"Hey Ju Mang Hou Yi bow artifact test? !” Nine-fold twist question mans


Ju Mang angrily glanced at Jiuzhong and looked at Shen Yue. "You are not trying in vain. No rules are rules. You can’t pass the artifact test!"
"That’s not what you should worry about. I want to know how to test Hou Yi’s bow artifact. !”
"… just drop your own blood into the back bow!" Ju Mang was reluctant to say, "Houyi Bow will naturally analyze the people who participated in the artifact trial through Jingxue. If it can finally be approved by Houyi Bow, the divine light that enveloped Houyi Bow will disappear and the Houyi Bow will change, but there will be no response!"
"Well, this is very similar to the authentication process of the three major artifacts in the Forbidden Temple in the Japanese area!" Jiuchong muttered, "Come on Yueer!" "
"hmm!" Shen Yue nodded and bit his finger to drop blood on the divine light.
The divine light hang over that Houyi bow did not stop Shen Yue’s blood from rush through the Divine Light and falling into the Houyi bow.
As soon as the blood touches the surface of Houyi Bow, the whole bow of Houyi Bow flashes a dark red light in generate.
Seeing that Hou Yi’s bow had a reaction, Jiuzhong and Shen Yue both waited with great attention, but after the light of Hou Yi’s bow flashed for a moment, it suddenly closed and dimmed to return to normal as if nothing had happened.
"Depend … what? !” Jiuchong stared at the Houyi arch in the divine light.
"I told you that it’s impossible for Houyi Bow to be a man or a woman, and it’s impossible for you to be recognized by Houyi Bow!" Not far from Ju Mang said gloating way
"I’ll do it for you!" Nine heavy said will begin.
Ju Mang said, "I advise you not to try. Even if you can get the approval of the Houyi bow, the Houyi bow will become your exclusive weapon. You women can still use the Houyi bow!"
Ju Mang is so kind to wake up Jiuzhong, just as he said. Once Jiuzhong is recognized by Houyi Bow, Houyi Bow will become his exclusive weapon. Secondly, through the battle just now, he already knows that it is absolutely possible to gain the approval of Houyi Bow with nine heavy strengths, but this is something he doesn’t want to see.
Think about what Ju Mang said is unreasonable. Although it may be that Ju Mang is deceiving him, he can’t try if there is a little possibility.
"Well …!" Nine heavy meditation along while suddenly looked up "since soft not to hard! !”
Say nine heavy first Shen Yue back to the ground and then just visible back to the front of hou yi bow "tsing lung broken! !”
"Buzz! !” Tsing lung fist actually boom in hanging over Hou Yi bow shekinah shekinah is slightly fluctuating for a while and then returned to normal.
"Kang Long regret! !” If the dragon is not heavy enough, it will be changed to Huanglong, and it will not explode in the divine light, and it will flash again.
"You’re not trying in vain!" Seeing that Jiuzhong actually tried to protect the Houyi bow, Ju Mang felt that Jiuzhong was crazy enough and overreached. "This patron saint light is the blessing of the Houyi gods before going to the Houyi bow. It is impossible to break it with your theory!"
"Hey …!" Nine heavy smell speech but smiled "if he is not absolute defense, there will be no old broken!" "
"Hurricane # flurry! !” Nine heavy continue to explode the combination skills, suddenly roaring and rushing constantly impacting the patron saint light in front of it.
The light fluctuation of the patron saint of Houyi Bow is much more severe than before, but there is still no sign of collapse.
"Hurricane # three times the meteor nine obsidian! !” Although the effect is not great, Jiuzhong is not discouraged and continues to bomb higher power skills. First, it starts the effect of "one gasification and three cleanings" of Taiqing Jade Symbol, and then it is still blasting three times higher power "Meteor Nine Obsidian" while soaring skills!
"Weng … Weng … !”
Chapter three hundred and seventy-one Forced soul injection
? After being shrouded, the curtain of the bow god appears uncoordinated humming, as if the patient is out of breath due to asthma.
Nine heavy said in the heart a joy make persistent efforts "hurricane # three times the ghost bully! !”
Ghosts exploded repeatedly, and Hou Yi’s bow-god light curtain was bombarded more intensively. On the surface of the light curtain, such as the ripples on the lake in rainy days, it was impossible to recognize the breakpoint and form a stable note.
"Three times … a blow! !” As soon as the ghost bully ended, the nine-fold race against time did not give God a break, and one after another, it blew out a more powerful blow than God.
"Kaka … Kaka … Kaka …!" After reaching the limit state, the light curtain was bombarded by three times the "destruction blow" of the magic skill and finally showed no signs of fine cracks.
However, this light curtain is still not going to give up the obstacles and try to repair the cracks.
"Three times … broken god blow! Give it to the old man! !” It’s hard to see that success is just around the corner. How can you give the curtain of God a break? Strike while the iron is hot and hit the magic again.
"Hua-bang! !” First of all, the sound of the nine-fold smashing of God’s curtain, followed by the sound of him being rocked out by Houyi’s bow.
After the light curtain of God was broken, the bow seemed to feel threatened, and the brilliance made a great force to shake the nine-fold three statues in two places.
"Even the iron cloth unlined upper garment was old to explode a broken bow still dare to challenge the old? !” After being shaken out, the effect of "one gasification and three cleanings" was cancelled, and the effect was restored. After a little meal, he immediately showed a counterattack and rushed to Wang Ding Houyi Bow. He flashed in front of Houyi Bow and grasped Houyi Bow in his hand.
"Buzz! !” Houyi bow, though small, is a curved stick, but it struggles violently like a bull, bumping around with nine weights.