"Fu tiger village? But that fuhu village in the south forest? " Li She remembers that the first person she killed was the small leader of the Fuhuzhai mountain stronghold. I thought this old man wouldn’t be a mountain thief, right? If I should kill him, the old man doesn’t look like a bad guy!


Once again, I think of the desperate eyes of the old man. Li Sheji can already define hatred!
"South!" Zhou Xiang’s eyes lit up and revealed his firm belief. He was just about to get up and go outside and collapsed to the ground again.
"Grandpa, it’s not too late for you to rest here for a while and wait until you recover!" Li will be involved in weeks to help earnestly urged.
"I can’t destroy the village hatred!" Zhou Xiang’s eyes have been completely buried by hatred, and it’s too empty to earn Li She’s help and walk forward without telling Shan.
"Big ye! I don’t know what you suffered, but you’re not alive. You’re alive. You’re still alive. Those dead people have no chance to live, but you are! You have to live for them! " Li involved in the week to roar a way
In a word, Zhou wanted to be quiet and kept bowing his head to himself. "They are alive, they are alive …"
I hope the village chief can play the imperial court to wipe out these demons!
This sentence seems to be ringing in Zhou Xiang’s ears and his eyes are firm and say, "Yes! I can’t die yet. I want to destroy them! " As if thinking about what vision and dim to "collusion between officials and bandits! How can I get revenge! "
At this time, Erwa came running again with a bowl of hot soup in her hand and handed it to Zhou Xiang with innocent eyes. "Grandpa, this is Uncle Gen, and the fish is my mother’s. Try it."
Zhou wants to see Erwa so cute, and his heart is filled with emotion. If the village is not destroyed, how many such cute children will there be!
With tears in her eyes, she took the hot soup and touched Erwa’s head and said, "Eva! How old are you this year? "
"I’m four and a half years old, and it’s my fifth birthday in a few days. Grandpa, you’re still crying at this age, and even I can’t compare with you!" Children are really synonymous with innocence.
"Yes! The older grandpa gets, the more he likes to cry. "Zhou wanted to wipe away tears in his eyes and said," Where’s your dad? "
Don’t ask, don’t ask, don’t ask, provoked Erwa to cry like thunder "whoops! My dad doesn’t want me. "
"Oh oh well don’t cry don’t cry! Hey, hey! " Zhou Xiang, there is no problem for you to let him govern a village, but there is really no way for him to coax the children. The more you coax Erwa to cry, the more fierce he is. He is scratching his head and Li She is also happy to watch the movie.
This village is not big. When Erwa cried, the village heard Cui and rushed over to comfort Erwa.
"What happened to the daughter’s father?" Weeks to cui asked.
"Alas, not long ago, the village was occupied by a group of so-called Taiping Taoist people, and we were driven out. The father of the child died unfortunately in exile," Cui sighed.
"Then what is your village?" Zhou Xiang returned to this village, where they were born and raised. Unexpectedly, what happened to them was almost a scene of family destruction.
"A few days ago, it was fortunate that the village chief took us in to live such a stable life. Otherwise, I don’t know if I am still alive." He also said to Li She, "Thank you, village chief."
"Auntie, don’t say thank you after you are a village person," Li said.
"I took the child to the village head first," Cui said, and took Erwa away.
When Li She saw Zhou, she wanted to look at Erwa’s kind face and said slightly, "Tell me what’s on your mind, uncle. It’s always bad to keep it in your heart. It’s always good to share it with one more person."
Zhou wanted to take a look at Li She, and took a sip of Erwa’s hot soup just now and slowly told her own experience. Li She also listened quietly and did not express her feelings.
By the time the hot soup is exhausted, it’s close to the end. Li She doesn’t understand that Zhou Xiang’s heart hurts, but he knows it must be very painful and it hurts the heart.
"It’ s actually jiangling county County!" It’s not the first time that Li She has heard of this man. Li Zhuang has also said that it is Li Zhuang who kills people.
"Why? Know the village head? " Zhou wants to ask
"No, but he’s on my list!" Li said with fierce eyes, "By the way, do you know that there are still people alive in your village?"
"There should still be people alive. After all, although there are many bodies in the village, there are still many people whose bodies have not appeared. They are probably taken away." Zhou Xiang analyzed and took a closer look at Li She, and suddenly knelt down and said, "I asked the village chief to help me!"
"ding! Congratulations to the players! You successfully triggered the serial (blood feud). Do you accept it? " The unified tone suddenly sounded.
