreat first. If adults want to play handmaiden, they will be absolutely obedient."
Li was adamant: "No, I’m leaving Nanyang tomorrow. You can’t follow me to Nanyang. It’s too dangerous. I can’t give up today if I have the chance."
Li Shemian Gujingbo said that it seems that the reason is still very good, but in fact, he secretly wants you to agree this time. Will the second time be far behind? Li Shemian seems to have thought of happiness and accidentally smiled and was keenly Bian Shi.
To perceive the spat secretly "this bad thing"
Maybe it’s because the mother Zou also thinks that Li She said that it’s reasonable for Li She to leave, and when the husband and wife are warm again, they don’t know when it’s time, but they might as well follow him. Anyway, just this time, they are clever and bow their heads and stop talking, but they don’t know that Li She is pregnant.
"But you all agreed?" Li She asked her mother, Zou Shi, to stop talking. Li She smiled and said, "If you don’t talk, it’s your default." Then she looked at Bian Shi. "Does Bian Niang agree to this request?"
"It’s all up to you, bad guy." Bian Shi is really a big sister, and she is very generous.
Li She finally looked at Zhang Ning, only to see Zhang Ning’s provocative look at herself, and then she listened to Zhang Ning’s disdainful tone and said, "Are you suffering from our four beautiful women as beautiful as flowers and pure as jade?"
Disdainful tone and provocative eyes seriously inspired a man to overcome his desire. Li She immediately sat still and got up angrily. "Husband, I will take your knife today!"
Holding Zhang Ning’s skirt and tearing it "Hua" one by one, the white and smooth lambs are exposed in the dim candlelight, which is more attractive than Li She’s indiscriminate and vigorous pressing in Zhang Ning. "I’ll let you know today.
Husband is awesome! "
The strength of Li’s hands made Zhang Ning frown but still lose. "Then let me see how powerful you are!"
Struggling to throw Zhang Ning on the soft big bed with a fierce look. "You don’t want to cry for mercy like before."
"Begging for mercy is a puppy!" Zhang Ning prone on the bed twist a head to shout.
Li smiled at evil. "Don’t you think you are a puppy now?" The explosive hair and clothes burst, and Li She revealed her lean flesh, like a wild beast, which scared the other three women to close their eyes. Only Zhang Ning still looked at Li She with an unyielding face and shouted, "Come on! When I am afraid of you! "
"ah!" Li was about to kill when she yelled. Suddenly, a weak sound came on the door. "Is" xianggong "in there?"
Li Shedu has almost entered the enemy camp, and suddenly he stopped talking. Zhang Ning also froze, and the other three women also froze.
"Snow" a chuckle Bian Shi laughed "Li Lang everywhere mercy others have found the room"
"Xianggong, what are you doing in there? Are you quarreling with Sister Ning?" The sound outside rang again.
"Still leng why don’t you get dressed quickly? If Moon Hee’s sister sees this, she’ll get somebody else’s yellow flower daughter?" Bian Shi quickly woke up and said that Li was involved in this just to react and look around for clothes, but it was some clothes fragments. How can this be done? Li was involved in pulling Zhang Ning to hide in the quilt.
Fortunately, the big bed quilt is big enough to cover the two people sitting, and it is more than enough for them to sit on both sides, which makes the illusion with the quarrel speech that Cai Yan just said.
Until the quilt wrapped two people tightly than Li she motioned Bian Shi can go to the door to knock on the door. If you see that the old man poked around in Cai Yan, Bian Shi looked at the back of Cai Yan and the two maids waved them back.
Cai Yan saw the scene in the room and said, "Why are all my sisters here?"
How can a simple Cai Yan know that Li is involved in absurd ideas? Naively asking people all don’t know what to say. Finally, Bian Shi said, "It’s not just Li Langning’s sister quarreling. We are all here to stop the fight."
"Why is it so noisy?" Cai Yan has no doubt about Bian Shi dialect.
"Yes, if Moon Hee’s sister doesn’t come, they will almost’ fight’." Bian Shi also deliberately made the typing bite very heavy, which has always been a strong and cold image. Based on Zhang Ning, his cheeks are blushing and his ears are red.
Cai Yan heard this and said quickly, "Xianggong, how can you do this? Sister Ning, though cold in appearance, is a warm-hearted person, but she can’t express her feelings. There must be some misunderstanding. Do you know how much Sister Ning loves you? Every day, she goes to the lame temple to pray for you."
"Ah?" I really don’t know about this matter. I can’t help but look at Zhang Ning. "Are you really like me?"
"It’s not that you often run around outside, and I can’t help you to do these things." Zhang Ning bowed his head and said.
