It turns out that Yu Fangheng and other three female swordsmen flew slowly for a long time before they arrived in Qinling Mountain, just as Chi Lu did when they were returning from visiting friends and relatives of Huashan School’s blind Tianshi Xichuan. He also mistakenly believed that Yu Fangheng and other young women were decent middle school beginners, and the three women had suffered losses before, but they were already wary. Although they had a generation of mana, they were not as strong as Chi Lu. Soon, thirteen flying knives were first smashed into pieces by three female flying swords. God Lei Zhen scattered demon atmosphere, knowing that it was not good to escape, the three girls had a magic weapon to turn against the guest, and the host trapped him in a critical situation. While exerting evil methods and treasures, he tried his best to resist, and at the same time sent out a letter of fire to ask for help, but he was at loggerheads and waited for help, only to find another adversary, Xiang Fangshu.


Xiang Fangshu’s departure when she got the jade bottle at first was not selfish, for she was afraid that the three girls would go back on their word and rob her of the jade bottle. It was the savior she met when she was trapped by the second demon. Master Xiang Fangshu was young, but she knew the profound Dharma of Shennifento, the first person in Buddhism who was proficient in Taoism and fencing. Master often admired her the most. After kneeling down and thanking her, she asked the mystery Fentuo to answer, "The treasure of the ancient fairy before the jade bottle is no small matter. You can’t make the treasure box hidden now have been discovered." Go to that person quickly, and it’s also a sword in your fellow box, but she can take it. You want the jade bottle, and I’ll meet you here as soon as I get it. "Xiang Fangshu heard that he was very happy because Master Fentuo once said that he would visit a friend who was going to die out in a nunnery in Qinling, and he was afraid that he could not stay busy for a long time and go back to the original place.""This treasure had better be refined by me once more, and its efficacy will be greater in the future. You belong to Emei Gate. I will take it back to the nunnery after I send the friend to sit down. It can be refined in half a year. The future of the three younger brothers of Baiyun Master Gate is still a little difficult. I am in a hurry to go to Qinling to save this treasure at this time. If you meet the three female demon people and talk about his magic weapon, you can break it, but as soon as I find the friend and talk a few words, I have to settle down and send her back to the truth. You have to hurry when you are finished. The body was attacked by the evil spirits of different factions for less than three days, and even people and temples were hidden by Buddhism. You can’t find me hiding different treasures, and you can’t know the mystery completely. The mustard ring can be taken away by outsiders without adding treasure. The vulnerable party covets that here to Qinling Mountain is full of evil spirits of Huashan Sect. Once it is encountered or taken away or stolen, it will be difficult to recapture it. "Xiang Fangshu knelt down one by one and thanked Master Novento for giving the jade bottle method and the name of the treasure’s origin. Seeing that the three girls were evil-minded, the Master said that he was afraid to go late and miss the opportunity. The jade bottle broke the evil law and scared the demon away. Without saying a word to the three girls, he flew away twice, and both of them came and went in a hurry, which made the three girls suspicious. When hiding private things, the boss was unhappy.
I went to Fangshu for an appointment, but I didn’t have time to think about it. I went to Qinling to find the nunnery and knocked on the door to meet the thatched cottage futon. While sitting on the futon, there was a white-haired old man with an eyebrow like a full moon, while sitting on the master Fentuo’s nunnery. The third person’s furnishings were also extremely simple. After a shaft of Buddha paintings even bowed down and saluted the statue, I took out the jade bottle and handed it over to the master Fentuo. I smiled and said to the master, "The strange elder brother’s achievements are later than mine, so there are so many troubles involved How could you say that? " Lao Ni warned, "I was wrong, I was wrong." Master Fentuo added, "What’s wrong? Are you wrong? " Just after the words were finished, I saw Lao Ni’s quarrel with a smile and a slight nod and two eyes, and then I stopped talking. With the smell of fragrant sandalwood all over the room, I looked intently at Fang Shu and saw that Lao Ni had passed away. Because I saw Master Fentuo crossing his hands and mumbling that the patrol room had not yet settled, it was rare to meet this situation. I was afraid of different orders and wanted to inquire about Lao Ni’s French horn. After knocking on his head, I stood up and still waited on my side. Master Fentuo sat cross-legged opposite Lao Ni and sat in a blink of an eye.
Xiang Fangshu studied the nunnery carefully and stayed for a while. He was very interested and thought, "This old Niding is also an extraordinary person. Since he chose this place to clean up the scenery outside, he must have stayed there for three days before he saw it. Don’t look outside the nunnery?" So I strolled out of the nunnery to see that there were many undulating trees everywhere, and the scenery and terrain were very lonely. Looking back, the nunnery had tried to retreat in the original direction, but the door was always accessible. I was just about to fly to other places to find a place to live. Just after flying not far, I saw Guanghua in the right mountain ring wrapped in a demon fire and evil atmosphere. Looking intently, I saw that it was the first time I met three women and a demon road, but I didn’t think of the other two meetings. They all went too fast. This thing just helped them to punish evil and make friends. I rushed to fight with the power of the People protect themselves, the demon flies away, and the three lesbians use magic weapons and fly swords to kill the demon. With a smiling face, they just want to tell the story. The three women run counter to each other and break up. Many times, how far does the road go? When they meet the demon, they come to help. What a clever way, the more they recognize it. She knows this geography and the demon’s lair. She deliberately hides and follows it. She repeatedly shows off her brilliance and wonders. She blurts out angrily and asks, "Where’s your jade bottle? Why didn’t you take it out this time? " To Fang Shu, I didn’t see that the three girls looked unhappy and knew that Shenni Fentuo was quiet and didn’t like outsiders to pester me for fear of telling the truth. The three girls went to find her in the future and casually replied, "The bottle needs to be refined again. An old-timer in Lu Yu has asked her to take it back." Wan and Li Ernv naturally have the gas to retort, and Yu Fangheng also thinks that what she said is not solid."It’s always a fellow sister. She’s young and shallow, but she still has to look at her master and sister for the first time. She is very concerned about the inconvenience. Even if she hides private things and cheats twice, it’s not evil to secretly come to the rescue." For fear that the two women will say that it’s difficult to obey each other, they will be too busy to wink and stop the two women from grabbing the mouth and say, "I’m eager to see my teacher in Sichuan, and then I’ll meet you again." Then I raised my hand and led the two women to fly up.
When I arrived, I saw that the evil spirits swarmed to see that the force was fierce. As usual, the three girls must unite to chase Fang Shu together. At this time, I hated her selfishness and thought that when I met the demon in Zhongnanshan for the first time, I saw that she lost. She also had a mustard ring to protect herself from all evils. Besides, Grandma Jin was so good at winning Fang Shu, her beloved brother, and it would not be easy to make her come out of the mountain. Although she was young and simple, the flying sword by this two treasures was also very harmful to Li. Twenty-two women are more determined to make Fang Shu alone, and even Yu Fangheng’s figure has been hidden away, and the evil fog has flown near Yu Fangheng. See you later, the enemy is powerful, and she wants to hide from the camera. If Fang Shu is defeated, she can still save Li and Wan Ernv. She insists on not saying, "Since this girl is bravado, let her try something. We won’t help her at that time, but we won’t help the teachers to know it in the future or pretend that we don’t know. Anyway, she is trapped by people." Fang Heng also felt that she had been spying on the light like her, so she didn’t turn around and fly away with the two women. This time, because of the delay in fighting with the demon people along the way, the three-yang sword had been driven at will, but at that time, the original flying sword flew quickly when it came to the mountain to meet the teacher, but I didn’t know anything about the situation far behind
Xiang Fang Shu kindly wanted to make friends with three women, but an absent-minded one asked a jade bottle before answering the words, and then he got up and hurried to fly with the sword light. His expression was very indifferent. Only then did he see that Fang Shu must have a misunderstanding. She was also young and proud and angry, and she didn’t want to catch up. She flew close to Fang Shu, and her eyesight was not as good as that of the three women until she flew two miles apart, but she was smart. She also saw that Fang Shu could not despise the three women first. Jade bottle knows that it is beyond the reach of a flying sword to resist. Quickly turn your head and urge me to escape from the light. I want to avoid the demon who seeks revenge for her and come to see her fly from the place where her comrades died. Chi Lu also means that Fang Shu is the enemy he is looking for and is willing to escape if she can. Fang Shu relies on her teacher to fly away from the enemy. Nine times out of ten, she is about to do something in her busy schedule to hide herself. Suddenly, a black shadow flashes in front of her eyes, and a dark and ugly monster like a ghost blocks the way. There is a clump of green smoke and light rain in the hand, and there is a general head-on call. Black and ugly thunder is refined by the nine fierce gods. Fortunately, Fang Shu knows that she has to ask the master for help several times before she can allow people to save her life. Her reputation is ruined and her legacy is ashamed. She has always been careful to meet a slightly fierce enemy, always asking for success before putting the mustard ring up for protection, which has really avoided many dangers. This time, when she saw the enemy, she expected that the demon people she had killed had taken out the mustard ring early. When the black and ugly Yuan God appeared, it was covered with colorful circles and thunder.I’m sure I won’t be able to meet them. I’m so scared that I’ll escape the light and fly to XieCiLi again.
