Liancheng raised his eyebrows. "What do you mean?"


"I am living in the bright prince mansion" Luo Su Luo answered.
Liancheng corners of the mouth overflow with a ponder smile "it’s that simple?"
"Naturally, I don’t want to live in a courtyard with you." Luo Suluo bluntly said.
"Do you want to see bright every day?" Liancheng didn’t ask, but especially affirmed.
Los Suro blushed and nodded without affectation, admitting that "yes, that’s what I meant."
"Do you think I will promise you?" Liancheng laugh
That smile is as elegant and bright as a flower, but it is dazzling in Luo Suluo’s eyes.
"If I say that I will live for one year and then I will remove your witchcraft, will it be far away from you? Will you believe me? " Luo Suluo grabbed a hand and stood up. The eyes provoked the corners of his mouth to become warped with a radian.
Liancheng got up and walked to the door.
Luo Suluo let go and stared at her back. Her face changed again and again. Did she not agree? She won’t say yes for just one year? Isn’t she really not afraid to die and do something drastic by herself? Hold hands tightly, and her face turns extremely pale.
"I promise and believe you." Liancheng didn’t look back at the door, but he said his decision word by word and then pulled the door and left without looking back.
Give that crazy girl a year, and then she’ll have a baby, so don’t worry about it!
That’s settled. Even if you don’t agree with Liancheng’s decision after Huangfuyi and others know it, you can follow Luo Suluo’s wishes.
Because none of them wants Liancheng to have something, and she doesn’t want to have something with the baby in her womb. There are still more than six months before she is born, and there must be no changes in this.
Otherwise, it will be a corpse and two lives.
The whole backyard of the bright pro-Wangfu Xiyuan was separated by a flower wall. In several courtyards, the emperor gave Huangfuqing various beauties over the years.
There is an arched door in the flower wall, but for several years this door has never been given food and clothing in the past, and it has never let those women step out of the West Garden.
"It’s the wedding day of the prince, but my sisters should say something!"
More than a dozen beauties dressed in different styles are sitting around a gazebo, talking about the great things to be done in the house.
"What is there to say?" One person ate melon and said coolly, "It’s not difficult for us to have a princess. I don’t think it’s a big deal if the days pass like this."
Another beauty echoed, "Sister Mu is right."
"Look, you have a few promise. Do you think that a generation of grandmothers don’t want to serve the report and give it a son and a half …"
"Ha ha, we walked out of Xiyuan for our sisters with no ambition." The beauty who ate melon made sarcastic remarks and just spoke to the beauty. "It’s been several years, and I haven’t even seen your face, and I still want to climb high and have children for your prince. Aren’t you afraid that your prince will cut you when he hears this?" And she also made a wipe her neck.
The beauty’s face turned red and she hummed, "Why am I delusional? It’s normal for the emperor to give the report a woman to wait on the report and have children for the report." She paused and her eyes flashed from his beauty. "Don’t be false and lofty. Don’t say that you don’t have my idea."
"I don’t know if there are any other sisters. Anyway, I haven’t given birth to such a state of mind." From the side, the girl took the plate and grabbed a handful of melon and wood beauty slowly. "If the report was interested in the sisters, it wouldn’t put up a flower wall for this West Garden to separate our whole backyard."
"If possible, I really want to leave the palace and go home …" A thin, pretty and delicate-looking beauty whispered.
As soon as her words came out of the pavilion, there was silence.
Go home? Do they have a home to go back to? The family sent them to the palace not because of the glory. If they go back like this, will their parents, brothers and sisters let them into the house?
Even if there is a slight possibility that they can enter the back of the house? Who dares to marry the emperor without a woman?
In the end, I was rejected by my family and married far away!
All the beauties were silent for a long time, and the in the mind was not very good.
Wood beauty will hand melon into the dish got up and said, "home? Which one of you still has a home? Which one of you has a home without shining the lintel? When you go back and want to go back, you can ask the princess to make the decision to let you go home and let your parents sell you all to some old people to be concubines. Anyway, I don’t want to live like that! "
"I don’t want it either"
"I don’t want it either"
"Most of us come from remote counties to go home, which will not only make our families ashamed, but also be pointed at …"
All the beauties seem to think of something and pick up the handkerchief to wipe the corner of their eyes.
"I’m tired of talking to you. I’ll go back to my room and sleep." Wood beauty greeted her girl and left the gazebo. Soon people would have gone far.
"Lord, you really don’t want to serve the sovereign or leave the palace?" Green vine is a beautiful wooden girl. As soon as the master and servant entered the room, she asked questions.
Wood beauty sat on the couch and picked up a few cups of tea, regardless of whether the tea inside was cold and looked up and drank it into her throat.
"I think so?" The beautiful woman casually said, "Although the whole backyard of Xiyuan is isolated, I don’t know which one of the whole Xiyuan is unknown in Wangfu. Since I know that the prince has a princess in his heart, what am I going to do?" Laughing at herself, she toyed with the tea lamp and added, "Although I have never met the sovereign, I have heard a lot about it. Even if someone lends me seven courage, I dare not expect anything from the sovereign."
Green vine stood aside with his head down and disguised terms said, "The Lord said yes."
"It’s just not those messy things. I hope the princess will be kind and give us a safe life after this generation." With the wave, the wooden beauty lay down on the couch
At this time, the sun is slanting west, whether it is bright and close to Wangfu or Ningyuan Houfu, it is very busy.