"Is there …" Wen-chi seems to have made a speech and talked about Zhang Ning’s good handling of Zhang Ning. Are you really so good? "Always" xianggong "is that you are wrong to quarrel with Ning’s sister" and finally made a concluding speech.
"Yes, yes, it’s all my fault. I shouldn’t lose my temper with Ninger." Li said that he could be a child who admits his mistake. Suddenly, Cai Yan came here and asked, "What are you doing here, Yaner?"
Just now, Wen-chi suddenly became a little twisted, and her little fingers were intertwined like two white jade. "Xianggong, didn’t you let all your wives live in this room? I’m your wife too … so I’m coming."
Oh, how could I forget this crop? It’s better to execute this immortal talented woman on the spot. I believe Yan Er will not refuse the evil thoughts in Li She’s heart, and then he shook his head. No, no,no. It doesn’t make sense.
Just as Li was struggling in her heart, Cai Yan added, "Xianggong, I’m sleepy. Where is the room for me? I’m going to rest."
"Oh, good" Li She was about to get up and suddenly found herself naked. She got up and looked at Bian Shi for help. I didn’t expect Cai Yan to say, "I want to sleep with Sister Ning today."
And when it comes to reaching out and pulling Zhang Ning up in the quilt, Cai Yan’s idea is very simple. Li She quarreled with Zhang Ning and wanted to comfort Zhang Ning. I don’t know if Zhang Ning would be dressed in the quilt.
Cai Yan exclaimed, "Sister Ning?"
"It’s not the bad thing. He said he would spank me. If Moon Hee’s sister didn’t come, maybe I’d have been killed." Zhang Ning used his quick wits to talk and lied on the spot.
Zhang Ningshen didn’t have Cai Conggao. At this time, she leaned into tears against Cai Congshen, but she looked at Li Sheqi with a flattering look. She deliberately raised her sweet buttocks and cooperated with the sentence "He wants to spank me". Li Sheqi felt a flame constantly scurrying about in her body and was anxious to vent.
Wen-chi hurriedly took off his coat and put it on Zhang Ning’s body to cover Zhang Ning’s temptation tightly. "Sister Ning, stop crying and let’s go to rest." Then he left with Zhang Ning.
Bian Shi also did the play at the door and said, "Sister Moon Hee comforted Sister Ning. She was wronged a lot today."
"door!" Bian Shi, with a deep voice behind him, knew that the beast of the universe was born and listened gently to the door to be continued.
Chapter three hundred and seventeen Discipline
The next day, all the soldiers in Tianmen city were already here with flags outside Tianmen city. Li She rode a perfect white marooned horse to patrol the army discipline and make a speech.
"Although I went to Nanyang this time, it is commonplace to cheat." Li She pointed to herself. "For me, it is a conspiracy, but for you, it is a knife and a sea of fire. Because the battlefield needs you, you are the key to victory!"
Li She said again, "This time I went to Nanyang as a stranger. I heard that there are still several families who are not very obedient, and my situation will not be better. What I need is absolute loyalty. What I need is a real ban. I don’t need to take my soldiers to poke some baskets out for me."
"Can you do it?"
"yes! Can! Yes! " Three roars, one overwhelms the monstrous momentum, covering the sun and the moon as if all the heaven and earth were left. This confident roar loud.
"Good." Li waded lightly into the horse’s belly and rode back and forth gently. He saw the foot soldiers’ foreheads covered with sweat, but no one reached out and wiped their hearts. He was quite satisfied with these foot soldiers.
Look! This is why I, the foot soldiers of Tianmen City, are so imposing and respect discipline.
Maybe in college, it was influenced by the physical education teacher. Li She attached great importance to discipline. I remember that the teacher left a malicious remark at that time, which made Li She deeply influenced. "Who the fuck gave you physical education class without iron discipline!"
There is really no discipline. Students are crooked. I’m afraid it will be difficult to get a good physical education class. Is this another class in physical education class? A little further in the army?
As the saying goes, if there is no discipline, Fiona Fang’s army will be worse than a mess. This is why Li She attaches great importance to Gao Shun, because in Li She’s mind, Gao Shun was synonymous with rules during the Three Kingdoms period.
Li She smiled with satisfaction. "Now I want to choose someone to go to Nanyang with me. First of all, my father and mother will be out of the queue."
There are countless parents, wives and children who have been separated from each other. These foot soldiers have long since disappeared. Perhaps they have been living somewhere, or they have been oppressed by hunger and cold. When they died for a long time, not many people were listed. Li She added, "There are wives and children who need to be taken care of at home."