"Mother this bad yi male and female servants but is young! If male and female servants can still have half the style of their mother when they arrive in know life, they will be satisfied. "Flattery is not Shen Menglu’s strong point. Shen Menglu stutters."


"Ha ha ….. woman yan is by maintenance! Your natural beauty needs to be properly maintained, and naturally you can keep it beautiful. "Queen Ji smiled brightly. Although she was dissatisfied with her face, she was quite proud of her maintenance.
"Look at the palace, you don’t seem to be too concerned about Yan Yan." Empress Ji noticed that Shen Menglu’s makeup was light and her eyes were still a little thin.
"It’s the male and female servants who haven’t paid much attention to this," Shen Menglu said frankly.
Generation Yan frivolous is a more free and easy than men, and never paid serious attention to those women who specialize in bottles, jars, ordinary jewelry and make-up perfume. Most of them are necessary. Let the famous stores send them to her with a word, and all the rest are Yan Aoluo.
"This habit is not good to change!" Queen Ji frowned. "You should cherish your face more when you are young and easy to get old. You are relying on your youth and beauty. You have a charming charm at first sight, but what about after more than ten years or even decades?"
"No matter how beautiful Yan is, it can’t be destroyed by time, okay? It’s human nature to like the new and hate the old. In this world, young people and beautiful women will always emerge one after another, and they will not be young at that time. Are you arguing with those young cardamom girls? " Queen Ji has some dissatisfaction with Shen Menglu for not cherishing her face so much.
"Is the mother’s lesson! Male and female servants have been taught. "Shen Menglu replied with a shout. She never expected that she would sit with Queen Ji to discuss makeup and life one day.
This feeling makes Shen Menglu feel wonderful. She has always been a queen mother-in-law who should be difficult to get along with, so kind as a kind elder. Queen Ji really makes Shen Menglu feel a little unaccustomed.
Queen Ji nodded with satisfaction. "When Mammy Hua comes later, ask her to freshen up and keep it for you, which will make Zhen ‘er amazing."
Mammy Flower is coming? A flash of light flashed through Shen Menglu’s eyes. Is it hard to find a place? Although Shen Menglu promised Zhu Yinzhen not to go out in person, isn’t it a little unreasonable for her not to talk well when she has such a great opportunity?
Sister Hua, when the time comes, Queen Ji is giving Shen Menglu the skill of staying in the face carefully.
"Handmaiden, see Empress Mufei!" Seeing the appearance of Shen Menglu in the Phoenix Temple, Mammy’s eyes flashed a bit surprised but did not show any abnormality. "The handmaiden came late and kept the empress waiting. Please forgive the empress for her old clothes, Jin Fengli."
"Handmaiden, see Empress Mufei!" Seeing the appearance of Shen Menglu in the Temple of Phoenix, Mammy’s eyes flashed a little surprised, but she did not show any abnormality. "The handmaiden came late and kept the empress waiting. Please forgive me!"
"It doesn’t matter that the palace got up early today, Mufei, and you can have some snacks first and then freshen up for you after the flower mammy palace is finished." Queen Ji waved at the flower mammy.
"It’s the mother!" Shen Menglu meekly replied, took a sip of tea and two pieces of snacks, and then watched the flower mammy move quickly to dress up for Queen Ji.
"Mammy Hua’s dressing technique is really unique." Shen Menglu stared at Mammy Hua’s roaring hand and leaned over to smell Mammy Hua from time to time to make some questions about powder.
It’s gratifying to see Shen Menglu so open-minded and eager to learn from Queen Ji, and I’m deeply grateful that you can teach her. Queen Ji instructed Mammy Hua to patiently explain them one by one.
In a short time, Queen Ji had finished dressing and changed her clothes, and in the process, Shen Menglu had brought the flower mammy and collected all the rouge gouache.
Although Shen Menglu didn’t think it was necessary to bother to freshen up again, in the face of Queen Ji’s strong request, Shen Menglu still sat quietly in front of the bronze mirror, and Mammy Hua was quick to pat her face with powder.
"Sister Hua, don’t pat this powder so thick!" Shen Menglu, the woman who saw the heavy makeup in the bronze mirror, was shocked. At the beginning, her hands were not so heavy on her wedding day.
"Not thick palace feels good." Queen Ji cheerfully walked behind Shen Menglu and finished dressing again. Shen Menglu’s temples are like ink, and her face is like snow-white eyebrows, and her lips are like red chardonnay. Besides being gorgeous and moving, she is a little more expensive.
"This exquisite makeup is worthy of Mu Princess’s identity. Mu Fei’s ordinary costume is too plain." Queen Ji looked at it carefully and Shen Menglu frowned slightly. "Mu Fei’s dress is also Tai Su’s light makeup."
Today, Shen Menglu is wearing a dark blue brocade dress embroidered with white plum blossoms, and a silver brocade belt binds the unbearable waist to outline a graceful figure, which is simple, generous and elegant.
This elegant palace outfit, Shen Menglu’s original light and light makeup, complements each other. Mammy can re-paint Shen Menglu’s drunken makeup. This dress really seems a bit out of place.
Shen Menglu stared at himself in the bronze mirror. "Mother said it was male and female servants who felt the same way. It’s better to bother Mammy to change again …"
"Well, it’s time for a change." Queen Ji took over the topic and made a decision after a moment’s deliberation. "Mother Gao went to fetch the gift from the palace at an early age."
Mammy Gao was slightly stunned and then replied, "It’s an empress!"
Queen Ji said it was vague, but Mammy knew that Queen Ji said that the early gifts were the old clothes that Queen Ji had brought with her wealth and wealth, but not many. Only those clothes with special significance were carefully and properly guaranteed.
Judging from Shen Menglu’s age and today’s makeup, Mammy Gao easily judged that Queen Ji was wearing that dress at the New Year’s Eve banquet the following year when the new Emperor Dezong ascended the throne, and it was on that day that Queen Ji received the imperial edict.
It didn’t take long for Mammy Gao to come back with a gift. "I’ve brought your clothes."
Queen Ji nodded her head and looked at the ceremony. Her eyes were full of memories and feelings. "Mufei, you can try this dress with Mammy Gao to see if it fits or not. You are not much different in your early posture."
Shen Menglu saw at a glance that the gift line was embroidered with the soaring phoenix eyebrows, and he involuntarily sobbed and consciously refused "How dare your mother’s male and female servants …"
"Mu Fei doesn’t dislike the palace to fool you with old clothes?" Queen Ji’s phoenix eyes are dissatisfied with Shen Menglu’s refusal.