Hoffman turned the conversation to Guatemala without saying anything.


"The Earl of Erpitz lobbied the Guatemalan President to allow Mexican civilians to enter Guatemala to escape the war, but the resettlement of these refugees must be made by the German government or merchant groups! Up to now, a total of about 200,000 Mexicans have entered Guatemala in the name of refuge, and more than 2000 peasant army soldiers have successfully mixed into the refugee group, entered Livingston Port under our control, and then sailed to Guadeloupe for our formal training! According to our previous Zapata secret agreement, this number will eventually reach 5ooo, and they will be compiled into a mixed infantry brigade and then return to Mexico after half a year of scraping! "
Bowing his head at his desk, Chen Tian asked, "What is the economic situation in Guatemala?"
Hoffman replied, "German capital has controlled about 70% of factories, mines and plantations. The number of American-funded enterprises has been reduced from more than 3oo last year to less than 5o. We have also acquired three railways they control! Count Erpitz said that as soon as we withdraw our capital, Guatemala will fall into an economic crisis, so the Guatemalan government dare not neglect our Germanic-Guatemalan group. "
Chen Tian looked up after a document was about to sign his name. "Tell the count that he did very, very well!"
"Yes!" Hoffman quickly remembered the Kaiser’s instructions.
Before turning over a document, Chen Tiandao said, "What about South America?"
"Last month, we completed a survey on the number of German expatriates, German-funded enterprises, German schools and German churches in South America. Up to now, there are 4.94 million Germans living in Brazil, 1.97 million in Chile, 10,000 in Argentina and nearly 110,000 in other South American countries. It is estimated that in three years, this number will exceed one million. In these countries, German-funded enterprises have already accounted for a certain proportion of the local economy, with a total of 4,126 enterprises and 1.27 million individual businessmen with funds exceeding 100 million marks! There are at most 352 German-language schools in Brazil, 117 in Chile and Argentina and 39 in other countries in South America, and 71 German-language churches are almost three times the number of schools in Brazil, Chile, Argentina and other countries, with 11o5, 392, 1o7 and 243 respectively. In addition, we assisted the Chilean government in establishing the Royal Military Academy, which has been praised as the best military academy in South America. Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia and Paraguay also invited us to help them establish their own military academies! "
Hoffman finally closed his folder after a long report.
"hmm!" Chen Tian nodded and expanded Germany’s influence in Latin America through immigration, investment and military assistance, which was not his credit. During the William II period, the German government strongly supported immigration and economic infiltration to Latin America, and the Royal Chilean Military Academy was also established at that time. In addition, before the war broke out in 1914, Germany had begun to take shape in Latin American German schools and churches and sent military delegations to Argentina, Bolivia and Paraguay.
In 19oo, the German ambassador to Mexico said in a report that if Germany had acquired a colony in Latin America in the past, its value would have been greater than that of the whole of Africa. William II’s comment at the end of this report was "Correct. This is why we must achieve the highest strength in this region."
After Chen Tian ascended the throne, the German government continued to pursue the Latin American strategy because the British rich, chaebol and capitalists all moved their assets to Canada and increased their investment in Latin America after the war, which made the British capital, which had an advantage in Latin America, form a considerable resistance to Germany, the United States and other later countries. In 1914, British capital accounted for 519% of foreign capital in Latin America, and France, Germany and the United States accounted for 104%, 3% and 152% respectively. After the war, French capital almost disappeared from Latin America.
After waiting for a few minutes, I still didn’t mean to talk. Hoffman asked, "Is there anything else for you?"
Chen Tian looked up again and handed Hoffman the document in his hand. "Oh, I just saw a very interesting report. The Chilean government wants us to build a number of naval capital ships for them and help them build military affairs. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs sent this document to me first!"
Hoffmann scanned the document and handed it back to Chen Tian with both hands. Without the permission of the Kaiser, he could never read such confidential government documents.
"such as?" Chen tianwen
After thinking about it, Hoffman gave a cautious answer: "It is reasonable that the Chilean government has been keeping good orders for warships and planes from us in recent years. It is a major event in the situation in South America that Chile expands its navy and builds a new army. Considering that Brazil, Argentina and other countries are gradually warming up with China recently, please consider this matter carefully!"
While playing with the pen in his hand, Chen Tian tried his best to find everything in his mind. The Chilean navy has information. Although this narrow South American country is not big, it has made an independent country in 11 years. It is rich in mineral, forestry, fishery and agricultural resources, especially military minerals such as copper, iron, coal and saltpeter, which makes all countries covet. Only saltpeter in the war made Chile rich.
Chile’s navy was established earlier among South American countries, one of which can’t be ignored in Latin America. Before the explosion of the sea power war, the Chilean government ordered two battleships from Britain, but after the explosion of the war, one of them was recruited by the British navy to become the British fleet "Canada", and then the other was sunk in the North Sea War before it was completed. Because of the defeat of the British government, Chileans lost money and their naval plan was greatly affected.
