The plane arrived in Gu Jiujiu, B, and they sent Fu Junning to her hotel first.


Fu Junning called Huo Yicheng directly after Gu Jiujiu and them left the hotel.
Fortunately, Huo Yicheng’s number has not changed.
"Huo Yicheng, I am Fu Junning."
Huo Yicheng’s tone was light and she didn’t say a few words.
After hanging up, Fu Junning was a little frustrated. He was still like this.
Gu Jiujiu and Song Yuyan left the hotel and went back to the villa.
After packing, Gu Jiujiu was very tired. He lay down on the sofa at will, then picked up the table and glanced at the newspaper that day.
The newspaper reported that there was a robbery in B city recently, and many citizens were victims. The robbers are still being arrested.
Gu Jiujiu took a look and put the newspaper aside.
Song Yuyan saw his little wife lying on the sofa when she came from the building.
When Song Yuyan came up to her, she hooked his neck conveniently.
"What do you want to eat later?" When he glanced at it,
Gu Jiujiu rolled his eyes and smiled "I want to eat your cooking"
Although she usually cooks a lot, Song Yuyan’s cooking skills are first-class, not inferior at all!
Song Yuyan chuckle in her lips gently peck "really want to eat? I’ll do it. "
"Coke chicken wings!"
This is her favorite
Song Yuyan nodded and then got up and started walking towards the kitchen.
Gu Jiujiu fell asleep unconsciously on the sofa.
When she woke up, she was tempted by the aroma of the food.
She rubbed her eyes and could see the restaurant, then got up and walked over.
When she walked into the kitchen, she saw the man bowing his head and cooking carefully.
She quietly walked over and encircled the man’s waist from behind him.
Song Yuyan tilted his head and looked at the little man "awake?"
Gu Jiujiu nodded and looked at the man who was cooking "delicious"
"You can eat soon."
The man is cooking food and Gu Jiujiu is watching.
Soon all the dishes were out of the pot.
Gu Jiujiu looks at a table of dishes and drools!
She quickly picked up a chicken wing and chewed it.
"Mmm … delicious!"
Song Yuyan is also very happy to see her eat.
A dinner is very warm.
Gu Jiujiu touched his chubby belly after eating "so full"
She looked at him.
I feel that such a happy day is "Song Yuyan, we will always be so good, right?" She suddenly said
Song Yuyan raised an eyebrow "Yes"
Gu Jiujiu smiled and she thought so.
She and he will always be happy!
Fu Junning came to B city for two days, and Gu Jiujiu didn’t accompany her because she wasn’t at the weekend.
On Friday afternoon, Gu Jiujiu thought that it was the weekend, so he called and made an appointment with Fu Junning to accompany her around B city on weekends.
Fu Junning also agreed to come.
Gu Jiujiu went to the supermarket after work.
Walking out of the supermarket, she was walking to the car when suddenly! The figure flashed past her! Like the wind! Her left hand bag was suddenly pulled by a force and she could hold it tightly.
I saw two or three men in black sweater and glasses!
Her first reaction was to see the robbery in the newspaper two days ago!
She can hold the bag, so she can move, but let the robber resist.
For a second, Gu Jiujiu’s eyes suddenly widened and he saw a swinging knife in front of him!
"jiujiu, look out!"
Suddenly, she was dragged by a force.
Listen to the snow
Gu Jiujiu fell to the ground and when she came to her senses, those people had already run away and her bag was taken away.
Gu Jiujiu was surprised when he saw people around him.
It’s Yu Zhenzhen.
"jiujiu, are you all right?"