Meng Xiaoran rested for a long time, then got up from the ground and dragged his sore legs trembling to the front valley, where Shen Qian sat in a tree and Meng Xiaoran also sat by the tree.


Shen Qian took out one and handed it to her. "You meditate and recite these formulas, and then you will get lucky slowly."
Then he sat down with his eyes closed and explained to her while moving, "Your attention will slowly gather the Dantian qi together and then spread to the whole body, and it will not be okay."
Meng Xiaoran tried to gather Dantian Qi according to his statement, but she didn’t feel it for a long time, but Shen Qian didn’t say that she would take her time and she wouldn’t be discouraged.
Meng Xiaoran kept his eyes closed all afternoon, and he kept saying to himself that he had just recited a few formulas. Although I don’t know if there are any, I still have great hopes that I will really become a master one day.
Shen Qian has been sitting beside her, and when she meditates, he also closes his eyes and meditates, but the two are different. It didn’t take long for Shen Qian to meditate, and his whole body exudes a little white gas like fog. If Meng Xiaoran sees it, he will be dumbfounded. It turns out that the success in martial arts novels is real!
Meng Xiaoran doesn’t know how he got through it. He lived like this every day for half a year. He got up before dawn to practice, and he could rest only after dark. He came to eat and sleep all day and did nothing except practice.
The only thing that can worry her is that she will have a delicious dinner every night after practicing. She likes cherries best. I don’t know that Shenfu cherries have never been broken. Even in autumn, two large plates of cherries are still delivered every day. She can’t help but secretly marvel at Shenfu’s wealth.
When she wanted to give up her daily practice, she told herself that if she insisted on coming, she might live such a prosperous life in the future. With this idea, Meng Xiaoran insisted on coming. This insistence was that she would be moved by her resilience for half a year.
Finally, after half a year, Shen Qian looked at her and said, "Well, you can start."
Meng Xiaoran stood there for a long time and finally held back his cheers and kept running in the mountains. Shen Qian looked at her heart and smiled. She was relieved. Did he taste relieved?
He hasn’t been in charge of things at home for half a year, and he doesn’t know what it’s like now. If she is taught to be a teacher, he can make room to take care of things at home. Those people who haven’t intervened for half a year seem a little arrogant, and it’s time to clean up.
Chapter 15 Action
Although half a year’s devil training is hard, I have to say that Shen Qian’s training method is abnormal, but the effect is very good. After half a year, Meng Xiaoran actually has martial arts novels before he can have lightness skill and strength to protect himself.
A palm hit the distant tree and shook a few leaves. She took back her hand and looked at herself, feeling a little cocoon in her palm.
"Great progress, but if you go to the Prime Minister’s Office, you should keep a low profile and don’t let people know that you have martial arts." Shen Qian stepped aside and said.
"Shen Gong rest assured that I know fairly well" Meng Xiaoran smiled smiling face full of confidence.
For half a year, she has been living a secluded day. Naturally, I don’t know what the outside world says. Everyone says that Shen Sangong brought a beautiful girl back and never went out again. Every day, beauty is really hiding in the house.
I don’t know how many girls’ hearts have been broken in Yujing, and they are trying to die at home.
For such rumors, if Shen Qian really wants to stop or conceal them, he can’t go out. The rumors outside can be said to be right in his mind. This is what he wanted. The effect is that he doesn’t know how Meng Xiaoran will react if he knows it one day.
Meng Xiaoran finally stopped getting up early to explore the dark after she started her career. The next day, she slept until midnight and sat in bed, feeling that it was a wonderful day.
"Hey, if only it could be like this every day!"
Winter snow heard the sound and asked softly outside, "Is the girl awake?"
"Well, I’m awake. Please come in."
Half a year’s ancient life has gradually made her accustomed to the class division here and the servant girl’s service. She was a little uncomfortable just now, but now she has no feeling. Habit is a terrible thing.
Dongxue waited on her to freshen up, combed a beautiful falling cloud bun and inserted a golden step in her hair. "What a beautiful girl!" Winter snow looked at the beauty in the mirror and couldn’t help admiring it. I knew that Miss Meng was very beautiful. Today, I was shocked by such a dress. It was even more beautiful than the first beauty in Yujing.
Meng Xiaoran smiled and didn’t speak. Beauty to her is nothing more than beauty in a foreign body, but it can’t be eaten as food. At this time, she has a belief to complete Shen Qian’s road permit for herself. Of course, she should be paid and she will not want less.
Not long after the comfortable day, one afternoon, the winter snow came over and told her that Shen Qian asked her to go to the room, and she should take action.
Sure enough, after arriving at the house, Shen Qian said, "It’s time for the Prime Minister’s office to buy a servant girl these days. I’ve already found someone to arrange it, and I’ll have you sent to the tooth woman. I made you a fake identity, and the indenture didn’t wait until you came back directly after the job was done. No one can find you."
When Meng Xiaoran heard the identity, he immediately thought of the road permit, so he looked at Shen Qian and said, "I have a request. Can you please help me with a road permit?"
Shen Qian nodded. She didn’t have a road permit. He naturally knew it, but she didn’t have a road permit. Shen Qian didn’t find out. She seemed to come out with it, but no clue could be found with how he investigated it.
But none of this matters. Everyone has secrets, right?
"Well, I promise I’ll do a good job for you when it’s done."
After that, I continued to charge, "I will help you get your identity this time. My name is Xia Ruhua, a farmer’s eldest daughter who sold you because she had no money at home. If someone asks you, you will answer like this."
Meng Xiaoran’s face changed slightly like a flower?
Her face suddenly became weird. Shen Qian looked in her eyes. "What’s the matter? Is there a problem?"
At the thought that when people in the Prime Minister’s house called her "Flower", she was really afraid that she would have nightmares. The flower in the dream would run towards her, but the people in this world would not know about it. She looked at Shen Qian and shook her head. "Nothing thinks that this name is unique."
Shen Qian didn’t speak, but she reiterated her request that "I just want Meng Xiaoran as my name."
"Don’t worry, I will help you complete it, and I won’t treat you badly when this matter is over," Shen Qian said with a deep look at her.
"I need to be able to stand in Yujing" is her minimum requirement, and the rest is to rely on her own efforts.
"I’ll send someone to give you a message when you get settled in the prime minister’s office."
"Is there anything else for Xiangfu?"
"Don’t worry about it. I’ll have someone deliver the letter to you. You can meet me at the time and place according to my letter."
How can she know that the letter is really from him?