"It is true that the Chilean naval earthquake will make neighboring Peru, Argentina and even Brazil feel nervous. We’d better find a compromise that meets the demands of Chileans and prevents other countries from investing in the US government!" Chen Tian said gently, "Lieutenant General Hoffman, you should go home first today! We will discuss it at the summoner’s meeting! "
Hoffman immediately got up to leave.
It is foreseeable that the discussion will be held in the German high command, and at the same time, I wonder what will happen in the distant East in Tokyo.
After receiving the invitation from the Kaiser, the Japanese royal family and government did not reply directly, and cabinet ministers gathered in the palace. Most of them tried to persuade the Kaiser to refuse the invitation.
"You don’t have to say more! How can the monarch be a frog at the bottom of the well in the new era? It is my wish for many years to travel around the world, broaden my knowledge and learn from the strengths of various countries to deepen friendship with the monarchies of various countries and finish this study! "
The young man’s angry words just fell on his knees and sat in front of him. Several old men fell to the ground and cried.
"Isn’t it unfilial to wander abroad without considering the emperor’s lack of security?"
"Isn’t it humiliating for the emperor to roam the land of Yidi on the Day of the Kingdom of God?"
"North Korean assassins will be eager to move overseas!"
"Although Germany is an ally of our country, it is really difficult to determine its intentions!"
In the face of opposition from ministers, the young man sat unmoved. If this trip is put into practice, it will be the farthest and longest time, although it is not the first time he has left Japan.
"Ill-ridden emperor one thousand somehow …"
The queen finally spoke. These words are suspected to be a blockbuster for the teenager. He fell down in tears.
"Hirohito has long been determined to travel around the world and still look forward to his mother. Please forgive me!"
The new cabinet respected the original as one of the few ministers who supported the emperor’s visit to Germany. He appealed to the queen
"TaiDian this trip is not only a kind of exercise and can increase knowledge! Prince Fujimiya has gone abroad many times, which is of great benefit to foreign advanced machinery and ideas and praises the advantages of learning from foreigners and the weakness of foreigners in the country and the people! "
"But Dian An …" The queen was still very uneasy.
The original worship prostrate and replied, "Please rest assured that we will definitely ask the German side to ensure the safety of the Imperial Palace! If there is a mistake, China will make every effort to crusade! "
The queen looked at Tai Yuren with tears in her eyes and turned her eyes to one side to entertain herself. Emperor Taishō sighed, "You must pay attention to your health when you go back to that temple!"
"thank the mother!" Hirohito Voldemort
The ministers couldn’t beat the Taihe phase and fell to the ground in tears.
On October 1991, at the age of 17, Emperor Taihirohito of Japan boarded the battleship "Xiangqu" with 25 trusted attendants and 6 naval officers, and set sail from Yokohama to Europe under the protection of the sister ship "Kashima".
Tu Mei Chapter 51 Balkan America
"Before expressing my views, marshals and generals, I hope you will not forget that the current imperial military strategy is that the United States wants to make imaginary enemies!"
Marshal Bohr is holding a pointer, and a map of America hangs on the wall behind him.
On both sides of the long conference table in this room, there are six German vice admiral-level generals sitting in three colors: gray, blue-black and light blue. He belongs to Kaiser William III.
Today, Marshal Hugue von Boer is wearing a brand-new Admiral of the fleet collar with gold stripes on the red background, which is quite retro-styled. On his left chest, he wears a red eagle medal, and on his right chest, he wears a crown, red claws, a red mouth and a black eagle with wings.
After a pause of ten seconds, Bohr turned around and he pointed the stick at the map of Mexico.
"The Mexican war situation has been very long. It is a matter of time that the carranza administration has lost its popular support and been completely defeated by the United Revolutionary Army! It won’t be long before we get an important pedal to attack the United States from 6, and of course, there are favorable harbors, which we Mexicans have already negotiated! Once the war breaks out, our 6 th Army will be able to enter the United States from the south through Mexico, thus wielding our strong ground and China’s superior situation! "
When they heard that, they reported their approval in succession.
"However, we must not ignore a problem, that is, when the soil is threatened, Americans will definitely go! Although our sixth army is better than the American army, all military operations depend on logistics materials, and most of the materials we need, except those stored in Mexico in advance, have to be transported from Europe to Mexico by sea in wartime and then transferred to the front line! The most convenient route for transport ships, whether from Germany or Britain, is to cross the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico and finally arrive in Mexico. Please note that the northern coast of the Gulf of Mexico is Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida, where there are many important military bases and ports. When the war breaks out, the US military will station a certain number of planes and ships here, which will pose a great threat to our transport ships in the Gulf of Mexico! "
"Marshal, can I ask you a question?" Carl von Billow, minister of the 6 th Army, raised his right hand half-way.
Bohr stopped to explain himself, "Marshal, please speak!"
Bilo said unhurriedly, "According to our Titan plan, once the German-American explosion war broke out, the navy should attack the main US military port and wait for the main US navy to fight a decisive battle to defeat the US naval forces in one fell swoop!" If this step is implemented smoothly, can’t we control the Gulf of Mexico? "