Sure enough! Just in a moment, three missiles on the ground separated by a route came straight, leaving no gaps and coming one after another! Almost at the same time, when the three missiles were not finished leaving, three missiles close to the ground roared in the rear section to see if they would not give up until they broke the super junior bicycle!


Immediately after these three missiles, there is a fault about seven meters long, in which the wings are flickering and there is a flat section about two meters long on its right side, which seems to be a stepping stone for players who step into this fault.
However, behind the fault, on the flat ground, there are nine successive flames, which are closely connected and constantly roasting two small star squares, on which the head of a big fox animal floats.
Each big animal head is worth 1 point. If you meet a big animal head on the track, you must eat it. However, due to the influence of the front fault, it is easy for the player to jump in the front fault, and then the number of jumps has been given, and then it just falls on the flames of the two stars when it reaches the flat ground …
However, if you want to grasp the jumping step and make yourself fall on two star squares just at the end of the jumping, you need to have a deep understanding of the track when you eat the squares and take away the big animal head scores.
There are several intermittent gold coins in the front fault, which seems to be a guide for players passing through this section. According to the gold coins in the fault, players need to enter the fault first. However, the flash monster in the fault is easy to be encountered by players. After all, many people like to jump on the flat ground in front and enter the fault by jumping posture.
However, in this position, if you jump into a fault, you are bound to hit the flat ground. The altitude barrier is not very strange, so you need to slide into the fault directly in front of the flat ground. However, this kind of crossing will make many players fall into the fault and see the abyss directly after the pit.
Even after the player successfully entered the pit, he turned over and jumped over the short flat section of about two meters in the middle of the fault. Sometimes, the jumping point or the turning point was not found correctly during the jumping process, and it happened in the fire tragedy that just jumped out of the fault and fell in front. This section seems smooth and simple, but it is also a hidden danger.
After turning over and jumping the three missiles behind him, he has come to the flat ground on the edge of this fault. However, at this time, he neither slipped into the fault with a flash of blame nor advanced along the trajectory of the gold coin line in the fault, but jumped directly in front of the fault. When he arrived at the flash monster, he suddenly clicked on the second jump, and it was quite dangerous for the flash monster to jump over easily!
Then he turned over and crossed the flash blame. He didn’t fall to prepare, but once again took three jumps at the back edge of the fault and headed for the front flame!
Three jumps across the fault!
And connected to the last jump, Mo Tianyuan looked at the position in his hand. At this time, the bear captain had already stepped on the ground. At this moment, his finger hanging in the four-step jump button finally slowly pressed it …
Chapter 361 361 Continue to run.
Twenty minutes after the club in the early morning.
Wei An looked at the equipment in his hand, and there was an obvious smile on his mouth. He was about to enjoy the reverence of his teammates around him. However, he found that the sight of people around him was shifted to one side after he hung up.
"Brother Ye is not over yet?"
Wei ‘an was somewhat upset that his score of more than 67,000 meters should have been defeated by people in the club, but when he saw that Gengye was not finished, he knew that he still had a certain gap with the currently recognized chief god in this club.
Bite teeth WeiAn will also gather together his line of sight to GengYe mobile phone screen in the past, only to see GengYe has run more than seventy thousand meters at this moment …
However, it seems that at this time, the oil well lights have withered and Geng Yexian can’t last long on the track. Two minutes later, his exercise finally ended, and then the track picture in his hand stopped at a position of more than 71 thousand meters
Seeing this, the friend regretted Wei An’s heart, but he was inexplicably happy.
"Brother Ye didn’t think that your strength was still so strong that you ran more than 70,000 meters in one game!" Although the in the mind of GengYe run more than their some uncomfortable but WeiAn surface or respectful said
Gengye nodded. "Well, how far did you run this one?"
Wei’ an’s face showed a little smug and confident and said, "More than 67,000 meters!"
People around you heard that Geng Ye had just seen him run out of the distance of more than 70,000 meters, but they were still envious of Wei An’s strong achievements. When they congratulated him, they said, "Brother Wei is almost the highest achievement in the city you reported, right?"
"Yes, yes, it seems that this time our club can reach the final, and there will be two people, Ye Ge and Wei Ge."
"Haha, two people in a club entered the finals. I’m afraid even the clubs such as Dynasty and Wind Shadow didn’t get such good results?"
Wei An was wearing a mask. Obviously, he was very upset by the words of the people around him. However, Geng Ye frowned and said, "Haven’t the results of this game been announced yet?"
Because it is an instant event, when the last player stops playing, the result of the game will be produced. However, when the Wei ‘an game has ended for a few minutes, there is no result in the 100-member rematch group in Tiancheng …
Listen to him so ask WeiAn the in the mind also some doubts strange way "is the other two groups of games and people didn’t end? I know that there are players in their city … "
Listen to him say that GengYe frown deeper.
"It’s fine if the other two groups of players in your place haven’t finished, but if Mo Tianyuan, who is competing with you, hasn’t finished yet, it’s dangerous for you to advance," Geng Ye said.
WeiAn a listen to this face instead of laughing tone with a certain said "don’t worry, industry elder brother that small what strength I don’t know? He didn’t perform well in every game in Tiancheng these days, and he barely made it through. It would be a ghost to say that I would lose to him in this game. "
"Always be careful. I always feel that it’s not so easy to deal with the game with you. If he makes it through this game again, you’ll be in trouble." Listen to Wei An and Gengye said that he was a little relieved, but he still said with some uncertainty.