It’s not stupid. How can you not pick up Li She immediately chose to accept it?
"ding! Congratulations to the players! You successfully accepted serial (blood feud), please check! "
Blood feud Zhou Xiang’s terrible hatred in his heart turned into a deep blood feud. Third, he rescued the people enslaved by the mountain thieves in Fuhuzhai. Second, the destruction of Fuhuzhai; Third, kill jiangling county county commandant.
Term The first ring (ten days), the second ring (one month) and the third ring (term)
Reward unknown;
The first link of failure (Zhou wants to die); The second ring (village riots); The third ring ()
"Thank you for your help. I hope the village chief can let me join the village," Zhou Xiang said.
"It’s an honor for our village that the old gentleman can condescend to join the village!" Li was happy to say that he was even more happy after reading Zhou Xiang’s information again.
Name Zhou Hai
Professional Confucian scholars
Force 9
Intelligence 16
Physical strength 43 (said a bowl of hot soup is not full)
Skills: speaking, writing and good governance.
It is said that Zhou Xiang was an ordinary villager in the village and a private school teacher, but Zhou Xiang taught clearly and easily, and the children, as one pleases, would gain high prestige among the people, which is why Zhou Xiang became the village head. The effect of the lectures was permanent +1.
Good governance has been a dream for 30 years, and the village head already has a political idea of his own, which can effectively manage the government in an orderly way and eliminate some unnecessary disputes.
Zhou Hai’s intelligence value is actually 16, which is 2 points higher than Li Zhuang’s, and this intelligence is permanently +1, but it’s amazing. This is the first time that Li She has seen the ability to add attribute skills to Zhou Xiang. Comparing Zhou Hai’s skills, Li She said, "Uncle Zhou, you will be the deputy head of Tianmen Village."
Weeks want to fear knelt down and said, "this can make not! I just joined the village. How can I be a deputy village head? "
"Hey, Uncle Zhou, this deputy village head belongs to you. This village can’t develop without you!" Li will be involved in weeks to help sincere said
"That’s all right! I’ll get familiar with the environment of a village first. "Zhou thought it would be bad to refuse again.
"Well, Uncle Zhou, slow down. There is soup not far from the door. Try it if you are hungry." Li She didn’t forget that Zhou Xiang was still hungry.
This Li She is indeed very regal, and often makes people feel warm from the details, which is why Li She was born in the countryside and has been caring since childhood.
As Zhou Xiang was moved, Li She was also lost in thought after leaving. Zhou Xiang is absolutely important for Li She at present, but if ten days can’t complete the first round of Zhou Yi, it must be impossible to save him because it is a unified rule.
Then how can we complete the first ring to save the villagers? Li She is more and more upset, but in reality it is doomed to be lively.
In a closed science room, a man seems to have found something, sitting in front of his brain, banging his head wildly, and then stopping his fingers, he said excitedly to a man in a green military uniform behind him, "Chief, there has been a serial again after our device has been hidden. These two people are really amazing! If this reward is completed, it will be great. How can other countries be our national opponents! "
Of course, they didn’t know that both of them were triggered by Li.
"Don’t talk about it all, let’s see if they can finish it?" The man in the military uniform said with a sad face, and then turned away and walked past the mechanical door, his face revealed a trace of worry, but it passed and returned to the face of Gujingbo and whispered, "cathay future depends on you."
Chapter 12 Games? Reality?
In reality, lying in a small bed, Li She opened her eyes and beat the helmet on her head. The dusty little window in the room was warm and the sun shone through. Then Li She turned to a toilet and put on a dirty clothes casually. She wanted to have some breakfast, but she found that her belly was not hungry.
This is impossible! Although it has been more than ten days in the game, it is just a night in reality, but even if it is a night, you will be hungry!
What’s going on here?
I’m a bear. Can I have energy in my body? No, no, no! You are the bear!
Li she thought about it and found that there is one possibility, that is, the reality of the game is equal, because Li she just came out after eating enough in the game, and now she is also full in reality, which is an amazing discovery
"This game is amazing!" Li She sighed.
If Li Sheyi thinks about not eating, why don’t you go to the Internet cafe and go to the forum of "Three Kingdoms Hegemony"? It’s precious when Li Sheyi rushes to the nearest Internet cafe nearby. Li Sheyi doesn’t want to wave easily.
It is worth mentioning that the game "Three Kingdoms Hegemony" does not need to be connected to the brain to log in. It only needs a helmet, and even the source is not connected. Otherwise, how can a poor man like Li She enter the game?