Unexpectedly, the black ugliness is tempered by rage, and the three corpses and gods are transformed as quickly as the enemy’s figure. If you want to be seen and dazzled, you can chase it and block it head-on as you like. The black shaqi is also surrounded by Fang Shuye, and if you are seen, you can be invisible and you can’t escape from it. The mustard ring has been put to good use, unless you can’t hide it, you can’t escape far away, and then you can collect the magic weapon. When you are invisible, you can fly not far. Another demon smoke blocks the way and follows behind you. A demon smoke has A storm-tight, dark and ugly thunder is extremely severe. Several Huashan sect experts, such as Jia Chilu and Zhu He, have taken credit for their black and ugly magic weapons, and tried their best to dazzle the eyes, fire, smoke, evil flames, evil spirits, thunder and rumbling, and then mixed with several ghostly shadows to shake the valley.
Fang Shu has long been trapped with a sword in one, surrounded by a mustard ring and a treasure light. Although she is eager, she is not hurt, but the treasure light is as heavy as a mountain. The black ugly person can’t move a fraction. Seeing that the enemy treasure light is magical and can’t attack the yin thunder and hit the necessary vibration, she calls on everyone to relax when she sees that the enemy is fighting this treasure. It is still surrounded on all sides, but she leaves a hundred feet to make the enemy hang in the center. The three little blacks and the demon people are divided into five or six sides, and each will use the magic weapon in turn. Fang Shu really ate a lot. The bitter thunder is extremely powerful, and with the help of other demons, every launch is shaken far away, just from the east to the west, and it is still shaken again. It is followed by the corresponding cycle between the north and the south, which is more difficult than the other four sides. It is more difficult to ban people and throw the ball. It is generally difficult to support the self-knowledge that the mind is scattered and the evil spirits invade, so it is fortunate to bite the bullet and be calm and suffer.
Seeing the demon attack more and more urgently, the owner’s mind and body gradually control the crisis. Suddenly, there seems to be a very strong golden light in the black flame of the fire outside. Because the demon smoke is dense and the heart is dizzy, I don’t really see it coming. The golden light is closed, so I listen to the sky-shattering thunderbolt. At the same time, the eyes are bright and the golden light is shaking. I can’t support my mind anymore. I just fainted. "No!" To faint, I suddenly felt that the golden light was shining on my body, and then I fell to the ground, and the mustard ring seemed to be taken away. This surprise was serious. I couldn’t help but be scared in a cold sweat and immediately became sane. I quickly opened my eyes and saw all the evil smoke and fog around me. I couldn’t even see the remnants of the silk. It was so straight that I just woke up from a nightmare.
Further on, I looked at the ground, but a few demon corpses were scattered upside down. One of them had been cut off for two pieces, and the whole body was burnt. It was generally expected that the savior had just arrived. The demon people were all killed by thunder and fire. I thought, "Listen to my sister’s saying that this divine thunder is not only a teacher of Emei Sect, but also a lot of fellow Taoist friends have been granted skill. Although it is similar to this magical power, I have never even heard of it. Even if I can’t control outsiders, I can’t take it away. How can the demon people be lost? Although the demon man died when he fell, the little black man who had an external incarnation was the worst. He didn’t see the body. Did this fellow take a picture of the mustard ring and escape when he was in a state of shock and confusion? Send ray doyen is not allowed to be the treasure to recover also unknown "Hurriedly, I didn’t see you fly back twice, but I was anxious and hopeful. Suddenly, the figure in front flashed a sage-like style. A child of about eleven or twelve years old was wearing a yellow round neck, a short dress, a gold ring, shoulders and trousers, and a pair of pink and white feet, such as jade green hair shawl, eyebrows, temples and pink nose. Joan’s lips were like Zhu Runer’s wheel, a pair of handsome eyes, and a pair of fairy-like style costumes were bright and vivid, like Guanyin’s seat, a good talent, a child’s Never dare to look at Fang Shu at a young age. I haven’t seen this fairy long. I don’t know how suddenly I was blessed. When I met her, I fell to my knees. At first, I was just thinking about saving others’ lives. Although I was surprisingly powerful, I was so young. I heard that there were several outstanding newcomers in Emei Gate. They were all young children, so I was afraid that the other party would not accept the gift. So I fell to my knees first and suddenly remembered that this person’s appearance was similar to that of Master’s often said that Li Jingxiu, a real person in bliss. Those demons were so powerful that they How good the qualifications are, so is the mana idea. Let alone breaking the defense. In case of wrong guess, I respectfully knocked on the nine heads and thanked him for saving my life. Then I knelt down and asked the immortal to give me the name to call me.
Blissful reality should have soared to the celestial realm since it became a baby. The apprentice was so careless that he was so deeply attached to the apprentice that he made some evil deeds to clean up the door and Xu Hong was willing to make up for the day’s merits by doing external work 100 thousand times. Second, in view of the 500-year Taoist disaster, various schools of immortals have received disciples in succession, and many good materials have been produced. I thought, "My own achievements will soon be complete for decades, that is, the door method is a snap of time. No one but it is a pity that the Taoist disciples’ primary phase doors are gradually gaining more and more merits, and more It’s hard to make up for it in the future if you don’t spend all your external work like yourself. It’s too important to share your life before you accomplish it. There are too many good disciples. There is a harm to the herd of horses. It’s either a foul, apostasy or self-destruction. One Qin Yu who was killed by outsiders can be taught the mantle at first sight, and Yuan Jing who was lost by tian hu finally solved it. On the other hand, he can barely inherit and carry forward for many years. Half of his disciples are discouraged and half of his talents are rare. Therefore, it’s inconvenient to find two in the present.As a result, the children’s body player is not interested in seeking for two registered brothers for many years, but he still hasn’t found them. However, although life has many characteristics, he has not gone to the real person’s life. He is the most fond of smart and witty boys and girls, and his disciples are too extravagant. Especially because of this, at present, such well-founded boys and girls have learned Taoism and practiced external skills for nearly a hundred years. At that time, the evil spirits of different sects were still so powerful that the master was afraid of missing the magic weapon. Give the flying sword as much as possible. Every time you kill a demon, the master will secretly follow you to a little distress, and immediately show up to help you. It seems that the younger generation is younger than their own self-reliance, and they are also extremely assured and bold. It seems that they will not give a flying sword or a magic weapon to get started. Soon, the mountain road will be rampant, and the thorns will lurk everywhere. Of course, the crisis is profound, and everyone’s teachers will take care of each other, and the two generations will not suffer from mistakes. Then they will save themselves. Star, but after all, they have to go through many difficulties and dangers. They are really proud of their teachers. They feel pitiful and lovely. Since Chengdu’s broken Ciyun Temple met the Emei people, they often have to give some benefits when they are in trouble.
