When they searched for the soldiers of the Eric Suen Yiu Wai Legion who went into the tomb of God, they found no one. Even the bodies of monsters and monsters in the tomb of God disappeared completely. I don’t know when they have been moved.


"There’s a escort in front of the fiend. Those guys should get out of here!" Xingtian reported to the human-god.
"In the past, if you want to find a way to start the array, you will definitely find a chance to live if you want to go out from this array." Chiyou shouted at this time, seeing a glimmer of hope.
All the people answered the human-god command, and all of them gathered near the delivery array to wait for the delivery array to start, but before they started, they saw that the delivery array flashed white light and soon showed a figure from the inside.
Yes, there is a figure.
"Gnome male-"Chiyou Zun told you never to make trouble here, but you don’t seem to understand people’s words. "The man walked out of the white light and immediately disappeared with a wave of his right hand.
"Ghosts!" Staring at Chiyou, I gasped in a gasp.
"Oh, it’s really hard for you to gather so many families. And Thor, your father is brain-dead. Is it true that even you are brain-dead? Will the emperor be indifferent to such rebellion? Are you not too contemptuous?" The ghost looks not only fierce but also heroic in a black coat.
"Hum the nether world, don’t be too crazy. We have been given the heavenly roots by heaven. Now our hands have reached the point where you imagine them. With your strength, the roots are to die." Thor grunted coldly.
"Well … a god’s primary loss every day." At Thor and the fiend Human-God, the nether world sighed. "In fact, you are very optimistic about your human-god. You are very similar to your personality, but you are in the wrong team."
"Don’t talk nonsense. If something happens, it’s a real knife." Human-God pulled out a huge Miao Dao, and the blade flashed blue light. You can tell at a glance that it was quenched and highly toxic, and it can definitely hurt the fairy demon.
"O terrible! The fiend is mighty! " Xingtian took the lead in shouting. It was because of his worship of Chiyou that he condescended to Chiyou, and now Chiyou’s strength is beyond his imagination. He is absolutely confident in Chiyou.
"Thor, just watch and see if I killed this unappreciative ghost statue." Chiyou drank a knife coldly and cut it in the past. At that moment, the blade gathered extremely horrible magic, which destroyed ideal city’s terrorist forces and changed the faces of people watching around.
"Everybody organize defense quickly and don’t be caught by the waves," Xingtian shouted.
"This guy Chiyou is crazy to make such a terrorist attack in such a narrow space. What can I do if I kill the enemy and hurt my own people?" Thor sighed with a pie mouth. "But look at this situation, the ghost guy is dead. No one can escape this knife."
"You are really lucky in the nether world. I came to save this knife for Eric Suen Yiu Wai. Since you came first, it’s not bad to let you taste it." The voice of Chi You still echoed in the movie, but the battle ended in a flash.
The ghost still appeared in the same place with a smile, but Chiyou’s body was cut in half, and not only the body but also the soul was distorted and swallowed by the ghost.
"no! This is impossible! " Xingtian looked at the ghost statue in panic, just like ordinary people meet ghosts at night. The panic was really ugly.
"Nothing is impossible to show you the true power before you die!" The nether world suddenly stirred up the divine power. At that time, all the enemies in the whole tomb were lying on the ground, and some of them directly vomited blood and died.
"God delves into the extreme?" Thor’s huge pressure on the ground made him unable to even get up his head. His face was tightly attached to the ground and he could make a weak inquiry when he moved.
"That’s right!"
By the time the voice landed, it was all over. All the enemy souls in the whole tomb were swallowed up by the nether world as dessert, leaving no one behind.
Ten levels of hell in the underworld, the evil spirits and demons have rushed to the first floor, and the jailers can resist it, even the guards on each floor can resist it.
This is something that has not happened for a long time. The hell will become so chaotic that all the ghosts in the hell feel the end coming.
Black and white often lean against the wall and are covered in blood. I don’t know if they are themselves or those evil spirits. Although they have no flesh, they will bleed even if they cut the soul for different reasons, just like cutting the living.
"Brother, let’s really dedicate ourselves to glory this time." White often looked at the side with a wry smile and black often stabbed an evil spirit to the ground and said.
"No, there may be hope." Black often suddenly shines at the ghost gate in the distance.
Suddenly, a black shadow flashed across a big knife and chopped at the sight of the evil spirits. It was as if they had been cut by a black hole, and all the departments were sucked in. For a moment, the rebellious evil spirits panicked.
"It’s Brother Zhong Kui!" White often shouted excitedly.
"Yes, Zhong Kui’s eldest brother has finally come back. We are all right," Black Chang also said.
At this time, those rebellious evil spirits show that there are still short-sighted guys in one of them shouting, "Don’t be afraid of a Zhong Kui, just kill him and we will be free."
I can’t help but say that his words are really inflammatory. Even black and white often worry about Zhong Kui coming alone. They are very depressed. Why didn’t Zhong Kui bring more soldiers when he came back?
However, their idea has not yet been gestured. Seeing that Zhong Kui is involved in the ghost group like a black wind, simply waving a knife will attract tens of millions of ghosts into the blade, while the guy who was still screaming there was crushed by Zhong Kui.
"The name of the sword cleanses you, this guy doesn’t even have the qualification to be washed away." Zhong Kui coldly looked at the dead guy and said.