Section 234


"I’ll ask you one last time. Are you serious?" Fu Jingsi looked at Yan Wu’s eyes and asked her, "Even if you two don’t have a good result?"
"Maybe I don’t like him after I catch up with him." Yan Wu hey hey smiled. "I’m a playboy and I forgot one immediately when I met someone better."
"So I said you were a kid."
Fu Jingsi can’t stand it. Yan Wu insists on Jiang Yun’s connection. He can leave Jiang Yun’s number to her.
Yan Wu got Jiang Yun’s number and said "thank you, boss" to Fu Jingsi.
"Come on, stop acting" Fu Jingsi glanced at her. "I really want to thank me. Just make a good film. I can’t go back until you play that film better."
"Ah, I said …" Yan Wu poked Fu Jingsi’s arm. "You don’t really love me, do you? It’s easy for me to think about it like this. I’m telling you. "
"Self-confidence is a good thing," Fu Jingsi laughed. "But don’t be blind."
Yan Wu shook his head and looked koo. "I’m not blind and confident. I’m so beautiful. I’m not surprised who likes me."
Fu Jingsi "…"
Yan Wu joined the group on the second day after returning to China. Only after she arrived in the group did she find out that the leading actor of this film was Yi Ye, and Yan Wu was embarrassed to death when he introduced them.
Next time, when the fashion week news was so loud and easy, I thought I would especially look down on her.
Besides, he is so worried about playing with him when he thinks about it.
"You two should know each other, right?" I don’t know if the director deliberately doesn’t care which pot. "I see you were still sitting together watching the show before fashion week."
"That’s a coincidence-"
Yan Wu kept winking at the director to tell him to shut up.
Easy night attitude is almost as cold as before, not talking to people dragged 20 thousand to 50 thousand
After a lesson, Yan Wu didn’t dare to gather together his brain powder and scold her for seducing the male god
For Yan Wu, filming is a new challenge. When she was a mass actress, Ji didn’t have a chance to show her face, and even if she was not good at acting, she wouldn’t be found out.
But now that she is the protagonist, all the seats are facing her, which is somewhat uncomfortable.
Plus, she can’t play it well even if she faces Yi Night.
Yan Wu stayed in the crew for more than 20 days and finally killed all the scenes.
No sooner had she returned to Los Angeles than she fell ill and had a chance to be alone with Jiang Yun.
Yan Wu took a taxi to the hospital wearing a mask and sunglasses.
Jiang Yun usually doesn’t sit in the office door and is pushed back. He’s a little unhappy. Which little nurse is not sensible in the department?
Jiang Yun frowned more tightly when he looked up and saw Yan Wu.
Yan Wu went out after wearing liquid foundation today, wearing a big baseball shirt with holes in the face, jeans and sneakers.
Jiang Yun saw her twice before, and she wore heavy makeup. Today, suddenly, he didn’t adapt.
Jiang Yun always thinks that women look better without makeup, especially their lips. He really hates women wearing lipstick.
"Dr. Jiang, why are you staring at me like this?" Yan Wu walked up to him, sat down, raised his hand and waved it in front of him. "Hey, you shouldn’t be scared by my plain face."
Yan Wu’s move just brought Jiang Yun back to God. After Jiang Yun realized that he was rude, he quickly took his eyes back from her face. He gently coughed and asked her, "What are you doing here?"
"I came to the hospital, of course, to see a doctor." Yan Wu picked the mask and exposed it, blushing and sorrowfully said to him, "Dr. Jiang, I have a bad cold and my nose is particularly uncomfortable. Please help me quickly."
Jiang Yun never bought this. He raised his hand and pointed to the office door to "go out and turn left to register."
"no!" Yan Wu solemnly explained, "I have idol baggage. If someone sees me without makeup, should I mix it up?"
Jiang Yun finally agreed to see her.
If he hadn’t checked, he wouldn’t have believed Yan Wu had a fever of 40 degrees by now.
He has never seen anyone as active as her when she is burning at 40 degrees.
Jiang Yun handed her the thermometer with a cold face. "You’re burning so badly that you can’t feel it?"
"I don’t feel anything." Yan Wu shook his head. "It was like this several days ago. I’m here for water and soil."
"Oh, I think you are killing yourself," Jiang Yun said of her.
Yan Wu grabbed Jiang Yun’s arm and got up from his chair to look up at him. "Does Dr. Jiang care about me?"
"No" Jiang Yun denied "I am mocking you"
"Well, I have to admit that you’re right-I’m really red." Yan Wu grinned at him. "? Have you been moved by my dedication? "
"No" Jiang Yun answered very coldly.
His attitude of shutting people out is really hurtful.
Yan Wu has been trying to find a topic to talk to him, but he blocked her up in a few words …