This time, the forest edge made a breakthrough, but it was further bombarded by thousands of mines, and it gave birth to a new life in thousands of mines, and finally nirvana was reborn.


At this time, no one thought that the forest edge was still a waste three or four years ago, and it was shocking that the body was sanctified at this time.
"Ow roar …"
When the forest edge was ablaze and was about to ignite the last Shenhua, it broke the shackles and thundered in its purple house in an instant.
Days after days, the thunder robbery was born again. This is a physical robbery. This is a terrible disaster. It is even more terrible than the previous thunder robbery.
At this moment, Zhao shook and some rocks were blown up. This robbery is so horrible!
Finally, Lin Yuan was in the middle of a thunderbolt, and the horror of thunderbolt still attracted the attention of Zhao Guojiang, and the streamers converged in the direction of Chang-qing Song.
"Is it you?"
Seeing the bearer, the fighters in the sky are shocked. They are all stronger than the whole Wu Zong. They are all here, and even the strongest Dao Soul realm fighters in Wu Zong are beside them.
"I don’t know what you’re doing here because the old man is guarding my brother." It’s a sigh of relief to see someone coming here. If it’s an enemy, it’s also bad for the forest edge at this time.
After all, at this time, the forest edge is enough for him to break through. It is also a question whether the forest edge can support it if he participates.
"Is that the forest edge?" At this time, Zhao Meng and Liu Long, who followed behind, also saw that the mood was suddenly shocked when they were surrounded by Leilinyuan.
"How is that possible?" Liu Long was shocked by the powerful momentum and the power of Armageddon. Even if he accepted it at this time, he could not bear it.
"It’s really him. He is in Du Jie at this time. I hope you don’t disturb him." Tianyun is the strongest fighter since Wu Zong, and it is also a shock to speak at this time.
"Tianyun is so funny!" At this time, the master of Zhao in Zhao Kuo saw that it was Lin Yuan who got the news. Naturally, he could not come at random.
"He will step into this realm so soon." Zhao Meng’s heart was full of taste at this time, but the gap between himself and him was getting bigger and bigger.
Just as they were talking about it, the whole day suddenly changed, and the thunder once again gathered at the edge of the forest and was aggressive.
At the same time, all the road marks are flying rapidly, and at this moment, they collapse and fly to all, and a stuffy hum comes and goes towards all the people in the distance.
"It’s not good to go." Tianyun shouted too much, and at the same time, a light flashed out of his hand and attacked the broken road mark.
"poop-poop", but this attack root can’t stop some fighters from breaking their bones and tendons.
It’s a horrible sight. One man is powerful, but everyone is hurt!
"What’s the matter? All his flesh and blood have not really broken free. How can he have such power?"
"Body sanctification" is a different way for body sanctification! "
Zhao Kuo told the truth in horror.
"Ah …"
Some people were shocked. I didn’t expect the forest edge to be sanctified in flesh at this time. What kind of pure breeze will it be after the breakthrough, and its own strength will reach a state.
The thunderbolt from the clear sky pierced people’s tranquility, shook the vast universe and shocked people.
This is a sanctification robbery? But Lin Yuan has not finished the breakthrough at this time.
"It’s true that the flesh is sanctified and the flesh is sublimated. He incarnates the body of the saint!" Everyone is in a daze.
In the distant ancient times, if you break through the realm of Tao and soul, you can also call yourself a saint, and it is twice as strong as the realm of Tao and soul.
The huge flash chopped down the horrible light and reflected the people’s face in the distance. Some purple government fighters trembled involuntarily and even their legs were shaking!
The huge thunder mountain is like a fairy light, and it is dark and cold. The vast expanse of stars in the universe are trembling. There is a statue like a ghost standing tall and facing the sky with black hair and dancing in the Lei Guang.
Although it is a breakthrough in the realm of Tao and soul, it is also amazing. You know, it is very difficult for ordinary fighters to rob thunder in the realm of Tao and soul.
The word "sanctification" is more important than Mount Tai’s suffocating forest edge. At this time, it is necessary to break through the physical body and break the limit. With such a physical body, even if you don’t make your own spiritual scars, you can still cross the realm of Tao and soul. How many people can check and balance it?
The key is this kind of development trend, which makes people shudder. If Heaven and Science are great at this time, if you know it, you will definitely be unable to sit still!
Welding thunder and lightning in the virtual countless thunder intertwined into a series of dragons and snakes, where they put their tails and cut to the forest edge.
Chapter five hundred and fourteen-Nine dragons
A road blazing across the original darkness illumines the eternal forest edge to compete in the sky
Obviously, this time, the robbery of thunder is different. It seems that the potential is not huge, but the power has suddenly risen and I don’t know how many times.
"Ow roar …"
Everyone really heard the dragon roar and several dragons emerged from the thunderous sea. Long Lin was densely covered with strong bodies like mountains and pounced on the forest edge.
Although this situation is fictional and comes from the heart, it is really reflected in everyone’s eyes.
"This is the big robbery when the flesh is sanctified?"
People are shocked, even if they are far apart, they tremble. Every hair stands on end. How can those dragons be so real? They also emit dragons, and there seems to be fluctuations in life.
It’s really a crack. Everyone in Jiutian Town is numb with scalp pins and needles. It’s too specific and vivid, and it’s like an extreme.
"You must succeed!" Song Changqing saw this situation scalp pins and needles, terror and coercion made him gasp.
"Can he get through it safely?" Many fighters watching the war are in a short-circuit state at this time. Such a powerful force will be destroyed if it lands in a town.
If the blue flashing dragon opens its mouth and sticks out its claws and kills it in the direction of the forest edge, it will destroy him and sanctify his flesh, adding a holy word so close to this field that Cang feels threatened to kill him.
Lin Yuan’s body flickered, Bao Hui’s body and blood washed him like a tsunami. His flesh and blood were thick, his black hair was flying, his eyes were too cold, and he looked up at it and took it seriously. His look was very dignified.
This is an opportunity, maybe a transformation. After stepping through this card, he can compete with the Taoist spirit realm in heaven and earth. Even if there is no trace of profit, the flesh is sanctified by its own strength and terror. With this flesh, he can also walk proudly.
A thunder-like dragon’s huge body was directly crushed, and many rocks were shattered. The body was twisted into dust, and the scalp was as cold as a millstone.
That kind of power is unparalleled. People believe that no matter how much purple mansion realm is filled in, it will be ground into paste by the dragon body, and there is a way to counter the fluctuation of power.
At this time, this kind of thunder terror even bears the soul realm fighters?
? If you can’t get into it, you will be seriously injured and return home. This is a great terror.
But at the moment, Lin Yuan resisted the physical body and shook a pair of fists, crushing the real physical strength and letting Zhuxiong see his horror before the eyes of the world.
"It’s terrible. It’s no wonder that it is said that in ancient times, the flesh-sanctified fighters all had the qualification to impact the immortal realm." Tianyun was too shocked to know what to say at this time.