Wei An laughed. "Recently, I have also heard many people in Tiancheng talk about how small this is and how much nb it is. But isn’t every game slag?" If it weren’t for his former name, some people would have given him some face-to-face talk. It is estimated that this kind of person has long been forgotten. Although he used to be a great god, he is afraid that he is just an old lion now … "
"I hope it’s as you say" GengYe nodded his head.
At this time, Gengye’s qq group in that small city has already got the news of the competition result, and the last first place is him! Even the second and third place are saved because he is the first to advance directly to the last game!
WeiAn some envy ground to looking at GengYe ran out of the score in the mind is secretly anxious.
"What’s the matter? Is it true that there are still players in Tiancheng who haven’t finished the game? Don’t be Mo Tianyuan that small … "
And Mo Tianyuan, who is far away in Tiancheng, is still flying at the track at the moment …
"It’s more than 70,000 meters. Now this distance should be almost won?" However, as soon as I had this idea in my heart, I was hurriedly denied by him
"No, the previous games almost lost the qualification because of carelessness. There must be no more problems!"
Read this he just some distractions eyes lit up again at this moment.
At this moment, he saw that there was a complex difficulty of fault and flash monster in the road ahead. There were four faults in this position, each with a width of about five or six meters. Every two faults had flat sections with a width of only one monster, and every flat section had a flash monster.
At the same time, there is also a flash of wings on each fault, waving and floating at a slightly lower altitude than the flash of the flat section.
This terrain-similar section of the road several kilometers ahead also appeared, but at that time, the speed of the track was slightly lower, and at this time, Mo Tianyuan had already reached the track of more than 70,000 meters, and the forward speed was no less than that of the speed mode!
When the speed is different, some difficult points on the track are slightly different. For example, if there is a difficulty, it takes two jumps in front to turn over. In the case of high speed, sometimes it takes one jump to pass safely. In this case, if it is like this,
It is suspected that some unexpected dangers will occur when the road section adopts the original method.
Seeing the flash fault phase road ahead, Mo Tianyuan quickly turned over and crushed the monster in the first short truncated section with the help of a jump. He knew that if he still wanted to adopt the original method, it would be dangerous …
362 Chapter 362 Limit through double-spring platform jumping
In the first few thousand meters, players in the same terrain need to step on the mobs at each short truncated section when passing through this section, then turn over and jump, and then when they reach the flash monster side, they will jump over the fault and fall on the second short truncated ground just behind the fault.
However, although the terrain of this road section in front of Mo Tianyuan is almost the same as that of the previous road section, due to the increase of speed, if we go forward again, it is suspected that the car will be destroyed here.
I saw him step on the first short and flat monster and then suddenly turn over and jump. Before he touched the flash monster, he had already started two jumps!
In this case, it is bound to fall behind, and the speed of the track is used to the forward momentum. Then the cycling boy on the track really happened to fall on the top of the second short-cut flash monster! Then Mo Tianyuan did the same thing in the same road ahead, and climbed over those sections that should have been in danger!
After walking out of the last fault, he jumped over the edge of the fault and a flame leaned over and slipped out of the front baffle.
"Fortunately, the old technology is better …" Mo Tianyuan’s back channels were lucky enough to have a little mistake in that difficult surface just now, and it is bound to leave a life in so many obstacles.
Seeing that the track had reached more than 73 thousand meters at this time, his heart relaxed a little, but just as he was about to rest his finger, he saw another fault figure on the edge of the flat section ahead
"Ah, it’s just an ordinary fault. There should be no big threat." Mo Tianyuan’s eyebrows didn’t pay attention to the fault that appeared ahead
Controlling the bicycle boy, he has come to the edge of the flat ground at this time, but at the moment, he suddenly shouted in surprise, "Why is the sleeping trough here?" !”
It turns out that the track in front of Mo Tianyuan is a classic double-spring platform section.
There are three faults in this section, each of which has a square and a spring, and the first fault is slightly shorter, with a distance of about four or five meters. The length of each of the two faults behind is about 15 meters!
If the first fault can jump over in succession, it is more difficult to jump over the second and third floors than to climb to the sky. Fortunately, after the super junior line, most players find that they can jump directly from the second spring position to the front flat ground in the case of four consecutive jumps, which can greatly reduce the error rate of this section.
On the first short fault, when encountering this situation in the first few kilometers of the track, we often take two consecutive jumps to turn over the fault plane, and then step on the spring to jump over the double-spring platform. However, at this position, because of the fast track speed, the two consecutive jumps on the first fault are suspected to be unable to step on the first spring platform, because the high-speed track will make the player’s two consecutive jumps move forward a lot!
Mo Tianyuan frowned …
He found that at this time, he had just made a jump to turn over the first fault, but it was impossible to fall to the first spring platform after turning over the flash. Moreover, if two consecutive jumps were made at this time, the landing point of the two consecutive jumps would extend back about three or four meters from the first spring platform position!
"If you can’t step on the spring in a row, two jumps will step into the fault behind the spring …"
At this critical juncture, Mo Tianyuan didn’t have the slightest panic. He rehearsed several situations that were about to happen in his mind, and then he saw that he was controlling the bicycle boy and just clicked the 2 nd jump button at the end of the first jump!
In the middle of the screen, the cyclist turned over the first spring platform at this moment and continued to gallop forward with the help of this double jump!