"Where have you been these days?" Her voice finally softened.


"Back to the Jiuli Hall" he whispered.
"What did you do?" She took an interrogative tone
He held her hand loose and left her a centimeter away. A pair of black and clear eyes looked at her for a long time, but they were heavy, which made her unable to see the hidden light. Although she was kneeling on the bed, he saw that she seemed to be tall and big, and there was a little smile on her brow. He was good at it. She smiled at the tip of her nose. "Of course, she went back to prepare to marry my wife."
She waved his hand away and didn’t good the spirit way, "Be frank and lenient, resist being strict and refuse to be honest again, and I will never talk to you again."
"Well, flowers! I confess that I want to kiss you first. "He smiled at the corner of his eye.
Summer flowers are more depressed than biting their lips, but his body is like Yushan, and he has lost a lot of weight. She is afraid that he will lose weight into a skeleton. He can’t wait to seal her lips. She gritted her teeth. He patiently began to describe her lips with the tip of his tongue.
Smelling the smell that fascinated him, he hung his eyes and kissed her, and she finally had a little response. He closed his teeth and opened some, and he took the opportunity to drill his gentle tongue into her mouth.
This kiss is a direct kiss.
For a long time, he let go of her. She was lying in bed quietly, but her face was almost white to the color. Shui Yang’s fluctuating lip angle ticked an elegant and clear sneer and slowly said, "Husband will start confessing to his wife now."
Summer flowers arranged a thought to adjust the tone and said, "Don’t lie a word."
"Good" shaw never laughed
She leaned close to him, hooked his neck, stared at him, and listened to him calmly and slowly. In fact, the thing was very simple. On that day, he was seriously injured and was taken back to Jiuli Temple by his hand for treatment. During the treatment period, he had to close his eyes. In addition to seeing Yuan Ruan, there was a doctor in Jiuli Temple, Mo Popo, who was waiting beside him.
After nearly twenty days of treatment, he recovered a lot and hurried back.
Xia Hua said that she was very dissatisfied with picking her eyebrows. "I don’t want to do anything to sue me, or maybe let Yuan Ruan sue me."
He smiled and put his arms around her. "Wife, how dare I tell you when I was still alive and dead? I once told you not to lie to your husband. You can choose not to tell me if you don’t lie."
She stretched out her hand and twisted it in his face. "That’s my fault."
His right hand gently pulled a strand of hair hanging from her and scratched it on his lips. He smiled, "The flowers itch here and you help me."
"Fuck you, big head ghost. You haven’t answered my words yet."
"How can you blame the flowers? Of course, it’s that the husband is too afraid. Who told the flowers to be so fierce? He was afraid of being swayed by considerations of gain and loss, and finally provoked his wife to be unhappy." He continued to gently touch her lips with her hair.
She hit him on the chest. "After all, you’re still blaming me."
He leaned close to her and took a bite in her earlobe. "How can I blame the flowers?"
"won’t you or won’t you?" She ground her teeth.
There was a flash of joy in his eyes. He looked at her with a meal of "neither will nor dare". "Flowers, I want to see you, but I dare not see you. I’m afraid that one day I will hurt you."
She sighed naughtily, winked at him and laughed. "I can’t help but have to hold it for my mother, but I’m an underage girl."
"Xiaohua, my mother is married at your age." Xiao never smiled.
"In our place, I am still in junior high school at my age. You want to destroy the flowers of the motherland!"
"Junior high school? Motherland? " Xiao Jue’s eyes are puzzled. "What are these two words?"
"Uh …" Summer flowers were speechless.
"Flowers, are you fair to others?"
"How unfair?"
"You let
"You told me to confess, and I confessed, but you didn’t confess at all. You refused to tell me who you really are, and now you won’t even tell me two words."
"Ha ha ….." Xia Hua gave a sly smile as she swung. "Do you want to be fair?"
"naturally" he put on a serious look.
Xia Hua slapped him in the chest unmoved. "Do you want to argue with me for fairness when my wife is here?"
Shaw unique hand in the forehead nai rubbed his "flowers you are …"
"Well, smile. I’m happy when you’re happy."
Xiao Jue looked at her silent face with a happy expression. "What if my daughter-in-law is the most considerate but flowers?"
Summer flowers smacked in Xiao’s chest again. "Then go away and don’t affect my happiness."
Xiao Jue’s face was dark and cool. "You don’t make people happy."
"Are you really unhappy?" Summer flowers pout "that you can want to go far, don’t shadow …"
As soon as he grasped her hand and face, he smiled bitterly. "If you want to be with flowers, you will become happy if you are unhappy."
Xia Hua sniffed and laughed. "Look at you. I’ll give you a gift."
Xiao is absolutely flattered and happy. "Flowers are really sweet."
Xia Hua conveniently pulled out a doll from the bottom of the pillow. It was she who sewed Q Xiao off early. Later, she never got a chance to sew him another one and made a pair for Xiao.
Shaw’s eyes were always gloomy as frost, and his expression was so simple that his face was almost paralyzed that he was deeply shocked. He took over two dolls and rubbed them. His eyes were curious and dumbfounded. He had never seen such a cute and interesting doll, and he had never seen such an exaggerated expression, but it was very funny to himself. The expression of flowers was also very cute and interesting.