"Xu everybody invited yuan qing how dare not from? Speaking of today, Yuan Qing has not thanked everyone Xu for their food and wine. "


At Xu Fo, Li Yuanqing didn’t hesitate too much and nodded with a smile.
Xu fo entranced by exultation.
Even Luo raises a gender and eagerly asks grandpa and tells grandma to ask him for the Li Yuanqing ship. At this time, the opportunity finally appeared in front of her eyes. How can she not grasp it?
Busy laughs "Li Shuai please"
Li Yuanqing smiled and strode into the hospital again.
Xu Fo’s teahouse is also very exquisite, which is more charming than the previous drinking room, although it smiled a little, but it attracted a flowing water and flowed in and out along the bamboo tube.
Xu Fo personally brewed tea, while Liu Rushi twisted his waist and carefully helped Li Yuanqing set the dessert.
Liu Rushi at this time, although it is already somewhat like, it is still a small dish. Li Yuanqing swept a few eyes and was not interested. He simply closed his eyes.
Although Liu Rushi has been avoiding Li Yuanqing’s eyes, she has been secretly looking at Li Yuanqing. Seeing that Li Yuanqing swept her a few eyes, she stopped looking at her, and her heart was filled with unspeakable loss.
Young as she is, she is by no means stupid.
Once this tall man is involved in something, even if it doesn’t work out in the end, it will definitely be of great value to her.
It’s a pity that running water is interested in mud.
Li Yuanqing naturally didn’t mind to ignore Liu Rushi at this time. This little young girl thought that he had carefully considered today’s banquet.
Draw inferences from one thing to another.
This has always been a maxim highly praised by Li Yuanqing.
Especially in the interpersonal relationship between the capital, no one is a good crop.
The decline of the Royal Guards has been inevitable since Father Wei.
However, this institutional hub has always been mysterious and difficult for ordinary people to understand.
Although the former Li Yuanqing had a prediction base and was close to the core, it did not have practical confidence
At this time, through today’s Locke’s sexual communication, including the wimp appearance of Locke’s sexual nature, Li Yuanqing also lost the Royal Guards, but it was just now.
There are two key points for the Royal Guards to fall into such a field in the past 200 years.
The first point is that Luo raises a sexual person.
Or tell me about the personnel structure of the Royal Guards, especially that special period.
Locke’s nature is to take over his old class. Both father and father Wei are deeply involved in various reasons. Although Emperor Chongzhen didn’t take their father, he didn’t believe them, which is almost certain.
Plus, Wang Chengen’s strength here is not too much, nor does it mean to support the Royal Guards.
And although Cao Huachun has some words, how dare he jump out and go against the will at this time?
It is almost a matter of death to superimpose Luo’s cultivation for various reasons.
Secondly, it is also the most important thing. Most of the expenses of the state treasury are in Liao affairs and military affairs. Naturally, it is impossible to have too much money here in the Royal Guards.
Including Luo foster people, have insufficient control over the Royal Guards.
It’s inevitable that they will be marginalized if they are so effective and fight for the central government.
But Li Yuanqing today with Zhou Kui, Luo raises a gender this mouth is by no means impulsive but after careful consideration.
How can you add flowers like charcoal in the snow?
Luo raises his nature. Although this person is depressed, he is not a little. The flying fish and embroidered spring knife of the Royal Guards are the best signs.
Even if Li Yuanqing can’t control it, it will be much more convenient after infiltrating its influence.
Pull up the tiger skin to make a banner
Can you solve the problem with silver? Is that still a problem?
However, it seems that everyone is happy, but Zhou Kui has to teach him a lesson.
Otherwise, what else?
I was thinking about Li Yuanqing’s lips and suddenly there was a piece of sweet greasy cake. When I opened my eyes, I saw Liu Rushi pick up a piece of crisp cake and carefully handed it to my mouth.
Li Yuanqing smiled and ate the cake into his mouth without hesitation. "It tastes good, thank you, girl."
Liu Rushi qiao face cried the red.
Although it has been raised by Xu Fopei for several years, it is the first time to go to the’ actual battlefield’ and I don’t know where to put my hands and feet.
Li Yuanqing smiled and squeezed her little hand. "How old is Miss Liu this year?"
Liu Rushi didn’t expect Li Yuanqing to remember her surname. In her heart, she couldn’t help but feel ashamed and happy. sister said that it was true. Li Yuanqing’s heart was just like a mirror.
Busy, low, blue-headed, mosquito-like, "The handmaiden in Li Shuai dialect is thirteen years old this year."
Li Yuanqing smiled. "The girl is in her prime. It’s really enviable."
I have broken the inherent impression in my heart and formed a new inherent impression. Liu Rushi is very nervous in his heart. He simply doesn’t know what to do if he faces Li Yuanqing. His ears are red.
She really wants to say a few words to Li Yuanqing to impress Li Yuanqing, but she really doesn’t know what to say.
At this moment, Xu Fo has made tea and curled it up to Li Yuanqing and smiled "Li Shuai please"
Ginger is still spicy.
Liu Rushi was busy giving up the’ stage’ and came to one side to stand on her side. She wanted to learn from sister and communicate with Li Yuanqing.
Li Yuanqing took the tea lamp and smiled. "Thank you, Xu, for your kindness. In fact, Yuanqing is not very good at tea."
Xu Fo did not care a bit about charming smile. "Li Shuai is polite to Liao, the wind, frost and snow are great, Li Shuai is in charge of hammering handmaiden, and I want to learn from Li Shuai about the delicacy of pine needle tea."
Li Yuanqing couldn’t help laughing. "Everyone Xu said that Yuan Qing is going to be on cloud nine. Is this Longjing before last year’s rain?"