This time, the heart was passing by, and hundreds of miles away, there was an evil spirit. I knew that some decent people were trapped, but I didn’t think about it. I immediately came here. The evil smoke and fire were too strong. Demons, who were trapped in such a large scale, would not be idle. When I looked closer, I saw that the trapped girl was a girl who was only 14 or 15 years old. This side was not unique to several Huashan sect experts, and there were nine fierce gods who were evil and ugly. I tried my best to use my father’s evil thunder to help abuse the girl. I thought it was young, It’s like throwing a ball, surrounded by smoke, light and evil fire, shaking and rolling endlessly. People are extremely tired to see that they are going to be killed. Seeing this, the real person can’t help but be angry and indignant. Because seeing that the black ugliness is not yet done and the fate is about to happen, my father Jiu Lie has seen two sides of the ceremony, and he is respectful and afraid to sell madness, and he knows that people can’t escape the scourge. In recent years, Du Men has learned to regret the evil, but he has no ambition to never die. Although he goes out from evil to help evil, after all, it is
Real people’s humanitarian law is profound and mysterious, and the big B god Lei is a unique family. When it was born, it was a dry day, and together with the thunder in the Central Plains, it gathered together to make a new fire. At the same time, it hit Fentuo. At that time, a thousand feet of thunder and lightning fell like thunder and lightning, and it was more urgent than falling into a volcano. In addition to intentionally letting the black ugly go out of the field, the temptress seduced the black ugly, and none of them had escaped from the wave. Zhu’s legal power was the highest, and he was the most knowledgeable, and he fled as quickly as he could. At the sight of the situation, he knew that it was not good. The magic weapon was self-protective, and the blood was divided. I didn’t know that the real person had not escaped from the circle.
Black ugly also saw that the thunder of God was different, and he was not injured before he was shocked. A heavy demon smoke and thunder were destroyed, and he relied on Xuangong to change. In his busy schedule, he also wanted to try to fight. He didn’t dare to stay. He hurriedly recovered his avatar and fled. He didn’t know that the real person intended to let him go, but he was blocked when he fled. He actually grabbed a few grains of Yin Lei and went to the real person to try to break him. Yin Lei suddenly remembered something and saw Fang Shu stunned by the shock, pointing to the golden light to make her sane. At the same time, she collected her mustard ring I was so quick to escape and dazzle that I was forced to put the Yin Lei in a hurry. The real person put the mustard ring away and went to Bao Guang to meet it. Before the explosion, I had already collected every value. When I hit it, I stopped. The black ugly panic was the effect of Yin Lei. At the same time, I thought that this man’s father often said that the image of Blissful Boy was similar, and finally he didn’t boldly meet the enemy. If so, how could he be lucky to be late? The more you think about it, the colder it will be, lest you chase it, and you will send a lot of thunder until you have finished sending half a gourd of thunder. The real person stopped chasing and shouted, "Learn quickly that your father will regret it behind closed doors or die in the future, otherwise you will be hard to kill and your father will be dragged down by you."
Say and then turn around and see Fang Shu’s piety and propriety, and the more he loves and smiles, he evokes "I am a blissful child". He says to Fang Shu that Tai Shi Bo is heavy and worships the real person with a smile. "I have made my grandmaster elegant, and I have seen him several times. How can I call him that? Get up quickly. I have something to say. Fang Shu stood up and replied, "Taishi Bo repaired the real family’s ancestors, and Emei Zushi Chang Mei’s real peers handed over to his grandnephew. It’s not too early to take the liberty of Shanjia Shi’s solution, for fear that his grandnephew and others will be difficult to be finished, and the Emei government will introduce him to the real family. According to the future, it’s not wrong to call Taishi Shu." The real person smiled and said, "You have to worry about it when you show it to my hand from your mustard ring. Since your treasure doesn’t defend itself, is it the reason why you have suffered this great risk?" Fang Shu leaned down and replied"It’s also my nephew’s impatience, because I heard from my sisters that the old and new disciples in Emei Mansion have accumulated a lot of external skills, and I have also learned from Chen Qiangong’s introduction to my nephew’s skill in collecting herbs and refining swords on weekdays, for fear that when I get started, I will be despised by different generations. I didn’t mean to repeatedly tell my family that I am afraid that my brother’s flying sword will not be worn, but I will not hesitate to give it to the town owner. Because time has forced me to make meritorious deeds, I can’t wait for it to be refined, so I know that the mountains, rivers and Hunan Hengjiu heard of the end of the south, There are as many demon nests in the Qinling Mountains as possible. Although the strength is different, there is a difference between the strength and weakness. If you can avoid the strong by stealth, you will be weak. If you don’t smash the demon, you can always build some achievements. Fortunately, except for a few demon people who have saved some victims, although they are in distress, they have to deal with it carefully and this treasure is self-defense. Unexpectedly, recently, they met a witch who took possession of treasures underground in the Wild Goose Valley and were trapped outside the demon party cave for three days and nights. Fortunately, Grandmother Mengfentuo helped them get out of trouble. The green bottle left by Zhang, a fairy in the former Han Dynasty, was handed over to Master Fentuo for re-refining because he didn’t know the law. The other three sisters of the same age joined forces to punish a demon just after breaking up, only to be found by many demon parties, if it weren’t for Taishi’s help, several accidents would happen. "
The real person laughed. "Emei has become popular since it was taught by friends of Qi Dao, just like the words of the real person in the past,’ My Tao should flourish’ have really come true, and how can it be so prosperous since ancient times? It’s rare for you to be a young and weak woman alone because you are sincere in your way, but it’s difficult for you to be fearless in the evil areas. It’s a pity that I gave you a gift at this time. The name of the little demon is Black Ugly. Although his dark thunder is evil, it can fight poison with poison. It’s wonderful that in the future, several Taoist friends in scattered immortals need it. If they all have gained prestige for many years, they will never win over the evil spirits. Your future generations will certainly accept it, but it has been found to be evil in advance, and it will become a waste. I want to catch up with the black ugliness and collect it. Because it is sent and received by his mind, it is very convenient to collect it. Therefore, I have borrowed the mustard ring and collected a lot now. I have forbidden it. I can’t respond to it at will. I will give it to you when I see it in person. When people say that they can collect it with the mustard ring since Chen Gong’s trip, I don’t need someone to answer you. If the other party is not a foreigner, you can send him half of it and wait for the second person to ask for it. You can also do one more favor. These two people will never lose you.
Fang Shu also wants to ask for instructions about the opportunity and his achievements in other years. Seeing that the golden light is full of real people has been traced, the surprise was handed over to the outside. I quickly looked at the thunder, and the crystal green and even round of each mung bean was very cute. I didn’t expect to have such a great power. Look at the demon corpse together with the first trace. I knew that the real people buried themselves without any awareness of admiration. I was very happy to fly in the radial city.
Black ugly was so scared that he didn’t even dare to go back. He still had the idea to take care of the witch and flee straight back to the mountain. He planned to cry to his parents about the mountain. He took revenge only to eat in the confinement palace for a long time. He missed the witch every day and went out to look for it, but he didn’t find it.
