In fact, after a 22-year-old fight with Fudan just now, many universities are worried that others will be away from home. If we can all lose in this way, it would be a shame, even though this competition is not an official large-scale event, we know that there are many people on the road. Wouldn’t it be a joke if we really lose to Fudan?


However, it seems good to see the strength of the contestants in their alma mater now, and the audience around Shanghai University can’t help but quietly breathe a sigh of relief.
Well, if you can win this game, even if you invite this hill to eat and drink at that time, that’s fine!
The most important thing is to win! Everything else is easy to say!
"I can’t believe that I haven’t seen him for such a long time, and his understanding of the game is still so high." Xiaojun’s face is a little relieved. He is very happy to see that Mo Tianyuan can still be as strong as before. Although he is now turning over a new leaf and going back to study, Xiaojun knows that he should not be a lonely person at school by focusing on his mastery of cool running.
"Yes, you are all excellent. I wonder what talents were able to combine you wizards when you were formed?" Leng Yu smiled and asked
Xiao Jun’s face brought up a look of memories. It seems that he still has some nostalgia for the past few people who worked hard together. After a while, he recovered from the memories and smiled bitterly. "At the beginning, it was not someone who specially organized us. I remember that several of us knew each other or Xie Xiaofeng and Xie Boss worked hard to get it."
"Xie Xiaofeng, the captain of the Shadow Speed Team at the Wind Shadow Club?" Leng Yu qi Dao
Xiaojun murmured, "Yes, I don’t know how he is doing there now, but now he is ashamed to take the lead in the field of mobile games. I think he should be ok …"
At this time, there was a sudden surprise cry among the spectators in Fudan in the distance.
"Brother Hao, who is lying in the trough, can even hang and blow up such a difficult road. God, there is wood!"
Chapter 26 His horse is going to hang up!
The sea university frowned. Obviously, they didn’t like Xiao Mo and others yelling, but they were resistant to this group of distant "guests"
It turned out that just now, a complex difficulty of missile group and spike fault appeared in front of Dongfang Hao, but it was passed by him with almost no damage. The two-person track has already reached nearly 20,000 meters, and the difficulty here is quite frightening.
And Dongfang Hao can pass it safely. There are indeed two brushes.
Dongfang Hao Mount is a violent bird uncle. The appearance of bird uncle can be said to have attracted a wave of bird uncle.
Full level 1 full level gold coin +61% full level performance +62%
With the skill of 7 meters sprint and the ultimate sprint, many mounts are the highest, but only 6 meters sprint. Uncle Bird broke this sprint limit.
At the same time, Uncle Bird can also get 45 times score when chopping monsters in stepping on monsters or attacking mode. If you add some stepping on monsters or pets, it will definitely be a strong mount with extra points!
Moreover, Uncle Bird feels good, which makes people feel the pleasure of a sports car with a heavy chassis …
However, it is a pity that this game makes the distance show points. Uncle Bird’s many bonus skills can be said to be nothing, just like Mo Tianyuan’s horse is very beautiful. In this game, they can’t help their respective owners. Who wins or loses depends on this game.
Mo Tianyuan turned his attention to his own track after only looking at Dongfang Hao after entering the super prize. Before the super prize was about to be awarded, he clicked the jump button, followed by gliding after the second jump and stuck a short sprint just out of the super prize.
Many times, the card gliding skill is a wonderful skill.
But it is a pity that more people just regard it as a chicken rib.
"I can’t believe that many people think that the 20,000-meter track is very difficult. Now, in this competition, it is only a stepping stone to the strength of the track. It is really difficult …" Mo Tianyuan looked at his hands and thought that he had run to a distance of 20,000 meters.
Just as he was in a daze for a moment, a fault about ten meters long appeared in front of him.
In this fault, there are flash monsters every three or four meters, each guarding this fault territory to resist the invasion of foreign enemies. Mo Tianyuan is now located in a short cut flat with a length of two meters. The original heads of two small animals have long been lost by him.
It’s like being caught stealing someone else’s fruit, patting your belly and screaming. What else will you have to flee in the future? I just froze and found two missile lines shining brightly on my body, scared to death.
When the two missile lines appear, they seem to be closely connected after a few seconds, but that few seconds means that they will not come side by side, but will fly obliquely in tandem! But they won’t be too long apart …
If these two missiles are regarded as the first wave of missiles in this road section, then the first wave of missiles and the position where the player runs will meet at the first flash of the fault.
However, if we just pass this flash monster and the first wave of missiles, it will be an idiotic dream. After all, if we want to steal and eat the head of a small animal and run away without paying some price, it will definitely not work.
Before the player comes to the second flash monster, the second wave of missile lines will light up at this moment. This second wave of missile lines will be fired side by side at the same time, which means that the next two missiles will fly side by side, not diagonally distributed like the first wave just now.
The second wave of missiles comes, and at the same time, the player will meet the second flash monster on the fault and step on the gold coin line of the flash monster, so that the player can safely pass through this difficulty.
