Some media commented like this.


Is this an accident or a signal?
Someone has given a solution to this dispute.
"Look after the effect."
Chapter 21 Veterans
After the match against Juventus, they entered the national team match day. Lazio China all flew back to their respective countries to represent their motherland.
Fulmelo training base was a bit deserted for a while.
However, there will always be some players who will stay in the team and win every day, and they will go to Vermelot to train and finish other jobs.
Lazio’s first team is still in the club and has not participated in the national team competition. Except for the two backup central defenders in the back line, Kiki is a veteran.
They quit their national team because they are too old, and some of them have not quit themselves, but they have been regarded by the national team.
One of the characteristics of these old guys is that they are all the people who fought with Changsheng in those days.
Handanovic, modric, cavani, Sai Passareira.
They have all been with Lazio for so many years.
However, with the constant victory in the season, these people should gradually bid farewell to Lazio and even bid farewell to their careers
Team training is very easy because of uneven personnel.
Sometimes nothing can be called training more like relaxing games.
This relaxed atmosphere is also reflected in the winning attitude.
It is rare for him not to be strict in training.
Training every day is short and not much, and the intensity is not great.
Even the players feel strange-when was Lazio training so easy?
During the training interval, the winning streak came to the players.
There are not many people, and everyone is sitting at the training ground to rest and chat.
Because most of them are old players who have known each other for more than ten years, and their feelings are very deep, there is nothing to say that we can’t chat together, which is a common thing in training.
But today is something special.
Because he never chats with the players, the boss actually appears beside them.
"Actually, I’m sorry for you," Chang Sheng said to them sitting in the crowd.
The players didn’t expect the boss to come and apologize to them. They were all taken aback.
"I said I would accompany you all the way, but I’m sorry I have to go first," said Chang Sheng.
"I’ve been trying to avoid this situation for the past two years, but unfortunately … I didn’t succeed."
Everyone looked at bowing to them and admitting that the boss was at a loss.
"You’ve been with me for so many years, but it’s really hard to give up this opportunity to talk to you and apologize."
Everyone finally reacted. Handanovich quickly said, "We are all very satisfied without apologizing, boss. If we didn’t follow you, how could we have achieved our present results?" A few of us have won the championship in these years. You have given us everything we can imagine and can’t imagine. You don’t owe us anything and don’t apologize, boss. "
"Yes, boss, why do you want to apologize to us? We are not used to it …" modric made everyone laugh.
Even winning is no exception.
"It seems that I always bully you." Changsheng raised his arm.
Modric did escape, and everyone around him burst out laughing heartlessly.
But after laughing, everyone looked at each other but didn’t know what to say.
After all, it is somewhat sad for the boss to talk about this topic.
Since the boss announced that he would leave Lazio next season, these old guys have deliberately avoided this topic when chatting.
No one is talking about it. It’s the tacit understanding of these old guys.