[98] Never part with love


"I tell you that I will never become a snake. It’s terrible …" Mu Tangchun doesn’t know what she’s talking about. It’s terrible to know that her heart has been filled with fear. She can’t stand that she will become a snake. Ah, ah, absolutely not!
"Chun Chun, calm down. If you don’t want to become a snake, I will never force you!" Seeing her now, Fei Yue rewelding was a little worried, and he wanted to get up to comfort her. But the wound was like a tear, and he suddenly fell back. The handsome eyebrows were frowning and his expression was very painful.
May be found to his situation for sugar pure pressure heart fear immediately ran to his side, "are you ok? I told you not to move! "
"Women don’t leave me!" No longer care about the physical pain, I will hold her in my arms tightly as if I have done my best. "You don’t become a demon, even if you can live for decades, I will stay with you forever. Even if you die, I will go to hell to find your reincarnation. You will never get rid of me!"
"You …" After hearing his words, Mu Sugar felt shocked. Is this Uber’s confession to her? I’m afraid she will never forget such a deep and shocking confession!
He likes her. What about her? How should she feel about him?
She admits that she is really happy to have him around these days. Although they often bicker, he always threatens her, but she knows that he will never hurt her. This is the letter.
In terms of feelings, the innocence of longing for sugar is more dull than that of Fei Yue rewelding. Even if the feelings have really come to her side, she may not have noticed it yet.
"You overbearing and stingy snake!" It took a long time for her to be angry and funny, but her blushing face revealed her mood at this time. "It’s so disobedient to be so badly injured and not have a good rest!"
"You … you’re not angry?" Fei Yue rewelding is still a little nervous. He just said that turning her into a snake has stimulated her. He is very concerned about her mood.
"Why should I be angry? Wouldn’t being angry all day make me angry? And isn’t it too stingy to argue with a snake? "
"Chunchun, thank you!" Although she didn’t really express whether she would like him or not, she didn’t refuse what he said, which was a great comfort to him. He seemed to have lost a relationship and it was so hard to come by. He needed to cherish this hard-won happiness more.
"It’s late. Go to sleep quickly and recuperate. If you can’t go to class, I’ll ask for leave for you!" Carefully holding him in bed, I longed for Sugar Chun as if I felt that I had become his nanny.
When the light was turned off, she was lying next to him. Fortunately, the bed was large enough for two people … With him, I felt very practical and soon fell asleep.
In the middle of the night, she was suddenly awakened by a moan of pain. She suddenly opened her eyes and looked to the side consciously.
"It’s so cold …" May be the cause of the fever. Is it a sequela that Fei Yueshen braved the cold sweat and her face was no longer flushed with fever but her pale forehead was icy? She suddenly some worry.
[99] Body temperature helps him keep warm.
"It’s so cold …" May be the cause of the fever. Is it a sequela that Fei Yueshen braved the cold sweat and her face was no longer flushed with fever but her pale forehead was icy? She suddenly some worry.
"Fei Yue rewelding, how are you?"
"Cold …" His lips turned slightly blue because of his illness. Now his health is worse than that of ordinary people. He is really too weak to resist the virus.
"Is it very cold? Then I’ll hug another bed! " So she jumped out of bed with the bedside lamp on and took out a quilt. Suddenly, it was her winter and summer, but he was afraid of the cold.
"It’s so cold …" Fei Yue, covered with a thick quilt, was still conscious after a few minutes.
"You still feel cold after covering so much?" Mu sugar pure surprised stare big eyes can’t help but feel worried about how cold it is? She doesn’t know it’s a snake, although it’s a cold-blooded animal, but she’s also very afraid of the cold, not to mention that Fei Yue is a weak snake with no magic to protect herself!
Her room has been covered so much that she even gave it to him, but he still feels cold. What should I do?
Reached in and touched his body. Wow, it’s so cold! It can be compared with the freezing room temperature of the refrigerator. It seems that the physique of the demon and the human body is indeed very different. But if he goes this way, he will not freeze to death alive. I am so worried that it will definitely not work. What should I do?
After a long time, she finally made a decision. Now it is an emergency, and she has no choice.
"The stingy snake is cheaper for you!" Mu Tangchun dragged the quilt in a huff and then lay in it. She wanted her body temperature to keep him warm, or maybe he would really freeze to death. She didn’t want a dead snake to wake up in the morning. Is that terrible? But she should not be suffocated alive when she gets into such a thick quilt in such a hot day!
Whoops, it’s so bad for her to follow the stingy snake. He froze to death, and she was so hot.
But soon she found that her trouble was that it was very hot to cover such a thick quilt in summer, but her icy body temperature could cool her down. It was quite comfortable for her to lie in it.
"So you shouldn’t feel cold again?" She hugged him gently and then said to herself that she suddenly felt that she was so great that she sacrificed her body temperature to keep him warm because he was afraid of the cold. Whoops, she was moved by herself, but she wouldn’t admit that the stingy snake was comfortable to hold and he still exuded a charming and comfortable fragrance, which was his natural fragrance …
Fei Yue rewelding felt a mass of warmth surrounded him in the snow and ice, and I couldn’t help reaching out to hold the "warm source" tighter in my arms. This warmth made him feel comfortable and not as cold as before!
On a hot summer night, it should be very uncoordinated for two people to sleep in bed with a thick generation, but they sleep very comfortably, and they both draw suitable temperature from each other …
There is also a feeling in this world called interdependence. Unconsciously, the kind of love has sprouted and grown slowly until it is deeply rooted until the end of time!
[1] Warm your arms
The next morning, when they woke up close to each other and Mu Tangchun opened her eyes, the first thing to do was to see if his injury had improved or worsened. But she was worried and didn’t sleep all night.
"Woman, it seems that you are worried about me?" Fei Yue rewelding looked at her busy bed and found the medicine cabinet by herself. The corners of her mouth evoked a faint smile, and she did not forget to tease her. He slept well last night, which moved him even more. This woman unexpectedly helped him warm up at body temperature to relieve the cold. She could do it herself. Then his sacrifice was really worth it!
"Hum, I wouldn’t care if I didn’t see you help me yesterday!" Mu Tang Chun is a typical dead duck with a hard mouth.
After yesterday’s experience, she can now understand him very quickly. Yesterday, she bandaged the gauze and then prepared to help him with the medicine. It doesn’t matter if it is removed. She looked at the show that it has shrunk a lot, and her eyes widened in amazement.

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