"So you love reality is not fix the emperor? But the wind? " Fox mo Yan asked curiously


Feather pastor shook his head "how do you say? I’ve always felt vaguely about Feng Luo, probably because I subconsciously remember that Shura is the lover I love in my life. I’ve always wanted to be with him. This gem is the memory of Jing Xuan’s past life. If I implant it in my body, I will completely restore the memory of Jing Xuan, so that I will now love two people deeply at the same time, but Feng Luo didn’t do this. He is really a hero, but it makes me feel that I am sorry for him. "
"That is to say, your favorite is Shura Shenjun?" Mo Yan, the fox, also needs to confirm one
"It’s death!" Feather Zhen bowed their heads and blushed and said
Mo Yan, the fox, breathed a sigh of relief and got out of the feather room. Now it’s time to tell him the good news, and so on, to tease him and not make him so happy.
Mo Yan walked into Ling Mo Pupil’s room with his shoulders. Ling Mo Pupil has been waiting for him here. His hands are full of sweat, and he doesn’t have the courage to eavesdrop.
"Did you ask?" Ling Mo’s face is a little anxious, but I still try to keep the sound steady.
Mo Yan nodded. "I asked Feather Pastor that I liked you before, but she had been with Feng Luo for so long. She liked Feng Luo’s domineering and courage. She said …" Before I finished, I saw Shura’s face darkened and even my hands shook. Fox Mo Yan quickly said, "I lied to you. She said that she liked you and Feng Luo as a generation of love."
Ling Mo’s green eyes seem to be lit up, and even his face radiates brilliance.
Mo Yan, the fox, muttered, "Why do you change your face as fast as flipping? A little girl tortured you like this for thousands of years."
He simply despises the shura deity, who is still a god of death. You can’t hide the shy and excited expression on his face.
It seems that it’s still Mo Yan, who has cultivated to a high level. I don’t like things and I don’t care about myself (fox, you are so cheeky)
Mo Yan took a look at Ling Mo Pupil with a little disdain. This guy is now happy. Although his face is still coldly, his heart is quite happy!
Make more demands while he is happy!
I am Mo Yan’s cleverest.
"Well, I said Lord Shen, I’ll help you find out the news. How can you repay you?" Mo Yan squinted at the beautiful one-eyed and said
"Still want to repay?" Ling Mo raised his eyebrows.
"What a new thing! Don’t you thank me for helping you?" Mo Yan, the fox, has an O-shaped mouth.
"Then I have a chance to help you get another skin." Ling Mo said after thinking for a while.
"No need, I have to wear some skins by myself. I am already satisfied with this skin," said the fox.
"Then why don’t I become the woman you like and let you touch her?" Shura said with a smile.
(The fox fainted and vomited.)
It’s easy to get up from the ground. Mo Yan said angrily, "Don’t disgust me. I already know that you have become a woman like this. I don’t feel anything!"
"That forget it, you don’t want me to throw caution to the wind." Ling Mo said casually as he glanced at the fox out of the corner of his eye.
"You, you, you shouldn’t have helped you in the first place. I should have told you that Miss Feather likes that Feng Luo made you cry to death," said the fox hopping.
"It’s too late. It’s too late for you to do this." Ling Mo Pupil probably wants to grieve Fox Mo Yan.
"God, earth, mercy, God, quick eyes, chop this heartless green-eyed death to death!" Mo Yan, the fox, kneels in pain.
"All right, stop acting. What do you want me to do?" Ling Mo pupil was too lazy to appreciate his poor performance.
When the fox heard this, he quickly got up from the ground with his beautiful one-eyed eyes wide open. "Actually, it’s very easy for you to do it. The very simple thing is to take me to hades when you go. I really want to go to hell to see if I can see my father and my mother."
Ling Mo smiled faintly. "Aren’t you afraid to go back?"
"Won’t won’t have you fix the emperor I’m afraid of? After visiting hell and attending your wedding with Miss Feather, I will go to the snow-capped mountain to be a snow-capped mountain flying fox! " The fox hand caressed his chest and said