Li Feiyang nodded and said, "Do you know what’s in Dark Lord Lin Wu?"


Hearing this, Ji Zheng’s eyes jumped slightly, and he waved his hand to Li Feiyang to stop and then ordered "all back"
One order, a warrior and attendant maid department withdrew, leaving Li Feiyang, Mu Zhuoqing and Ji Zhengsan in the whole hall.
Li Feiyang jumped in the heart and thought, Does this emperor know things there?
Jizheng was silent for a moment and then looked at Li Feiyang and said, "Feiyang, what’s in the fifth floor of the dark forest?" I know that the fierce beasts in the dark forest are very dangerous. "
Li Feiyang pondered the meaning of Ji Zheng, but he was not a officialdom middleman after all, and he didn’t ponder the sage’s mind and ability. "There are human beings living there … and …"
Li Feiyang will be the Dark Lord Lin Wu, and the situation will be explained again, including the sacrifices and the strange phenomena there.
After an omission and concealment, he said, "If we can send an army to help the people there resist the sacrifice, and then leave people to collect gold, the white barbarian country will surely get a lot of wealth."
After Li Feiyang finished speaking, Ji Zheng remained silent. He looked at Li Feiyang deeply and asked after a long time, "If that’s the case, you should never tell me this news. If you don’t tell the magic forest five layers to do your best."
You own it all. What did you tell me? "
Li Feiyang replied without thinking, "I don’t need much money. I think they need help, and their gold can just fill the national treasury for Bai Manguo. This is the best of both worlds."
"You don’t need that much money?" JiZheng smiled eyes peep out one silk appreciation look "see money is very good! Qing son, you didn’t see the wrong person. "
Mu Zhuoqing didn’t show herself and Li Feiyang before, but she didn’t expect the emperor to see through it at a glance and point it out face to face. Although there were few people here, Mu Zhuoqing still looked red and bowed his head slightly without words.
Actually, what Li Feiyang said is not his idea.
It’s not that he doesn’t need money, but his main goal is not money.
For him, one thing about money is the copper dart, which is the wealth consumed by the world in the practice of immortality … Although he always wanted something before crossing, now he feels that it has become an unimportant thing.
He believes that people who want him to go back to the Dark Forest with aid will definitely not treat themselves badly. If he doesn’t have that much, will he give him all the gold in the Dark Forest? Don’t use it to hit people?
Li Feiyang was meditating when he suddenly heard Jizhengkou say something that surprised him: "I … can’t …"
"What?" Li Feiyang was filled with surprise and doubt and asked
Zheng narrowed his eyes. "I said I can’t agree to your request and I can’t send troops to help the Dark Forest people."
Li Feiyang couldn’t help but ask, "What?"
JiZheng looked at Li Feiyang is hesitant to tell him the reason. After a long time, JiZheng looked at MuZhuoQing and looked at Li Feiyang and finally said, "In fact, the reason is very simple.
I won’t tell you the original words. For me, if I don’t want to say the reason, naturally no one will know, but … you just saved me or my future: I can tell you frankly. "
Ji Zheng got up and walked slowly to the corner of the hall, where a pair of crystals were hung on the wall, marking the mountains, rivers, forests and a large area around the country.
"I’m the emperor and the white barbarian Lord guarding the ancestral mountain. It’s natural to consider more things. Sometimes some very simple truths become a little troublesome when they come to me." Ji Zheng seems to be talking to himself and seems to be slightly disappointed in his tone of voice to Li.
"The dark forest and the white barbarian countries stand side by side for one thousand years? How can I not know what’s there? It’s not just me, even that guy in the black barbarian country naturally knows what wealth there is, and there are fierce beasts that thrive and multiply than powerful people. "
Li Feiyang heard this, and a slight wind came to this white emperor to really know the situation of the dark forest? So what …?
Li Feiyang’s doubts in his heart are even worse. In his view, if he is an emperor, he just knows that such a party has absolutely no reason to occupy it. Even if he can’t occupy it, he can’t let go of the wealth there, but he doesn’t care.
Ji Zheng seems to have seen through Li Feiyang’s doubts. He smiled and said, "I also want those gold treasuries to be full of food and grass. Only when the country is strong can we conquer the black people and flatten the sky. But it must be strange to see you, right?"
Li Feiyang callous point, head
Ji Zheng sighed softly, "Have you seen the Dark Forest people tell me if they are very powerful there?"
Li Feiyang agreed that "everyone is a warrior in the dark forest, and everyone is not here to kill the general."
"This reason! If the number of people in the Dark Forest stays at the present level, they will be worried about life and death all day long, and they will be free to take care of other things. Although I can’t get there, they can still maintain the status quo. No matter how powerful they are, they can stay in the Dark Forest as a barrier to stop those fierce beasts from raging! But what if they no longer have oppression? “
Ji Zheng showed a meaningful smile. "I helped them resist fierce beasts, made them live more comfortably, and made their population grow and grow until a Tenjin Matsuri was just a small fight for them, so it was no longer a problem to be born easily."
Ji Zheng slowly strolled to the dragon chair and touched the armrest of the dragon chair. "If they have leisure to think about other things, the first thing to think about is naturally how to get away from the Dark Forest!" ……
Chapter 151 Who holds the world?
It’s not loud, but it reverberates for a long time in the spacious hall
Li Feiyang and MuZhuoQing were speechless. Li Feiyang slowly chewed the taste in Jizheng’s words with his head down.
If the beast tide in the dark forest is no longer a problem, what do they think is the first thing? I’m not worried about the tide of animals, I’m not worried about whether I can live or not, I’m naturally thinking about how to live better.
It’s better to live in this barren place from the Dark Forest to the fifth floor.
If this is possible, then the dark forest will lose its power to resist the tide of beasts, and the white barbarians will usher in a large number of powerful and terrible enemies
The best result is naturally that these people integrate into the harmonious life of barbarians.
But do people want these strong obedience to the emperor? Tell them to listen to people who are weaker than themselves?
Is it possible?
If there is no conflict, who can stop the world if it explodes into such a terrible power?
Continue to want to go along this line of thinking. Li Feiyang felt a cold sweat seeping from his forehead. In my mind, there was a scene of killing people everywhere.
Is his heart or with a little bit may …
"Can you discuss with them? Even if they are five stories away, they can still live on the fourth floor or somewhere else. "MuZhuoQing is, after all, a girl’s heart.
JiZheng smiled "let them go? On the fourth floor? On the one hand, Qinger is a jungle with powerful beasts and harsh conditions, and on the other hand, it is rich, vast, white and weak. What would you choose if you were asked to choose? "
Silence again …
Ji Zheng shook his head and said, "In fact, this is also our guess, but this guess is that I, as a monarch, must be responsible for my own country and subjects. If there is such a slight possibility, I can’t do that."
Li Feiyang’s heart is full of mixed feelings at the moment. From Ji Zheng’s point of view, he is not wrong, because what he said is very likely to come true. Human nature is subtle. Maybe the dark woodland people look very harmful now, but it does not represent different environments. They will still change like this.
But from Li Feiyang’s point of view, the result is somewhat cruel.
They probably don’t know that the reason why no one has helped them all the time turned out to be because of this. It turned out to be simply because of their strength and fear!
So they have to continue to fight alone in that horrible place, and live with that curse for generations …

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