"Ha ha, I forgot! !” Anshun was embarrassed and pulled the corners of his mouth. He really forgot! !


"Mu Lian has something I want to tell you." Anshun’s eyes are a little soft but also full of hostility.
"Speak …"
"Stay away from Lin Zixiao! !” Anshun Tian’s tone is full of overbearing flavor, as if refusing to leave room for refutation for Xia Mu’s pity.
"What?" But hear his tone Xia Mu flow not afraid of the mouth.
Although the short message is really doubtful, Xiaoxiao is her good sister ~!
"Did you see what happened at noon today?"
"But …"
"Don’t but! !” Anshun days seriously patted Xia Mu pity on the shoulder and said, "My cousin is hello, and I know you are good sisters, but she is very dangerous. You’d better stay away from her!" !”
"Cousin …" Xia Mu flow help shouted.
"Hear that! !” Anshun roars at a couple of women. He always has little patience! ! Although she is his cousin!
"I know I will stay away from raining! !” Xia Mu flow bowed their heads and said, however, the psychology has already figured out how to make secret contact with Lin Zixiao! !
Even if you are my cousin, you can’t interfere with my friendship! !
"You go back to the classroom first! !” Anshun day gently pushed a summer mu flow said
"oh! !” Xia Mu flow from just to the stairs in the opposite direction, because the stairs in the opposite direction are closer to her classroom.
However, her figure has just disappeared in the corridor on the sixth floor, where she used to have a small figure on the stairs, with a sarcastic smile on her mouth.
"Friendship is so fragile …"
Close to despair, the tone sounded in the quiet corridor. Maybe the real sound is really light, so you can’t hear it clearly in the quiet corridor …
Par1 everything
Lin Zixiao squatted on the stairs.
Just now, she really noticed that Xia Mu was chasing her back by the change of flow, and she was going to explain it to her here.
Xia Muliu’s vigilance was too weak. She chased her for a while and she didn’t notice until she stopped on the sixth floor! !
Lin Zixiao just wanted to pat her on the shoulder. She stepped back and squatted downstairs to hear this conversation.
She Xia Mu flow will refute the original she has so don’t believe her from the bone …
She nearly collapsed and thought of Anshun Tianhe and Lin Shengyan. She didn’t believe her expression, sarcastic tone and hostile eyes made her endure.
She doesn’t care what Anshun thinks of her because he will be a passer-by in her life, but what about Lin Shengyan ~! She is very much because she is related to his blood …
Lin Zixiao covered her mouth with a few lines of glittering and translucent tears, and shed tears from the corner of her eyes, which scratched her delicate face. She didn’t like to cry and didn’t want to cry.
Because she wants to be strong and brave, but when she heard Xia Mu pity’s sentence’ I know I will stay away from Lin Zixiao’, she really felt that she had been going to collapse for a long time. ! !
From the moment she came to China, her mood was on the verge of collapse! ! !
Because she is not sure whether she can fulfill her mother’s wishes, she is also afraid of China, a place that once tore her apart …
Back in China again, she really met many people. Xia Mu pitied her for missing people for a long time. Lin Shengyan has been caring about people for a long time.
These two people showed up and brought her to China. Everything was beautiful.
However, Yanchen Jinba Xing Su Mo Xiao appeared in cold blood and Anshun days one after another.
She really broke down …
She feels that everything is not going according to plan.
And how many things did she do to fulfill her mother’s wishes?
There seems to be no …
Despair, grief and indignation, Lin Zixiao’s heart gave birth to a low cry when he couldn’t hold back for a moment …