As the saying goes, Hyperion can take the lead in the battle in Thor because he is close to the speed of light and flies high. Now he can suppress Hyperion and rely on his absolute speed.


Hyperion’s every move will be successfully countered by Gao Fei, not because Gao Fei is experienced enough to see through Hyperion’s routine, but because Gao Fei’s speed is too fast, even if he is a latecomer, he can strike people.
"You damn earth person, how can you have such horrible speed?"
Hyperion gnashed his teeth and asked at the same time, struggling to get rid of the control of flying high. Unfortunately, even if he struggled to fly high, he was not much worse than Hyperion. He firmly clamped Hyperion’s body with his hands.
"Golden Titan, your stereotype of the earth people can be over. The earth people are not the ones who slaughtered the earth people in those years. We will not worship the roots everywhere like the ignorant and cowardly ancestors …"
"Now we can control our own destiny!"
Speaking of which, Goofy lifted Hyperion high, then instantly entered the speed of light and directly smashed Hyperion to the ground.
B! ! !
Stone chips are flying! The floor of the arena was smashed into a huge pit by Hyperion’s body!
"oh! ! !”
The people of Saka in the audience gave a surprise and called them here. It would be a close battle, but I didn’t expect the result to be one-sided.
It is precisely because they predicted this result that they contributed a lot of worship value to Gao Fei.
5 o’clock, 1 o’clock, 15 o’clock, 2 o’clock …
There are 10,000 spectators at the scene, and they are all potential sources of high flying.
In just five minutes after the game, Gao Fei successfully accumulated 1 worship value!
"oh? Can you treasure the chest so soon? "
In the process of beating Hyperion, I sometimes read the background and fly high, and some accidents were wondering.
"Then I might as well open a mystery chest first. After all, there is little effect in dealing with Hyperion’s physical attack. Although I rub him on the ground now, I really want to beat him or benefit from magic attacks …"
The real weakness of the eternal protoss biophysical defense is the magic resistance, just as the superheroes in Avengers 4 did not do much damage to Thanos, but the crimson witch almost tore his hand after the resurrection.
Thought of here, fly high, kick Hyperion into the center of the challenge, and at the same time, quickly bring up the unified background and open the mystery chest.
"Come on, let the first treasure chest …"
Make the backstage accumulate 1 worship value to unify the mystery treasure chest and slowly open it.
"Hurry up, hurry up, hurry up …" Goofy knew that Hyperion could fight back at any time, and prayed low in his heart. Although he might enter the speed of light and pause, the superhero unified without the speed of light, so Goofy could give up fighting in the process of adjusting the system.
As the mysterious treasure chest opened, a luminous word appeared.
The mysterious treasure chest is really mysterious, even the treasures in the treasure chest are so mysterious
Goofy looked down at the note and wrote, "Congratulations to the host for acquiring skills-the contract host can establish contracts with mysterious masters of various planes to borrow their abilities, and the specific details will be decided by both parties through consultation …"
"hmm? This is an interesting skill, "Goofy smiled." It seems that I can give Hyperion a good meal. "
But at the same time, Hyperion has climbed out of the ruins.
At this time, his face was bruised and bruised, but after absorbing the light of the stars, his body injury was quickly repaired, which is their eternal protoss physical advantage
"Damn the earth, I will make you pay!"
Climbing out of the hole, Hyperion rushed at Goofy and punched Goofy in the face.
So when goofy was busy tinkering with the treasure chest, there was no defense. Hyperion’s fist had a strong impact and almost smashed Goofy’s head directly.
Fortunately, the desperate virus will play a role in quickly repairing the damage of Goofy’s face.
Hyperion startled a surprised-the earth people recover faster than eternal protoss? !
And the audience at the stadium saw that Hyperion finally fought back and successfully hit the key of Goofy-they were all excited because they saw the turning point of the game.
If the final is goofy’s unilateral beating of Hyperion, then the final is more enjoyable and exciting without a close confrontation.
So Hyperion fans immediately got excited and cheered up their heroes.
"Come on! Hyperion! "
"Fight back! Hyperion! "
"To resist! Go fight! Golden Titan! "
"Golden Titan cattle batch! The golden titan washed the duck! ! !”
With the encouragement of the audience, Hyperion’s natural fighting spirit is even higher. He continuously punched a set of combination punches at Goofy’s body and directly pushed Goofy from the middle of the ring to the corner. At present, Goofy obviously has no plan to fight back. He even managed to avoid it.
Thor JiYan backstage "this fly what’s going on? Why is the plane stuck again after hitting it? I know this guy can’t die, and his physical ability to fight is very strong, but he can’t keep being beaten like this! "
The stone man touched the back of his head and said, "I think this is because Goofy deliberately humiliated the enemy, just to let the enemy know that I just want you to beat me, but you can’t beat me."
In the past few seconds, Hyperion has frequently played a combination boxing.
After the combined boxing hurt Goofy, Hyperion decided to cut Goofy’s head directly with hot eyesight.
"Let me see if you are as immortal as you say! ! !” Hyperion Li Dao
While goofy body is furious, it awakens goofy "Uncle Goofy! Uncle goofy! Hyperion is going to make a big move! What the hell are you doing? "
Gao Fei is leisurely studying the skills of the mystic. He is not at ease that Hyperion will attack him.
"oh? Really? Is Hyperion really going to make a big move? "
"Of course it’s true. His eyes are red! ! !” Furious and nervous, he said, "Uncle Goofy, you have immortality, but I don’t! I don’t want to die! I’m still a child! ! !”
"Er … yeah, I almost forgot about you." Goofy looked apologetic. I just visited the waves, but I didn’t remember that I had a rampage.
"Well … you take over my body for the time being," Goofy said. "I have to think about it for a while."
I have no time to talk to Goofy when I’m furious. Cover Goofy’s body and get control of it.