When he promised Changsheng to be invited to Valencia, he was still a little dubious. He didn’t know if he had made the right choice.


He knows what he can learn and gain when he comes to Valencia.
Integrated training didn’t make him feel anything wrong, just a little stronger.
If that’s all, he’ll be disappointed.
It didn’t take him long to win and run out of his new tactics. Although it was a talk, it also made him vaguely look forward to it.
Guardiola is a coach who has been determined to be a coach since he was a player. He knows exactly which way he will take in the future. From now on, he will pay great attention to observation and study to become an excellent head coach.
So he has been observing the winning streak since he came to Valencia.
When the winning new tactics came out, he looked forward to it. After tactical training, he changed from expectation to surprise.
Because of his winning tactics, he gave him a window, a world he had never seen before, so he appeared in front of him.
He is a Barcelona player, and he knows exactly what ikiaka is.
It can be seen that the strategy of "mad dog" in Valencia is always winning, and the core idea is ikiaka, but it is not completely different from the appearance, but it is not as simple as changing the packaging. The appearance is different and the reality and effect are different.
More running and passing is the core of ikiaka, but the running and passing are more frequent and more complicated. The overall formation is better and tougher in defense. In addition, he has fully benefited the Valencia winger from the foundation of ikiaka, paying attention to the speed of the wing and driving the middle road through the breakthrough and impact of the wing.
The winger naturally benefits from playing the middle road, and the middle road is more threatening, which in turn helps the winger.
Football players have been talking about "combining the sides with the middle", but Guardiola thinks it is better to combine the sides with the middle.
Moreover, the most important thing is that he knows Valencia and Barcelona. This tactic fully takes into account the characteristics of Valencia football style and adopts many things that Valencia players are used to, such as emphasizing defense, speed and winger. These are things that Valencia players are used to, so that they can adapt to the new tactics and change hands more quickly.
For pre-season training, this can reduce the pressure on the team to prepare for the war.
Ever-victorious … That humble young coach in China really worked out this tactic and training plan after all factors were taken into account …
The more Guardiola looks at it, the more he thinks that Changsheng is quite talented, and the ideas in his mind have inspired Guardiola a lot.
Although he hasn’t played a formal game yet, he thinks he may have come to Valencia in the right place …
Of course, everyone, including Guardiola, may not know that they can familiarize themselves with the new tactics so quickly. Besides the winning training plan, there is also a secret skill.
The current level is to shorten the validity period by 10% for one week when players are familiar with tactics and formations.
The current level is that the tacit understanding of the players is accelerated by 10% and valid for one week.
These two skills can improve the adaptability of players to new tactics, thus speeding up their learning of new tactics.
The degree of tacit understanding seems to be this, but it is also very important, because all kinds of complicated running routes and coordination in this "mad dog" tactic require tacit understanding among players. If everyone is new and can’t even talk about a little tacit understanding, then this tactic can’t be fought at all.
Winning both ways throws out all the skills he has accumulated before, so that Valencia can learn this new tactic in the shortest possible time.
This is equivalent to drawing from a blank sheet of paper to image visualization. It is very difficult to achieve this effect without the help of external forces.
Someone was surprised that Hertha could learn a new tactic in just one week, and the answer is here.
However, it was too hasty at one time. For a week, Hertha learned only a little.
This time, for a whole month and a half, I often plan to tamp the foundation more firmly
Because he wants to make a great career in Valencia by this tactic!
The tall building has been raised from the ground, and now it has finally changed from the foundation stage to the ground construction stage.
Scaffolds are woven and cranes are erected.
Let those foreigners see what is called … China speed!
Chapter 29 kily gonzalez’s departure chain reaction
During the tactical training, Valencia played another warm-up match, this time their opponent was from Washington United.
Valencia made their new tactical players run wildly on the court in this game, which not only made their opponents feel dizzy, but also made the fans and reporters feel confused-why did Valencia play this ball like an amateur team? Eleven flies were flying around.
Everyone looked at Valencia coach frequently, and he always won. He was still squatting on the sidelines, just like he was in Hertha. Because his back was turned to the audience, everyone couldn’t see his expression and didn’t know how he felt about this scene.
Journalists in the media gallery have different opinions about this, because everyone can see that Valencia didn’t play a defensive counterattack before, but couldn’t say what tactics it was.
Reporters are wondering if this is a protest from Valencia players against winning. Deliberately this clumsy performance to protest the high-handed management of Changsheng in training?
Constant victory and high-intensity training make the players complain that they know this.
But obviously, their news delay is very serious … because Valencia is no longer in this problem now.
They don’t know that Valencia is actually practicing new tactics.
It’s normal that they don’t know, and they don’t play tactical drills. Every day, what the media and fans can see is Valencia physical training, warm-up and simple shooting practice. Once it comes to tactical training, these people can’t enter the training base to watch the training.
Valencia’s new tactics are the biggest weapon that always wins. Although this weapon is destined to be kept secret for too long, it is also good for Valencia to be able to keep one more game secret.
Chang Sheng will do this.
If someone observes carefully, it will actually be found that Valencia players seem to be running in disorder on the court, but there are actually traces to follow, because no matter where the football is, the football center will form a circle composed of many Valencia players, while Valencia players will have at least two choices to meet the target and form a triangle with him no matter which direction they take the ball.
The triangle represents not only the stability, but also the angle, which can make the ball easier.
The requirement of constant victory is to move easily to make the ball easier, and try not to create a situation in which it is difficult for the player with the ball to take the ball out. A player frequently makes wonderful and dangerous balls, but he can say that his ball level is very high, but he can never say that the tactical level of the whole team is high.