"It’s not too late to join in the fun when you have a baby safely."


"Let Mr Worried"
"It’s good for the girl to be well." I don’t want to get to Xiaoyao Gate early in the morning and follow all the way to protect things.
Muhuan felt a little wet in her eyes at this time. Her body gently leaned against the hundred miles devoted to the warmth, and her arms were carried by the hundred miles devoted to the warmth. This is a kind of complete trust. She didn’t know that she believed Mr. Jiu’s hundred miles devoted to the warmth. Since being attacked by the method of poison, the whole person’s temperature has become a little cold. When Muhuan came out today, she felt that the most uncomfortable thing was that it was too hot to stand being sticky all over. At this time, leaning against his arms, she felt that it was refreshing.
And thyme devoted to holding his beloved woman for a while was a little agitated. How long has it been since I’ve been so close to her? Her breath is like poppy knowing it’s poison, but it’s still sweet.
"This hairpin really suits a girl."
Muhuan one leng didn’t expect that when he hit a few people into the water, he still came to see his head hairpin in leisure, and then his face turned red again. "I like this hairpin very much."
Li Mo Xu smell speech more heart, he naturally won’t tell MuHuan that this hairpin is actually carved and polished by himself. When he came back from Gu Tai, he dug out this purple jade from the bag and carved it according to the bauhinia shape. How much effort this hairpin has put on him? How many thoughts can MuHuan like him? How can he not care? At the beginning, Muhuan wore Mu Nian to send white jade hairpin all day, and his heart was very unhappy. Today, he finally saw himself making white jade hairpin by himself, holding his woman’s black hair, and the whole person was like floating in the clouds.
"Don’t waste it with them. Since the girl has already bought the dragon boat, I will help the girl get it today!" Thyme devoted to talking has brought Muhuan to the dragon boat. He covered Muhuan with his hands and drove her hands to slowly reverse the groups of light balls and smashed them into the water.
At the same time, Li Mo Xin and Changfeng Muyu also joined forces to stab two people into the river, and Ah Na’s invisible small arms help will also hit people with him and get into the river.
According to the rules, if you want to fall into the water, you can’t ship for a moment, and then the dragon boat leaves them with a few fires, holding their heads high and screaming at Tianyi, and once again getting bigger and bigger, pushing the dragon boat forward rapidly and sprinting towards the finish line in amazement.
And those who are still fighting can look at this scene and sigh at such a strong woman. Although they are not rivals, they are unwilling, but they try their best to row or try their best to chase. Who is better than Xuan Xuan? Can watch MuHuan their dragon boat crossed the finish line and watch the fire Xuan figure jump up and take the top spot away.
"Excuse me, the winner?" When waiting for the terminal person to ask questions, he added strength, and the crowd on the shore became quiet.
"Fire Xuan legion!" Muhuan Longzhou proudly answered the word "Li Mo Xu Li" and filled her body with clear pronunciation and mellow voice.
"Yes, yes, yes, she is not only the fiancee of Su Men, but also a member of the Fire Xuan Legion. I heard that she also helped Dimfragrance Palace to find rape."
"I heard that not long ago, she and the Su-door Lord also caught an assassin for the emperor in the palace."
"This woman is really free and unfettered!"
"Look at this, she is close to the good things of Su Men, and her belly is so big!"
"I can’t help it when I hear that the Lord Su Men himself admitted that the child was him."
"Jianghu children are informal!"
Talking about it, Mu Huan can feel a slight stiffness behind him. It seems that some kind of emotion makes his temperature drop sharply. This familiar feeling reminds her of someone, but every time that person holds her and holds her, his hands and arms are warm, and Mr. Nine is so cold. Obviously, he is still different.
"Fire XuanJunTuan receive gold two hundred!" At this moment, the person in charge of awarding prizes shouted one
Fire Xuan jumped to claw and handed the silver ticket to Muhuan. Muhuan smiled and divided the silver ticket into two halves and handed it to Changfeng Sunset Rain and the other half to Sogeum.
"This makes? !” Long wind and dusk rain don’t meet.
"You forgot to say that we should play together. This is the first time that you and Mo Gong have contributed." Muhuan insisted on putting the silver ticket in Changfeng’s arms.
"Miss Qiu has a heart. In this case, don’t postpone it any longer. Let’s get out of here quickly. Look at those people coming."
"It’s better to leave here." Muhuan also wants to see what other calculations these two people have to help them get the first place, which is obviously not their goal.
In order not to be "submerged" by the crowd rushing to the finish line again, Muhuan tried to evacuate the river quickly, only to find that Lvfu took them this road not back to the city, but turned around and walked outside the city.
A hundred miles away, walking invisibly beside Muhuan, secretly holding Muhuan to display her flying skills, taking her "act like a fly" and maintaining her image as a master.
Thyme devoted to the heat naturally recognized Thyme devoted to Xin, which was his unexpected thing. The original Thyme devoted to Xin was also in Yuwan and Thyme Cang. I didn’t expect him to show up here. What is this guy trying to get close to "Miss Qiu"? Obviously, he didn’t recognize Mu Huan. Then what was he plotting? I have been thinking for a long time
"Green Fu girl, where is this?" Saw into a small tree Lin Muhuan and Ah, Sogeum looked at each other and stopped. I didn’t see any figure along the way. What medicine is sold in this long wind and rainy gourd? Have something to say in a place like this?
"Miss Qiu Mo Gong doesn’t know if you know my royal secrets?" See MuHuan motionless Changfeng dusk rain also slowed down, as she spoke, she carefully studied in front of the woods seems to be looking for what position.
At this time, thyme devoted to the heat and Xiaowu are both invisible behind Muhuan. Intentionally, thyme devoted to the heat hand gently puts Muhuan’s shoulder, and a coolness slowly enters Muhuan’s body along that shoulder, so that she can keep cool all the time. At the same time, thyme devoted to the heat and watched around warily, and found no ambush or anything wrong.
The forest is an ordinary forest, and the sun’s light and shadow are scattered on the ground through dense branches and leaves. From time to time, birds fly by and cicadas sing in the deciduous forest, and everything seems normal.
"The Princess Hall is joking about the secret of the palace. Do we wait for ordinary people to know?" Thyme devoted Xin shook his head and deliberately glanced at the green fu. "Even my cousin has never been in front of me when she returned home." At this time, there is no stranger Thyme devoted Xin, so she no longer calls Miss Changfeng Sunset Rain. It seems that she wants to prove to Muhuan that they really met for the first time.
"Princess Hall should know that Daming and I have always been free and loose, and there are very few royal people. Now even if we have been with you recently, we have never heard of any secrets." Muhuan was slightly puzzled. "And since it is a secret, how can it be easily known by outsiders? Is the Princess Hall trying to tell us? Can we really know such a secret? "