It turned out that when the temptress slipped through the net and didn’t see the demons turning around, she knew it was not good. The next day, she went to the original place to check, except that the cliff stones around her were collapsed by Lei Zhen, which was a trail of the matinee companions. Black Ugly and all the demons were killed by the evil hands, and then she wept bitterly and cursed a scene. At first, the chief demons, such as the fire ancestor and Shinanxi, also shared the same thoughts as Black Ugly, seeking revenge for the enemy. It happened to be the door of these major Huashan parties. I heard that I was very angry because I didn’t know the name
Suddenly visiting together is also the story. "On that day, a girlfriend went to Qinling to find a big enemy to avenge her husband’s murder in the past. The other party was an unknown nun. She always kept a low profile and concealed her prowess in the Qinling Maoan. She was a very common enemy, but she hated her and was determined to die and destroy her achievements. When she looked at the temple, it happened that the enemy was unexpectedly handed in with the Sichuan Dragon Elephant Temple God Nifentuo to protect the law in advance, and there was a girl who didn’t know Fentuo. The stealth method, which is well known, may not be able to hide it from her. Where do you dare to move? You just want to escape when you see it. Who knows that it has been blocked by the potential of thousands of pounds wherever you go, and there is no conflict any more. The girl standing next to you will walk out of the temple for a while, but the two of us will be forced by the potential of the outside world, and gradually we will not even be able to walk. Fentuo will face the enemy and will not pay attention to him. Then he will burn his bones and show his light. The body is still in its original form, sinking and staying for a while, anxious and afraid of Shi first said that since her husband’s death, she has been practicing behind closed doors. Now Bai Fu deserves it. Since then, she has turned over a new leaf and turned over a new leaf. She dared not regenerate her delusions. She begged Fentuo to spare her once. She just ran out of the nunnery and listened to the golden light of Fentuo Buddhism since the beginning of the day. She also suspected that Mao’s nunnery was hidden and moving. When she looked at the hillside two miles apart, she saw that the girl’s smoke had just cleared away and several charred corpses fell down. She knew that there was Huashan Mountain in this area, which was fighting with the enemy faction.Suddenly, a golden light flashed in the place of bliss, and Li Jingxiu, a real person, showed up to know that this person’s mana was as good as Fentuo’s stealth method, but because the girlfriend said that she had long been immune to this assassination, her husband and her enemies had done her best, and the other person had sworn to Shenni that she would never go back to the past to make friends with Taoist friends. However, the experience did not mean that the dead were in the same boat and did not mean to steal Li Zhen’s humanity. It would not be bad to escape without conscience, so I didn’t go to the question and answer between the two sides to know that death was a noble family Sooner or later, it’s hard to be lucky and shocking, and I remember that the people in the different schools have been more and more frightened recently. Now I have made an agreement with my girlfriend to go overseas to find a Kiyoshi Kojima and repair it, and I will never take part in evil deeds again. Before this friend told me to make an appointment with Emei in the future, it’s hard to learn from myself, but it’s hard to do it for many years. I’m afraid I’ll be disappointed then. I’ll inform you to say goodbye for the same generation. "
When the fire ancestor and others heard that the enemy was a blissful real person, they were discouraged and thought that she was a "fairy" and a "real person". Unexpectedly, when they heard that later, they openly said that they had abandoned evil and returned to the right as their girlfriend, and they also showed their intention of breaking up. They couldn’t help but be furious and drink, "Are you scared crazy by the demon thief?" I haven’t turned my face to humanity yet. "It’s too late to get lost." With people, I’ve been invisible. All the enchanting girls must be Fantuo’s lover Yang Jin. Otherwise, there will be no such high-powered and capable disciples. Several of them have died tragically. Like this, they can provoke a temporary revenge and think about it in the future.
When the temptress saw that the teachers were so timid and knew what to expect, she was still reluctant to give up because the people were not black and ugly. She thought, "In recent years, Jiulie Shenjun refused to see the island full of ambushes, and outsiders couldn’t get in. If black and ugly were not dead, it was necessary to find it." When she returned to the cave, she didn’t even wait for days to find a tragic death, so she said that Mr. Right didn’t even add a talent like her husband. Once the sea barely got a few strong men who didn’t like it, and she killed several lives in vain, and all the I thought to myself, "My name is too big, either because others dare not, or because I don’t want to be decent and prosperous at present, and I don’t even have a helper to share my life and death with. It’s like taking a strong man for a long time. Bing’s husband said that it would be difficult to please when he met the enemy before his death. It’s better to smell that there are many scattered immortals overseas, but his lust is not broken. Have you ever tried to take a trip with a wife?" I made up my mind that she came with Chilu as a master, not a fire ancestor, and my brother flew to the South China Sea under the name of visiting friends.
Black ugly can’t find her. She has found some prostitutes in a big city. She has been having fun for some days. Because she was once frustrated and warned by the Nine Streets, she didn’t dare to jump. However, the more she played, the more tired she became. She also remembered that when the sea enemy was in full swing, she had a father and couldn’t resist being bullied. Anyway, she couldn’t talk about going overseas once. Maybe she really met two people. I didn’t expect to meet a Huashan Sect when I was leaving in the desolate and cold regions of the north and south poles. I didn’t expect to go for a ride, The man happened to be ordered to go to Xiaoxianyuan, a night island in the South China Sea. Yesterday, he came back and met a temptress who was playing on the same island. Because the temptress saw it and avoided it, she didn’t speak. The black scandal was both happy and sour, and she hurried to search all over the night island. Xiaoxianyuan was also behind the island. Wei Wei learned that the temptress had gone to Admiralty Island with her Taoist friend Zhong Cong to find someone to fight for. There were still people to be feared in the black ugly scattered fairy. She didn’t ask Admiralty Island in detail.
In fact, Wei Ying is a temptress lover, because she has a feud with Admiralty Island, but she is afraid to provoke herself. She is very happy because of her first attempt at lewdness. She is tired of coping with the suspicion that the temptress wants to steal him. Recently, the island owner just went out for a trip, which just ordered the temptress to make trouble. It is also a hypothesis that yesterday, she heard that the island was full of fairies and a male temptress was so angry that she immediately wanted Wei Ying to go with her to find the theory of black ugliness. However, Wei Ying said, "My island owner’s neighbors for many years have been inconvenient to hurt her At the same time, he said that Black Ugly is also a guest at the island palace. If she is disturbed, she can force her to give someone away, otherwise the island is so big that he won’t know you are going if you can’t find him.
The temptress never dreamed of a new lover, so wicked heart gave her a little evil spirit and let her die for nothing. At that time, she was fascinated by lust and thought to herself, "Black ugly can’t help but be sour when she sees that she has brought a new lover with her, and she can’t blame him for her first handover. It’s better to go it alone and say that it’s more gracious when he comes here all the way in the future." Master Ye Bin knew that it was a curse to come here to criticize. When the witch left, she followed her in a dark stealth shape. She dared not go to the island to keep the island and steal the movement. When the witch fled, she would be killed forever. I expected that the island palace would ban the powerful divine power, especially the mysterious witch, killing more two maids and destroying some treasures. If the result is not dead, it will hurt and be defeated.
Sure enough, as soon as the temptress arrived at the island, she scolded the islander and called her husband back. Ye Bin was strict about the rules of the master maid, and it was not easy to allow the gap in life. At this time, there were just two maids on the island, and they saw the temptress flying and cursing, and one of them was kind enough to ask, "How can there be your husband in the footprint of the island?" An early warning signal was secretly launched by two female brothers in the palace. When the police heard that the enemy of the neighboring island was attacking on a large scale, the division was forbidden to launch first, and then the temptress led the public to see what the two maids were capable of. The more they abused their new love, the more they threatened the flying sword, and to tell the truth, they tried to break the Shenguang Pagoda in the island and a white jade causeway that went straight to the palace. Unexpectedly, the two maids’ mana was limited, but everyone would see the prohibition launched again. Immediately, they turned their faces and met the enemy, followed by the two female brothers, who also led the maids
Wei Wei said that Ye Bin was not much worse than the witch’s mana. Although it was not the second daughter’s younger brother’s enemy’s sudden surprise, the white jade causeway always burst with fire. I didn’t know that there was an ambush on the island. Once the rosy clouds were launched, when the beautiful shadows were floating in the clouds, I couldn’t bear it. Fortunately, I didn’t take precautions and went with the witch. I was so scared that I didn’t dare to stop at once. I found out that it was a nine-strong love spell, so I used the knife to kill people. Regardless of victory or defeat, both
When Black Ugly arrived at the island, he acted just like a witch, and people followed him and threatened him with flying forks. This time, it happened that Ye Bin’s beloved maid Xie Fangxia had a high mana and was able to transport the island’s divine light. When he heard that Black Ugly was a witch’s husband, he didn’t show his true colors. He thought, "At this time, I am doing evening classes in the palace, as big as this demon is before, so I can’t work hard?"It’s not right to launch a ban while fighting back. It’s uncertain whether the temptress didn’t want to hurt her. It’s also Xie Fangxia who should have been robbed. The ban hasn’t worked well yet. She told the story that the temptress came here a few days ago and made trouble. The black scandal was so painful that she showed her true colors. If Xie Fangxia can be a black and ugly opponent by herself, if she wants to escape when she sees a bad situation, she will be lucky to be alert and agile. At the same time, the ban has been launched, and the alarm has also been sent to the palace. I don’t know that the divine light was banned so badly that I was eager to resist hurting people regardless of the second thunder. Xie Fangxia had to retreat and walk a few steps. The dark thunder burst immediately. Finally, Xie Fangxia knew that the evil spirits of the dark thunder were severe and she was afraid to attack and escape along the acupuncture points. She tried her best to close the acupuncture points without being invaded, so a jade arm had been blown to pieces and broken, and the flesh and blood were flying. At that time, everyone in the palace had been driven out of the dark and ugly. Since the second loss, she learned to be good. Although the arrogance wind was slightly unfavorable, she was wary of seeing an island Maid has such magic power and saw many enemies flying out of the palace intertwined with divine light, and then Yin Lei has been blocked by divine light, which hurts people. I dare not continue to fight. I want to inquire about the origin of the island, and then I want to make an idea to transport Xuangong immediately. I will go back to Xiaoxianyuan first, but I don’t see a person who is heartbroken. The temptress wants to go back to the mountain to get a magic weapon, and then I will report the revenge. After hearing him and making trouble overseas, I repeatedly warned Ye Bin not to go out in the second palace and feared that he would escape because of his daily concentration. In a few daysBlack Ugly, please come back. Nine fierce gods are in love with witches. I forgot to ban them again. Black Ugly is eager to go out and steal. He brought a lot of thunder, a magic weapon and a flying fork. He was born proud. How can he go to find an ordinary mother to make a gift? Because his father told Ye Bin that he was terrible and didn’t dare to seek revenge again, he made a lot of different demons and made a lot of vicious and vicious friends every day. The quotation became more and more quoted, and he finally became one with the demon corpse Gu Chen and the god of bones.
