Scott’s heart is also loose, and his mood has calmed down. I think of even Fangzhou words and wiped my tears. I sucked my nose and bit my teeth and choked. "That little-what Duran is also quite poor. Let’s help her! But it’s not appropriate for you to do it or it’s better for me to come forward. "


"Xiaoying!" Li Sanhe gave her a grateful look.
I was about to speak when I was cut off by Zhang Auntie’s force toward the ground. Zhang Auntie sneered, "You are in the wrong place. Du family doesn’t touch relatives with our family nor bring friends to help you. What status do you have to help?" People have in-laws and parents’ families! Listen carefully, don’t see that woman again, let alone get angry with her, or you know my temper! Hum, that woman has made a good abacus. Now that you have achieved something, she has stuck to the widow’s family. What a shame! If she’s a respectable person, she should hide from you! I actually stayed in your house for two nights-are you worthy of Xiaoying! "
"Mom!" At Scott Li Sanhe wry smile way "niang I white! My heart is white! I have long forgotten the past! Don’t worry, I won’t see her again, let alone have it with her! "
This is said to aunt Zhang out of the corner of her eye, but she can’t help but take a glance at Scott.
Scott look a loose show up.
Aunt Zhang sighed, "I wish you could think so! You have to remember who knows if that woman will wrestle every time she twists her feet. Be smart and don’t be wrong! "
"Mom, don’t worry, I’m so stupid!" Li Sanhe laughed.
If Aunt Zhang hadn’t said so, he might not have thought much.
But aunt Zhang has already said so. If Duran is still in front of him or wrestling or something, can it be a coincidence once or twice? How can he not be suspicious?
"Well, since you say so, I will believe you for the time being!" Aunt Zhang finally smiled and said, "Come on, now that you’re back, take a break and talk to your wife!"
"Hey, I know!" At Scott, Li Sanhe nodded with a smile.
Zhao glanced at him with a slight blush and asked, "Have you eaten yet?"
"No," Li Sanhe said in a passive way. "The light was in a hurry to get home."
Zhao sighed again and again, "Wait for me in your room and I’ll do it for you!"
"Ha ha good" Li Sanhe a warm heart nodded and smiled and went into the house.
Scott said hello to Aunt Zhang and went to Chapter 6. Be careful that she finds the door herself.
In the early years, Li Sanhe did have a relationship with Duran, but it was just that the two sides looked at each other, and it was not a life-and-death relationship.
In those days, he summoned up the courage to tell his parents that he wanted to marry Duran. Niang refused to agree with him, and he was sad for a while.
Later, when I married my daughter-in-law, I heard that Duran also married someone, so I had no idea.
But even so, how can an old acquaintance turn a blind eye to Duran’s tearful and pathetic appearance in front of him?
Giving a hand is really just a matter of giving a hand and has no other meaning!
Besides, now that his career is just right and his family is harmonious, how can he want to make his home restless because of Duran?
After this, will he have the face to see people in the future? Nowadays, it’s not as bad as it used to be in the village. Now he is the "shopkeeper Li" and often has social intercourse.
Li Sanhe was very regretful that he shouldn’t have brought Duran back. At that time, Duran took the initiative to go out to rest at his place. He didn’t have the nerve to refuse, and he didn’t know how to say it. She couldn’t convince him to stay for a day or two, and he relented again …
Great aunt Zhang saw that the two of them had gone to comfort and smiled and hurried towards the door.
Just now, I rushed in, and even Fang Zhou listened for a while and then went out. Before going out, I gave her a wink.
It’s one hundred and twenty letters to Lian Fangzhou and Aunt Zhang.
Rushing out of the door, I saw that even Fangzhou was idle, chatting and kicking pebbles at his feet.
"Fangzhou!" Aunt Zhang smiled and asked, "Do you have anything to do with me?"
Even Fangzhou nodded primly, "Aunt Zhang, I have this doubt in my heart. I think whether the theory is always at ease with you! That Duran is deliberately provoking Sanhe Brother. Although Sanhe Brother didn’t promise to bring her back, it’s impossible to explain it to you personally. She will come by herself! If this is-"
Aunt Zhang’s face changed greatly, and her feet slammed back.
If she comes by herself, will she let her in or not?
If it’s difficult to ask God to send her away at night, it’s unreasonable that she will cry or say something at the door. If you don’t let her, you can also cry at the door and beg for forgiveness.
I don’t ask what her so-called "explanation" will be like when it attracts onlookers!
"This is really unavoidable!" Great aunt Zhang more think more dying anger grind way "the little widow’s guess really will do it! Well, what decent widow spends the night in another man’s house? I thought she made a dog skin plaster! Fangzhou is fortunate that you are awake! "
Even Fang Zhou smiled and said, "I also hope that brother Sanhe hopes that the aunts will be harmonious!" What are you going to do? "
Aunt Zhang didn’t even think about it. "I have to stop her from entering the village!" " And she looked at Lian Fangzhou.
Lian Fangzhou nodded knowingly. "I have a carriage at home. By the way, let Song and Ruan help!"
"Thank you very much!" Great aunt Zhang smiled and didn’t even talk to Fang Zhou politely. "I’ll go before it!" Maybe the little widow is already on her way! "
"Say yes!" Even Fang Zhou nodded. Aunt Zhang didn’t even go home. She left with Fang Zhou directly.
When I came to Lianjia Mansion, even Fangzhou commanded Zhang Xiaojun to be busy with the car and took Zhang Auntie and walked past the compound. By the way, I called Song Shi and Nguyen Tan Dung and two maids who did menial work to go straight to the village.
Even Fang Zhou returned home. Three aunts, Li Fu and Lian Ze were laughing and seeing her come back. Three aunts’ eyes shone brightly. "Come back?" How are things? "
"It’s nothing, why haven’t you eaten yet! Don’t wait for me! " Even fangzhou laughed
Said the people to sit for dinner.