"Mr. Xiao, you should be especially careful that this demon king is the one who put the four Guardian in here. He’s with Stark! In another hour, our people will come here in large numbers to change their feathers. Please be careful! " Annear still obediently slept in the bronze sculpture and did not move.


In order not to let them find out that we are dressed up, I also tried to answer annear’s question. I didn’t expect him to hear "Mr. Xiao, don’t be surprised that we can communicate with each other. In fact, thanks to Feng’s adult, Mr. Xiao will please you here. I’m going to be reincarnated."
I promised to keep the bronze carving, and I will never leave here before the Double Ninth Festival.
The wandering devil fought for nearly an hour, and no one killed anyone, but they were all hurt.
"Stop it! Devil, do you think it’s interesting for us to fight like this? Have you forgotten that purpose of your come here? " Wandering god closed his hand and stood aside with a handsome face still smiling.
"Well, that’s right. If you don’t have something to do today, you’ll have to fight with you for another 300 rounds. Forget it. Let’s meet you in the arena of ghosts and gods one day!"
"Why didn’t MD fight?" Over there, when Stark saw the two sides stop, he couldn’t help moving over. Years of experience told him that a large number of suzaku were coming!
Chapter 159 molting wonders
Annear, the sleeping Suzaku, suddenly opened his eyes and flapped his wings and flew to me. He nervously said, "Mr. Xiao, our people are coming to everything, so please."
After I nodded to it, it turned into a red light and stopped at the top of the bronze sculpture of Suzaku. Then there was a burst of Suzaku barking in the valley, and the red light fell like a fallen bird towards Suzaku Valley.
It was dark at night, but now it was flushed by the red light of Suzaku’s body.
In the game, the night is not long, and soon the sunrise rises with the rosefinch red, and it is full of valleys like disks. We didn’t expect the rosefinch to appear like this. They just appeared suddenly, and all the rosefinch were wrapped around the center of the bronze statue of the altar, and a vortex was formed in the blink of an eye. When it was about to fall to the surface, clouds of red light remitted to annear.
There were protoss, inferno and Stark, the so-called edge hunter, all of whom stared at all this as if they had forgotten that they were here.
Stark was the first person to react from the shock. Four Guardian who had followed him have now gone to the devil of purgatory. Stark seems to be dismissive of their departure. He froze a little and then flew out towards the bronze sculpture of Suzaku.
The devil of purgatory stopped in front of Stark with four Guardian. "What do you want?"
Stark stopped and took a step back. "What can I do besides doing what I like?"
"Hum! Is there a king in the wheel to get you? " The devil of purgatory has his own power without anger.
Stark’s face flashed a trace of unhappiness and he quickly pretended to be low-spirited. "Is there a general who got a small round?"
The devil of purgatory laughed and made two strides towards the suzaku shrine.
Although the wandering god is also wait for a while, he is watching the wonders when the Suzaku come, but he is still paying attention to the changes in the field, and the purgatory devil moves, and he moves with him
Wandering gods stand in front of the devil of purgatory, unhurriedly tunnel, "Suzaku is my protoss spirit beast, and everything about them is my protoss department."
"Hey hey don’t say so grandiose do you know what this place is? This is what happens in the human world, and you can manage it! "
"So you are determined to win?" The wandering mind changed its smile and became serious.
"That’s right! Treasure only comes out once in thousands of years. Whoever doesn’t want it is a fool! Aren’t you here for the treasure? " The devil of purgatory speaks with confidence.
The wandering god’s face changed again and again. He argued in his mind that I am not a baby. The boss called me here to stop the magic man from destroying the balance of the three realms, but has it been the balance of the three realms? Can I really stop the magic man from taking the treasure by coming here? And that Stark was just a pawn 5,000 years ago, but today I believe my eyes are full of his strength. I’m afraid no one can win if I really start working. What’s more, there is something wrong with the altar guarding the twenty Suzaku. It seems that the boss gave this to me first, and everything has to be played by ear.
"How guilty? The king never believed that the protoss would be indifferent to the treasure. How about we take the treasure according to the facts and get the treasure to whoever is powerful? "
"Thirteen? Who is thirteen? " Wandering god-way
"Hahaha, who else is not yourself?" Yin god followed the wandering god and laughed brazenly.
"Devil, I’m not thirteen. I’m thirteen gods of the wandering gods!"
"Ha ha ha ha Wang will call you thirteen to listen."
The wandering god listened to the gas knot for a long time before saying, "I don’t care about Suzaku, although they are gods and beasts, but they have autonomy over their own things. We all interfere with the devil to get the treasure. That’s your business. I won’t stop you or rob you. Let’s go?" Wandering gods hold Yin Shen’s hand and want to fly vertically.
Yin divine power a jilt out wandering mind palm strange way "thirteen go? Where to go? "
"This is a wrong place. We should not stay long. Let’s go back to the divine world."
"No, I’m not leaving. I’m going to stay and watch the fun. You have to go by yourself. Didn’t the boss ask you to come? You just left and went back to tell the boss what?"
"That’s my business. I’m stronger if you go or not."
"Thirteen, don’t you dare!"
"Why don’t you try my count of three one … two …"
"Okay, I’ll go with you!" Before the count of three, Yin Shen gave in.
Yin Shen followed the wandering spirit to the highest peak in the valley, but did not walk. They watched everything in the valley leisurely at the top of the mountain.
The man who lost the divine world stopped the devil from swaggering towards the statue. As soon as he stepped on the feathers, they flew at the devil as if they were spiritual
The devil seems to have never seen the general body, but he exudes a black smell. Those feathers hit the black gas and immediately disappeared. "Hey, hey, a little bird hair can’t stop the king!"
The demon king walked unimpeded all the way, and Suzaku folded up one by one, and soon formed a red column on the head of the statue.