Nine-Fierce Gods fought against their fierce wives, Xiao Shen Niang, citing Taoism and their own encounters. Today’s monasticism has been completed for hundreds of years. A fierce wife should be born with this evil. A little JingXie is born with a heterogeneous husband and wife. They love each other like life, only to be killed by people. Even the three corpses they forged were destroyed. Ye Bin never fled back to a place. Ye Bin knew that even though the Nine-Fierce Gods knew it was difficult, his wife would not give up, and he was afraid that he would not be an adversary. After sending Yunfeng away, he went to Wuyi to borrow a Buddhist treasure
Naxieshan is a fairy who knows both Zen and mystery. Emei is a real person who has been friends for two generations. A layman is a gentle, romantic, noble, and alcoholic. When he was thirty years old, he accumulated a lot of poems and recited them for a while. Later, he abandoned his family to learn and scattered immortals. Several figures lived in Wuyishan, where thousands of rocks, sails, tides and small buildings were built and built. The best place in Wuyi was surrounded by dangerous peaks and mountains. Birds did not live in immortals’ famous mountain caves. He was only fond of living in the building, and he used the magic of fairy method to decorate a
The scattered flower vase is quaint in shape, but it was made by the elite of Meiyu ten thousand years ago. It was not ten years ago. When I went to Wuyi to visit Xieshan Road and passed near Macao, the night wind was quiet, the sky was blue and the sky was blue, and I felt that the night view of the sea was interesting. Suddenly, there was a monster with wings that looked like a hag. It was surfing from the sea, and it was a hundred feet high. First, it flew behind me, and the stars were a little bit big, and then it went out. Then I listened to the beep. When the monster was killed, it was bloody. When the monster died, the water surface swayed slightly for a while, and it was still calm. It was still a Wan Li crystal wave scene, and there was no longer a different shape. Previously, the green light was small but not strong, and it was covered by flying waves. For ordinary people, Ye Bin couldn’t see it directly. Because of his years of knowledge and knowledge, he saw that it was a rare treasure. "At present, a limited number of people, such as three daughters of Narcissus Ziyun, Geng Kun, a Taoist with wings, and the bodhi old zu who were trapped in the The northern three seas are far away, and the nearest distance between them is tens of thousands of miles, and the water surface is even deeper. How can such a noble scholar live in seclusion under the water in this neighboring province? Although the green light can’t see the way out, it’s only seen in my life, but it’s extremely supernatural, magical, positive and not evil. It’s by no means a magic weapon made by different sects and dumplings in the water. Dan Yuanbi looks at the air that someone is cleaning up monsters and harassing them, and sees that the other party is not easy to escape, not eating treasure light, chasing them and hitting them, killing them. "I can’t help but be curious and want to go into the sea to find out who the figure is, so I hide my figure and go straight to the bottom of the sea. At first, it is not very deep to be near the coast. I didn’t know that the monster started from a bottomless sea. It took more than 3,000 feet to see the white sand, even seaweed, swaying and swaying in the deep sea, strange fish trimming scales and various kinds of lifelike parades in the broken reef, and the coral trees are woven and different. I guess in my heart, "It’s just that a narcissus passed by the bottom of the water and the monster met and died, otherwise
I’m wandering around to suddenly realize that those strange fish are marching around in front of me and don’t swim to my side. Take a closer look at the place. It’s not far from the end wall of Haiqiao. There are many colorful coral trees on the ground. Most of them are folded together to correct the wrong shape. All kinds of colors are the most beautiful. I’ve never seen anything strange and brilliant. I thought very much, "It turns out that such a good coral is born here, so it’s a rare thing in the world." I wanted to pull up two plants and give them to my friends. I caught a glimpse of an acre of Xu in the center. The large and small reefs crushed two large corals, and the rocks were broken, and the corals were separated. It was not long before I learned that the local area was the most quiet and the sand was not lifted. The reefs were firmly attached to the seabed sand worms. How could the seabed extricate itself and the situation be the same as that of people? Follow all the way until you suddenly find a cave in the ground, where the heavy waves are still flush with the ground and the size and form of dripping water are the same.
Take a closer look at the cave, one side of which is concave, and there is a 16-foot-high niche. In the niche, a withered monk sits cross-legged, holding an ancient jade lamp in his left hand and pinching it with his right hand. At the same time, he sees that the lamp core is sad, and at the same time, he sees that half of the previous prohibitions have been broken, and the big rock of the hole has been uncovered. The most surprising thing is that the lamp core is not lit, but there is a faint flame shadow. If people want to get close to the hole, the flame will gradually show a very pale fluorescent shadow. As soon as people retreat, they know that it is a treasure to kill the monster. The green light will inevitably lead to the change of others’ getting up early, greedy and stealing treasures, causing accidents. Ye Bin, after all, has been practicing for a long time, and he has seen that the dead monk has been sitting on the bottom of the sea for thousands of years, but his treasure has not been infringed upon. He can think to himself, "At present, although he has been invaded by monsters, he will be banned from the outside, but he still can’t see the horror of the monster’s death deeply. Although he has been sitting on the supernatural power, he It’s reasonable that he can keep healthy and not be eroded by sea water, insects and sand. However, today, he has already started a murder, and his fate in the secluded palace is also so sad. He is visiting Xie Shan and near Wuyi, and he can go back and forth in an instant to discuss whether to seal him up or bury him in a secluded place. "Thought of this, look at the dead monk’s face, his face is getting sad, and it seems that he is smiling, knowing what he expected, and his heart is happy, so he just crossed his hands and sincerely wished to tell him what he had just thought.
See Xie Shan with an old piece of yellow linen in his hand. He is in a trance and worried. When he sees Ye Binlai, he will put away the leaves. Xie and his friends have been close to each other for a hundred years, and they feel that Xie Shan’s ordinary life is vast and empty, and another enemy should not be worried. Because he was eager to tell the wonders of the seabed, he asked a few words about Xie Shan’s ornaments and immediately lost them. Ye Bin said that Xie Shan’s words on the seabed were overjoyed and said, "The ancient lamp held by the withered monk is a scattered flower of the former ancient Buddhism, also known as the heart lamp. It is difficult to know the details of the origin at this time. If you get it, it will be of great benefit to you and me in the future." However, he said, "To prevent this Taoist friend from hiding the true sea bottom, he must have prevented the enemy from hurting at that time. After thousands of years, his grievances have been full, and his enemies have turned to robbery. He does not want to go to the bottom forever, but also to prevent Huai Bao from being injured by other demons and monsters. We should remove his body and bury it properly, and we can resist the traces at this time."
