What do you expect?


Zuo Tangtang smiled at herself and looked at it as if she might really admit her mistake.
A little heart will probably ask you in the game, what’s wrong with you? Why is there no line these two days? Is something wrong?
Although he didn’t tell him his mobile phone number, how could he not know when he received that message?
Hmm. How interesting
There’s not a greeting.
I really shouldn’t expect anything.
Playing games is fun and entertaining, but it seems really shameful to play like this.
Call her blx or naive.
She seems to be like this.
Orange is actually right.
Since he didn’t care, he didn’t feel wrong, he didn’t … didn’t come with a short greeting.
Then I’m probably wrong to really pay Qing.
The game is actually similar to reality.
She always feels that way.
I didn’t say that just because it is a playground, I treat people or things in it with a playful attitude, and some things can’t be absolutely free and easy just like reality.
However, since it is also like reality, she is selfish, and since the other party can’t treat her seriously and equally.
Then she can take back everything she gave, such as sincerity, without mercy
Look at it. One night has just arrived. I have just said so much to Su Orange and I want to listen to children’s songs for a while. It seems that I am not suitable to go out at this time.
But I don’t want to touch the game today even if I seem to have figured it out.
Stuffy, Zuo Tangtang, who was put on his head, looked around at the darkness without a gap. He slowly started to stay, and he didn’t know what to think, what to do or what to remember.
Just be quiet and quiet.
"Left pig!" Sue orange pushed the door dark and touched the door and said, "Left pig, what are you doing without lights …"
When the light came on, Su Orange saw the bed covered tightly and arched like a hill …
"What are you doing!" Su Orange stepped forward and smashed Zuo Tangtang. "Is it necessary to suppress your own rhythm?"
However, when Su Orange saw Zuo Tangtang curled up there like a shrimp, her eyes were staring at the unknown place, but she stopped chanting and sighed lightly.
After a while, Su Orange grinds Zuo Tangtang’s arm and pulls her out. She is very cheerful and says, "Left pig! Get up! I just found a particularly good movie! Get up quickly! Come with me to see it! "
Zuo Tangtang is very resistant to continue to curl up in bed.
Sue orange still refused to give up and continued to push her around Zuo Tangtang’s back and said, "The left pig is okay! Listening to music is enough now! Go to the movies with me! And look at what songs you hear here! "
Sue orange looked at Zuo Tangtang’s mobile phone song display, and suddenly some nai unplugged Zuo Tangtang’s ear headphones while continuing to push her and said, "Left pig, you can toss it!" I’m not happy that you still listen to such sad songs if you come by yourself. It doesn’t matter what it is! Come out quickly! "
Zuo Tangtang was pushed into the living room by Su Orange with a mobile phone in one hand and a face expression in the other.
"Er … you wait!" Sue orange was still muttering "No, I just transferred to that place. Why did I call back again? Why is it gone now? I really remember just calling …"
"Well …" Sue orange saw Zuo Tangtang and looked at her so faintly that she couldn’t say it instantly.
"Left pig, you wait, ha, hey, hey, you play with your mobile phone for a while first. Hey, hey …" Su Orange praised Yang Zuo Tangtang’s hand and said with a smirk in that direction.
Zuo Tangtang looked at Su Orange again and didn’t want to say anything. He picked up the phone and played Looking for Your Sister.
Brush your fingers quickly on the screen to find what you are looking for, even if you get a lot of rewards soon, but Zuo Tangtang is still not as expressive as he used to be, and he likes to yell at all kinds of tricks every time he wins.
Su orange is still whispering about Zuo Tangtang’s fingers, and the white letter message is still slipping quickly. It was not until a long time that Zuo Tangtang reacted.
For about a moment, Zuo Tangtang quit the game. Although his face remained the same, it was still light, but his hands moved faster and faster.
Dig out the information, find the latest news, and look at the note that I used to be very concerned about.
Zuo Tangtang’s hand stopped inexplicably
Gawk at that name Zuo Tangtang mind also don’t know where to go.
Until this time Sue orange roar loud "ouch nest! It can be found! " This is to wake Zuo Tangtang.
At this time, Zuo Tangtang found himself stunned and his finger stopped slightly at the height of half an inch on the mobile phone screen and did not move.
Is no longer hesitate Zuo Tangtang ordered the news.
There are also two sentences
Are you asking for an A?
Call back after seeing the news.
What is this?
Is it a cut or an inquiry or a courtesy?
Zuo Tangtang found that she was not white.
But maybe this is a better situation.
There are few messages, and she is less willing to get her number through the next message to reply to her, which still makes her feel a little relieved
"Left pig! Left pig! " Sue orange shouted, "Look! This is it! I found it! "
"Uh-huh" Zuo Tangtang even replied and went to the kitchen.
"Left pig, what are you doing?" Su orange wondered
"I’ll make a cup of tea." Zuo Tangtang finally had an expression on his face. "Would you like some?"
"Er … I want to eat" Sue orange thought for a long time before saying.
Zuo Tangtang smiled and turned his head and didn’t hear what Sue Orange said.
Holding the teacup came out, Zuo Tangtang was very relaxed and half-leaned on the sofa and looked at Su Orange. After watching it, he didn’t seem to see that the words were still on.
See the news back
Although MuYun idle said this sentence, although Zuo Tangtang usually listens to him, this time I don’t know that Zuo Tangtang doesn’t want to reply to his message at the first time.
This movie is a comedy, and it’s hilarious. Even Su Orange, who is known as the highest person in history, can’t stop laughing there all the time, just like a fool.