Immediately after crossing this fault, there will be a short and flat place hanging from the baffle, and the heads of two small animals will stay at the tip of the baffle, as if to encourage players to cross the long fault before.
However, the joy brought by this encouragement will be shocked to find that it is just a dying reward before it blooms.
In this place, a second fault about 10 meters long appeared in front of the flat ground with a baffle hanging!
However, the first fault of this fault is somewhat different. The only fault is that there is a flicker distribution in the middle and the missile lines are also closely connected, which means that two closely connected missiles will meet when Shenma comes to this fault flicker later.
At present, Mo Tianyuan has reached more than 20,000 meters of the track to watch the game. Many players can’t reach this distance, and they don’t know how many long faults there will be in front. When their hearts are full of curiosity, they all look at the Mo Tianyuan track on the screen.
Yeah, yeah, it would be a great benefit if you could learn one or two skills of these two great gods here! It’s just teaching, right? It is more attractive for so many people to watch the live broadcast together than to find the track tutorial on the Internet.
Among the seven audiences of Fudan University, Xiao Mo is looking at the Oriental Haocao with rapt attention. At this moment, his eyes turn and he sweeps to Mo Tianyuan’s picture, and his face is full of joy.
"Look, look! Big and small, it is estimated that the horse will hang up! "
Several friends beside him heard that they were busy moving their eyes from Dongfang Hao Circuit.
Sure enough!
Seeing these difficulties in front of the new comer, I’m afraid that even if he doesn’t die, he’ll have to take off his skin, right? A few people are thinking about evil, and at the same time, there is a feeling of quietly relieved in their hearts.
Nima, our great brother can crush the little one to death. Who would have thought that the little one was so strong that he was not dead when he saw more than 20 thousand meters!
This is a big surprise. Xiao Mo and others expected to see that little joke, but it is obvious that from the state he showed, he couldn’t see a fart!
"It’s okay, Hao Ge finally got to that little time to die. Haha! I’ll see what that little bitch of Hai University has to say after she loses later! " Xiao mo cold way
"Yes! We’re here to play the game away from home. If we really win in the end, these students must look good, right? Ha ha ha! "
269 Chapter 269 Accidentally broke the cover
Just as Xiao Mo and others were staring at Mo Tianyuan’s track, they saw him jump at the first long fault!
The whole road ahead of him is difficult for these two long fault bodies.
The first fault is more difficult than the second fault, and the length of both faults is not short. Xiao Mo thought to himself that it was bigger and smaller, and he stumbled in the first fault, so he would never come out again!
The eyes of nearly a thousand people watching the off-site sea university have been covered with anxiety at the moment.
It would be a joke if we lost to Fudan away today … Don’t say those guys look very overbearing, even if they are very low-key, it’s not good to go out!
But can this young man, who looks young, bring us any hope of winning? After all, the road section in front of him is not difficult now …
Looking around at Mo Tianyuan’s complicated sight, he successfully jumped the first wave of two missiles in the first fault! Looking at his jumping route, the attendants around him couldn’t help but exclaim, "Why didn’t the sleeping trough die so close to the flash monster?"
Xiao Mo’s face sank. According to his original idea, it should be very likely that this small missile will die in the first wave of missiles. However, he actually succeeded in passing through the first flash tail and missiles unscathed!
"Don’t worry, there is …"
However, he was surprised to see Mo Tianyuan gliding over the first wave of missiles at the same time, and then fell for a moment directly from the second flash monster and the flash monster missile in the first fault! It seems that this difficulty that makes others feel that it is enough to break the shield is solved with his gliding!
Among the difficulties in this section, the first long fault is the most difficult, but with Mo Tianyuan gliding out of the second flash monster and stepping on the flat ground behind the first fault, he has completely turned over the first long fault!
Xiao Mo and others, you look at me, I look at your eyes and write incredible …
"Forget it. Brother Mo still has a fault. I don’t believe he’s still alive there!" Beside a boy dressed in a leather cap to see Xiao Mo’s face is not very good, he said
His encouragement soon got a response from another person beside Xiao Mo. "Yes, yes, I think there are two long faults here, and it is not difficult. Although he passed the first one, he might die in the second one …"
However, after hearing these words, Xiao Mo’s face sank instead of any relief. "Idiot! The first of these two faults is more difficult! He is still alive on the first fault. Will the second one die? "
The two men were so scared that they quickly shut up that they never dared to continue poking Xiao Mo at this juncture.
Seeing that Mo Tianyuan succeeded in successfully passing the first fault through the cold rain, a group of students from Shanghai University quietly breathed a sigh of relief. Fortunately, it should not be difficult to stay behind the first fault.
Mo Tianyuan did not let her down, and then he crouched in the middle of two faults to avoid the flat ground and hung a baffle. Then he continued to take off at the edge of the flat ground in front of the second fault, and then started gliding!
However, to everyone’s surprise, it is …
At present, the gliding route of the gliding witch Nana seems to be a little low. It seems that the horse is going to have a close contact with the missiles flying from this second fault!