Ye Bin inconvenience too hindered to go back to the same place. I didn’t expect things to go very smoothly. First, I mumbled my hand in the cave and pinched it. I couldn’t tell whether it was chanting or sincere wishes. After reading the water at my finger, I banned the broken lamp and Buddha fire. I was about to fly up and eat Xie Shan’s pinch tactic, but after Ye Bin received it, the dead monk’s hands suddenly hung down to his knees and the jade lamp was not reborn. Nothing happened. Even the shrine was picked up and moved to Wuyi, and Xie Shanxian lived near the stone wall. It was buried and sealed and pulled out.
Ye Bin knows the difference between each other’s magical powers. This time, Xie Shan’s unique thing will be strange if it is scheduled. After four interrogations, it will always be covered up with decorations. Later, he only said, "The dead monk and I must have a cause, such as thousands of years later. At this time, our magical powers can’t be calculated. Soon, there are many Buddhist monks and gods in Emei Mansion, and they will be deeply informed when they ask for help." Ye Bin wondered if he was hiding something difficult to say.
Xie Shan said that this treasure was discovered by Ye Bin, and she personally accepted it. Ye Bin naturally refused to give it to each other. As a result, it was agreed that Ye Bin owned it temporarily without asking about the origin and cause, but the method was not good for the time being, so that each of them could be transported together according to their magical powers. When they realized the mystery, they didn’t know that this treasure could happen until they could respond at will. There was not much hidden oil in the ancient gods, and when they practiced, they ruined half of it. By the time they discovered it, the treasure had hidden magic skills, and the power was incredible.
Two months ago, Xie Shan borrowed the treasure to find a monk, but it was not returned to Ye Bin. Because he killed the black ugly, he was afraid of seeking revenge from the nine fierce gods. It was difficult to resist, but he deliberately gave the demon corpse Gu Chen a heavy blow and recovered the icy light. After that, he suddenly moved to know that the enemy had just arrived, and he heard an extremely sharp ghost scream in the southeast. It was getting closer and closer, and then he saw a black spot moving in the sky, dazzling and spreading cloth. It was soaring and sunny at once, and the sun was covered with half of it. It was as straight as the black sea flying, and Fly up in succession, each will fly a magic weapon to meet the sword.
If you want to know who is coming, the Emei Mansion Group Fairy Festival will stop and make a fuss about the important festivals such as Copper Coconut Island, and see the article.
In the second quarter of 2007, the Buddha’s magical powers were instantly written off, and the evil spirits and achievements were contested, and the ancient and modern worries were turned away.
Wen Zheng Dian Xian, Master Yu Qing and other golden spiders in Yuanjiang Han Xian sucked the former ancient Golden Gate treasure from the water in the middle of the river, and it was met with the demon corpse Gu Chen, the God of Bones, and the Old Charm of Snow Mountain. Thanks to Yang Jin, Yu Yingnan and Ye Bin, the owner of Admiralty Island in the small Antarctic, they came to help. Although all the demon parties slaughtered the demon corpse, the old charm and the God of Bones, Yang Yu, Ye Sanren joined forces to drive away from the God of Bone, and he was seriously injured by Master Jade Qing’s clutch. He fled for a while, and the treasure in the demon boat was also taken out from his busy schedule. However, Ye Bin, the main owner of Admiralty Island, was slightly negligent in eating the demon corpse when he met the enemy, and changed the Xuangong of the Yuan God. He blew the refined ice-spirit lightsaber into pieces. Fortunately, Ye Bin’s Taoist method was so profound that everyone was not surprised in just a few hours.
Everyone is talking about the ceremony, so please ask her to give a warning sign. The more urgent it is to know that the enemy is fierce and resourceful, the less confidential it is, and she will be aware of the slightest carelessness. She will not be able to see the scene again. Everyone is not mediocre and will not be injured by accidental injury. Dianxian and Master Jade Qing, Yue Wen and Zhuge Jing have also been aware of the opportunity to prevent delays. Even if they promise to exercise ice spirit and divine light, they will no longer be in a hurry and make a gesture with Yang Jin. They will immediately fly up invisibly together with Dianxian and Master Jade Qing, Yue Wen, Zhuge Jing and I were aware of the fact that Wei Qing, Yu Yunzhong and Dai Xiangying didn’t want to talk much, but they were on their own guard. Master Yu Qing was careful to prevent things from coming. We knew that revenge for Ye Bin’s new killing of the demon, Black Ugly, would be a nine-strong emperor and his wife’s suspicion. Although Gao Qiang Liu, Zhao, Yu, Wei, Sun, Ling and Dai have been gathered together, all the people have enough defense to harm. Finally, I feel that the enemy is one of the best people in the different faction, which is too powerful and too powerful.
Just at that moment, the three of them had just flown up, when they heard an extremely sharp and piercing noise from the distance in the southeast. At the same time, there was a black spot moving in the clouds in the sky, seeing diseases like flying stars from far and near. With that piece of Li Xiao exhibition cloth, the sky was darkened, and most of them couldn’t see whether it was clouds or fog. The sky was covered with a large black canopy, and the diseases were like flying tides and clouds. This area of the Yuanjiang Big Bear Ridge was about to come over, and immediately it was soaring, and the rivers were flying in the clear sky, and the dark potential was fierce, Yunzhong, Wei Qing and other newcomers have never even seen Liu Quan and Zhao Guangdou’s enemies. They are all frightened to release their magic weapons and fly swords. They are waiting to fly to meet them. They know that although the enemy is strong, the three of them can still cope, otherwise everyone will be hurt in vain. At this time, they should defend themselves and drink "Don’t move in self-defense!" While casting the forbidden law, I want to block everyone from going.
Yu Yingnan has been awarded the Nanli Fire Sword since a few days ago, because his godfather went back to the mountain to teach him the door. A wonderful lady has pity on her. She has been suffering from the cold and frozen marrow for many days. At an early age, she prepared for the disaster. Eritrea has given a special gift to Miao Yi, a real person who said that she would leave an immortal with a long eyebrow in the dust array. After that, she was given an elixir. However, since she took care of herself, she was afraid that the introduction would be too shallow, and it would be worse than a person who lost three reputations. Although the magic skill has been added to the previous service in I was ordered to go to the Dragon Elephant Temple on the Eternal Cliff near Sichuan to ask Yang Jinlai to help me. Master Fentuo was very praised and gained many benefits. The master gave her a protective god Fu Peishen, who was not only not afraid of evil invasion, but also came to the rescue when she was really in danger. She was shocked when she first came out of the mountain. Unexpectedly, the success of leaving the fire sword in the south made the old charm so badly injured that she fled. Ling Yunfeng couldn’t help but feel eager to save Yang because she had a crush on Ye Bin at first sight. As soon as Ye Erren flew up, the British man had a heart to rely on because he came with Yang Jin, and he was supposed to advance and retreat. He didn’t want to fall behind. Yunfeng was grateful for kindness, and he was loyal to God. Yu made the former ancient treasure powerful, and both of them happened to happen to coincide. Before the shadow approached, they flew up one after another
Dianxian didn’t stop Fang for two people worried that they would stop the people before flying to protect them. It didn’t take too much time. The shadows on the horizon were flying close and about to fly to Yuanjiang, and thousands of gold and green Mars were shot from the shadows. sonic boom was so dense that it was like a pearl, and the other enemy was rushing, but it didn’t show at all. At this time, the sky and the earth were so dark that everyone was refined, so the eye and the eye must reach out and not distinguish five fingers.
When this crisis moment, the first three people can’t see more than their hidden shapes, and the two swords of Ling and two women, one red and one white, together with the jade order of Yunfeng’s hand, send out a green and precious treasure, which is flying towards the opposite shadow starlight. In the darkness, it’s like two roads. Changhong sees it vividly, and it’s about to touch each other in two miles. In front of Ling’s two women, there are thousands of colorful lights. In the future, the shadow demon fire will block the layer of Xia together and make it into a spectacle. However, it is very fast and only two miles away, but the contact is not clear and fierce. A little bit of glass is big and yellow, and Guanghua suddenly flashes in the depths of the shadow, which will burst into red, white and blue. Thousands of fine mans are flying, listening to a piercing roar, and a long hair appears in the shadow. Dark-faced and barefoot temptress broke away and dazzled her eyes. In the first half, the black cloud demon fire was scattered by the Buddha Vulcan’s light, and the shadow demon fire gradually recovered in the second half, but it was like a strong wind sweeping away the residual cloud after the rain. The whole thing went away quickly, and in the blink of an eye, it reached the horizon. When you look at it carefully, you can see that Master Jade Qing has disappeared. Yu Yu and Ling didn’t even do it when they saw the witch and tried to sweep away the shadow demon fire. In total, they were only half a lamp of tea, but they were heavy and green, and
It turns out that Ye Bin must be an enemy who wants to take advantage of his new setback and surprise him, which just happens to be a blow to her head-on. When Yang Jin arrives, he will rise to a high level of stealth and ambush. When the enemy arrives, Ye Bin will put the ice spirit out first, and then wait for the enemy to exert his power to launch the magic magic method. Yang Jin will shoot out the Buddha’s lamp and flame. Then the enemy is the wife of Jiulie Shenjun, Xiao Shenniang, who is indeed miraculous and alert. Once the Buddha’s Vulcan light bursts, he will know that the enemy has this treasure. It is difficult to get justice today Cast the demon to escape to the dark shadow, which was refined by Jiulie’s husband and wife for many years. Shaqi, together with thousands of Yin Lei, is a demon with a poor and vicious mind. This situation is very special, and it is invisible for her to take a magic weapon to fly a sword. Everyone is surprised and noncommittal at all.
When Zheng Dianxian invited everyone to the Kuzhu Temple for a small gathering, he gave the treasures from the golden boat to the younger generation. So he sat down in the front hall with Xin Qing, Ouyang Shuang and Mu sisters, and presented tea fruits to the newcomers respectively. Dianxian asked with a smile, "Is Ye Daoyou okay?" Ye Bindao: "Being original is eager to go sightseeing because of the grand gathering of immortals in Emei Mansion. For example, the elders of Emei have never received the invitation. Sorry, the uninvited guest wanted to ask him to pay tribute to Miao Yi because Xie Shan Daoyou had known him for many years. I plan to go to Wuyi to discuss with Xie Daoyou after this. It happened that I met Sister Yang, who was my former flesh and blood, and made friends with her. I just don’t need to go further and further, and I want to meet again for many years. I want to talk with her about the day of thanking Daoyou. When the invitation came to be original, although I had thought that I was eager to come here to keep my promise and resist the enemy, I took the scattered flowers in a hurry, and I arrived immediately without signing a contract. Soon Ning Bixian House was faced with a time-changing plan and didn’t want to go. "
Zhuge Jing told me that I was busy. "This time, Emei Mansion invited overseas true immortal Taoist friends in advance for fear of omitting your teachers’ visits in the near future, that is, the invitations of Ye Xiangu, a messenger, were sent to the outlying islands for a long time without seeing them." Yang Jin laughed. "Zhuge Daoyou didn’t know that other Taoist friends, Emei elders, were not alone in omitting this Ye Daozhu, but it was hard to say that the south pole of Admiralty Island was too far apart, and few people knew her Taoist teachings, although they had been hidden for many years. Except Wuyi Ganshifan, Xie Daoyou’s diplomatic sisters often go back to my former life, but more than one person has met each other on three sides. It’s even more important to know that she is very few and she is narcissistic and doesn’t care about people. Moreover, although this Emei mansion is a grand event in the eternal Xuanmen, invitations to teach real people have also been widely distributed, and even some of them have not openly invited celebrities in Emei’s enemies and heresies, but the invited people are not all meaningful, otherwise thousands of overseas monks can’t know them. I don’t think the invitation letter 19 was issued to cover up the negligence of the owner. However, this time, the situation is very unique. People don’t have to ask themselves if they can go sightseeing in Japan. Although they have not been invited, they can go sightseeing as well. It’s just that the owner of Yedao is so sophisticated and pure. It’s a good guest situation and my two generations of friends. Even today, everyone in the seat is not connected with Emei Gate. When I say the invitation letter, I will fly immediately. "
Just then, a red light flew straight to everyone’s eyes, but they couldn’t see that it was a sectarian micro-surprise. Ye Bin’s hand was picked up, but it was Xie Shan who sent a flying sword from Wuyi with an invitation from Emei. The main idea was that Ye Bin took the scattered flowers yesterday and left this morning, and the blissful real person suddenly visited Emei. Speaking of a recent encounter with Xuanzhen and an invitation to Ningbi Cliff, it was wonderful that a real person said that Ye Bin had long wanted to be invited to live in the small Antarctic islands, such as Friar Lin, and there were many owls and bears. It’s a little presumptuous to know that the real person in Blissful Happiness will have a Wuyi trip. Xie Shan is also a friend of Ye Bin. Please give my regards to Ye Bin. The real person just arrived soon, and the invitation for the two of them also flew from Emei. Because the real person was afraid that Ye Bin would go back to the temple, it was considered a bitter bamboo, so he flew to tell Ye Bin that he was proud of others. Although he was eager to visit the mansion, he didn’t feel very glorious. This was just what he wanted. He was very happy to return the red light and decided to go with Yang Jinxian to Sichuan Yitian Cliff to pay his respects with Master Fen
Dianxian laughed and said, "Ye Daoyou, since it’s very important to be near the government, all your teachers and nephews must go there and talk about it after I send them away." Then he ordered the female brothers to take out the treasures obtained from Yuanjiang last night and first gave them nine swords to Liu, Zhao, Yu and Wei. "This sword is a wonderful thing for the Yellow Emperor to subdue the Excalibur in Jiugong during the war against Human-God." In addition, he took more than ten pieces of Ge, spear and knife of different lengths and sizes. Swords came out and gave them to all the girls and brothers in the field. They said, "There are a lot of treasures in the Golden Gate. This time, they just entered the tower gate on the first floor, and the demon corpse disturbed them. All the treasures and treasures were not taken out except the naturalized sound of the gods. But these ancient weapons are all magical weapons, and they can fit each other with great power according to the teacher’s mind. If the Jiugong Excalibur will be even more wonderful, it is unknown at this time that all the brothers have no reason to ask each teacher to know the origin and development method."
Time-sharing Dianxian was due to Ye Bin, Yang Jin and Master Yu Qing, who contributed the most. Yang Er-ren is a peer object. He once invited three people of his own choice, but he was modest and thanked for not taking the top fairy. After repeated persuasion, he each took a small piece. Ye Bin was a short weapon with the shape of a head. When he got it, he gave it to Master Ling Yunfeng and Jade Qing. At first, they took it at will, only to see that it was a pair with the shape of Fu Jie’s yin and yang. Master Bao Yuqing also wanted to give it to Yun Feng. When I looked back, I caught a glimpse of Yun Zhong’s eyes and paid attention to Yun Feng’s limited affection. I suddenly remembered that Yun Zhong was Law is strong and conceited, and it may not be possible to overcome risks and difficulties because of the limitation of luck, but Yunfeng’s future achievements are much better than his. The husband and wife are not the same family. If you share this treasure, you may not have to fight for it, but you will eventually get a lot of help. If you allow yourself to accumulate more foreign work in the future, you will win the day. With Yun Feng’s help at any time, you can actually get through these difficult couples. Besides, Yunfeng has won Yu Ling, When Jin Ge was in the former Guqizhen Mansion, his ancestor also presented a magic weapon, so he gave his head to Yun Zhongdao. "This treasure name Ge Fu was originally divided into two sides, yin and yang, and this yin fu was given to Yunmei, so that the inspiration of the wall was interlinked.Second, it is difficult and dangerous for Yu Daoyou to go out alone to build external skills in the future. With this, you can ward off evil spirits and drive away special energy. The master of Xiangyang Operator can come to help you in case of emergency. Besides, there are still many wonderful things to say, but it is hard to say for a while. However, it is still necessary for everyone to re-sacrifice and practice energy. Uncle Ling will tell you in detail that the magic weapons obtained by the brothers in Emei Mansion must be presented by all the teachers. You and Yunmei watched each other and knew that they were in the room. "You quickly accepted the thanks.
Yang Jin took a piece of black iron, about two fingers wide, with a thick face covered with dense scales. There was an ancient seal that looked like a pangolin’s belly, but he punched a 19-claw hook and carved it very finely and strangely. It was also the first time that the ancient seal was seen. Everyone knew the name of this treasure from Zheng Dianxian, and Yang Jin got it. It was very natural for him to come with Yu Yingnan all the way to see her. People were more modest and very congenial. They knew that three English and two clouds each had a fairy sword and had many adventures outside. I went deep into the door late, and I recently got a bite of the sword from the South Fire, so I smiled and gave it to her. "Although I don’t know its origin, I think it’s very beautiful. I’ll give it to you when I go back to the mountain, and then I’ll ask for the teacher’s honor." The British man has got a handle of gold, and he knows that Fentuo and Yang Jin are a little modest in their love for himself, and then he will be worshipped.
Except for Yang, Ye and Ling, who were detained by Dianxian, and had to go around Yitian Cliff by Sichuan to pay their respects to Master Fentuo, Master Yu Qing, Zhuge, Yue and Sun were ordered to come to Emei, where they just hurried back with Yingnan and Xiangying. Liu, Zhao, Yu and Wei also rushed back to Qingluo to prepare for going to the meeting with the master after being ordered, so they flew away with each other.
After everyone left, Dianxian and Ye and Yang discussed the future of dealing with the husband and wife of Jiulie Shenjun for a while and promised to help each other in the future. Ye Bin naturally thanked Dianxian and his disciples for preparing Emei’s collection of gold spiders, and banned the temples and caves, so they left with Yang Jin and Yunfeng and flew to Yitian Cliff near Sichuan.
All the way to the Dragon Elephant Temple, I fell in to see Master Fentuo sitting in the meditation hall for three people to pay homage to the master. At first, I smiled at Ye Bin, "My dear nephew, I haven’t worked hard for many years, so I am so happy to be successful!" Ye Bin felt that there was a reason in the master’s words that the master had turned to Yang Jindao."Make the sand, Mi Erxiao grew up doing great things, so it’s easier for you to take care of yourself like a sidekick. Qi Daoyou also ordered Yu Yingnan to invite you to Yuanjiang to help Dianxian to take the naturalized deity, and Yunfeng had already left the nunnery first. Although the people in the nunnery had a lot of changes in a day or two, the devil was the worst. Because I took away his sky-blue deity a few days ago, Xu Feiniang, a temptress, joined forces to help me. I was a Buddhist small wheel, and the three-phase metaplasia method was used to transform the villain’s growth. I can’t be two places at once to resist borrowing Johnson’s two magic weapons to take advantage of this gap to seek revenge. I’ve worked out the meditation machine silently, and I know Ji Fan’s previous experience. When I know this, I can’t leave the altar and scare him. Everything has been arranged, and he will be in the sand last night. I have been practicing Buddhism for many years, and I have been practicing Buddhism for many years. It is unusual for me to have a strange school of evil spirits. It happens that people can make a close look at the athletes. Although he will not be our door in the future, he will be brave and wise to the Tao and give me a miraculous god Zhan Ding. After listening to me, he will volunteer and will try to die without regret. This is exactly what he achieved in the future. Based on this good enemy, he knows that this method needs seven days and nights, and he can’t leave for a moment, but he doesn’t know that I have taken part in the true meaning. Because he cherishes his second Although I have never left the altar, I really have an emergency, except for last night’s death, when I had all kinds of hardships. Although I am rich and fragile, I have to wait for you personally, but I can still protect the altar at will with my dharma.
"I instructed the athlete to give him three talismans and erected a big Lei Yin fire god’s banner in front of the temple, and the Dharma concealed the life of the temple as it did for me to resist the film. When Ji Fan also made an appointment with two demon parties to see the original temple, he immediately released a thousand feet of magic fire and wanted to turn it into ashes. It was very fierce to tell Kenjisho that one of the three people was so evil that they had to go out of the enemy when it was too late, and they were timid and afraid. After the first talisman was put into use, they had to keep calm and command the fire of King Kong Buddha. You don’t have to be an athlete to show up even when you go out, but because of the sand, The two of them soon grew up, and Xuaner worshiped Han Xianmen. He was too eager to make progress in the corner, and he was eager to make contributions to himself. I was not afraid to stand by for a moment. When I saw the demon’s magic fire and evil smoke coming out, I gave him a finger, and the Buddha’s fire immediately greeted him. It was a trick to stop the demon and destroy him. I was afraid that the number of demons would escape when I was young. I knew that the third charm could control the enemy’s death and rely on the second charm to protect myself from the evil invasion. One of the two demons actually ventured to appear with Ji Fan.
"It’s not until Ji Fan knows the machine operator that the first self-escape appears. Although he knows this operator for a while, he is afraid of athletes’ operators. After seeing that the trick is exhausted, the Xuanmen Five-escape will trap the athletes and force them to bring their own gods to surrender and die. If the athletes refuse to obey, they will listen to me. Is it the second person who is forbidden by Buddhism to move vertically? Athletes blindly break their mouths and scold while still referring to the sacred fire to resist Ji Fan’s great anger, so they will take advantage of the enemy’s guilty conscience to deliberately ask and answer questions and cajole, even if there is a talisman to protect themselves. After all, the climate is too bad to see the crisis. Finally, others are very witty. At the sight of the talisman, when the enemy dies and escapes, there is only one god who knows the most, can resist the magic fire and smoke, but he can take advantage of the enemy’s guilty conscience to deliberately ask and answer questions, and even delay his words to get me out and be fooled by him.
"It turned out that Li Daoyou, a blissful real person, had something to do by Wuyi in Emei, and bypassed the snowy mountain to see the green crystal valley. Cang Zhenren passed by here and looked at Ji Fan in the clouds. This special thing was that I didn’t take advantage of her weakness in the nunnery to attack her. At this time, I also went out of the altar to ask her to sit in the nunnery. Although he had been persuaded by all his peers in recent years, he had the idea of accepting disciples, because he was happy to meet young children, and because he wanted to have a slightly better bone-like talent, so he was included in the collection. He was tired of being robbed, but he was late for many years. This time, the materials were very demanding, and those who never took it seriously, this time, because they listened to my little wheel three-phase magic method, they were willing to make sand. Mi Erxiao, two young people, are blessed with wealth, are extremely fragile and spare, and I have three hundred thousand merits in the three phases of Buddhism, and I have moved forward to prepare for the afterlife, and I have grown up in just seven days, and I have become blessed with profound wealth, fairy roots, fairy bones and good materials, and I praise my subtle Buddhism. I also heard that there is another villain who is now being persuaded by Han Xian to accept his younger brother, and after I persuaded him to love young children very much, he became a child-like gamer. It is rare to be born a villain. My son took a fancy to taking him to the Cliff Cave Fairy House in Changchun for 365 days and nights. The mysterious method made it more difficult to grow up than me, but it was much easier later. It was not like sand and rice. My dharma could grow in seven days, and his achievements in other years were even greater.
"But in the future, the 300,000 good deeds accumulated by his three-phase virtual environment will be successfully practiced one by one. If you rob all the vows, you can’t make a mistake, otherwise the achievements will be difficult to achieve and you will return to the wheel. How can you meet the fate of the gods again? I can’t bear to make the two young people shoulder heavy responsibilities first, so that they will grow up with Yunfeng’s practice, depending on their own achievements in other years, although less, they will turn to robbery. This life is a monk’s birth, and people will be measured if they don’t break the big rules, and friends will be happy and successful, but they will be ignorant because of degeneration. Although their achievements are slow, they will be able to make progress in turn, and their burdens will be lighter. They can also go to the small wheel to suffer in the third world. Before they go to the road, they will be steadfast and willing to suffer. When you listen to me, you will make 300,000 good deeds with a bitter plea. You are determined to rely on my Buddhism to be reversed, and this life will be proved to be successful. I pity the two young people for taking care of their souls when they firmly agree to the law. They will solve their sufferings, so they will strive to go against the fate, and the devil will do a lot of work to get my help and reduce the hardships. Finally, they still rely on their confidence and perseverance to overcome the triple difficulties. That all suffering is that Taoist priests who have been practicing for many years may not be able to endure peace. The more ambitious you are, the stronger your will is, the stronger your resistance is, and the more serious your evil deeds are. But you can make greater achievements. Needless to say, it is amazing that two talented people are not fragile.