The meeting place was set in a western restaurant. When Bao Jiangyun and Yan Wu came over, the director and producer also happened to come over.


Jiang Yun and they nodded and said hello.
He doesn’t know anything about entertainment circles. When talking to them, he just listens and doesn’t talk.
"This film was put in the Lunar New Year file by our company at the end of the year, and the leading role candidate has not yet been decided. Because Mr. Fu personally recommended you, it has been decided for the time being. Let’s meet today, mainly to talk about the role positioning and some specific shooting processes."
"Yeah, you say I’m listening." Yan Wu nodded with a smile.
"Miss Yan has taken a farewell before? What types of roles are there? " The director asked her like this
"I haven’t filmed it," Yan Wu said calmly. "But it’s gone. If it weren’t for that kind of doormat, I would be ok."
Director Bai Bai nodded. "There is really no market now."
"Yes, there are a few people in life who are so noble. The protagonist is always wronged, and everyone is not happy to watch it." Yan Wu hey hey smiled. "Now, watching film and television dramas is not all about a cool word … it’s not happy that no one watches it."
"It seems that Miss Yan has a thorough understanding of the market." The director praised her with a smile. "Being behind the scenes is definitely a talent."
"That’s for sure."
Yan Wu is really not modest, no matter how praised by the director, she accepts it and always adds a few words.
"But it’s a loss for the audience if I don’t take a picture with such a beautiful face."
Yan Wu raised her hand and patted her face as she spoke. She smiled and asked the director and producer sitting opposite, "Is this the truth?"
"Uh-huh ….." The director and producer didn’t know how to reply that she could laugh.
After laughing, I quickly changed the subject. "Our filming this time is that the love shadow is biased towards adults, and the scale will be larger."
The director asked Yan Wu, "I don’t know if Miss Yan has any special requirements for the intimate drama? Do you need body double? "
"Director, what you said is really interesting." Yan Wu was amused by his words and couldn’t help teasing him. "I’m shooting seriously and making out again. Where can I make out?"
"Well, you don’t need body double to be a handsome actor."
The director and producer have been in the circle for so many years that they have seen the world, but it seems that an actress like Yan Wu has never been in contact with it.
What she said is so direct. She doesn’t leave anyone a face. This kind of personality is easy to offend. If Fu Jingsi didn’t support her, no one would want to get along with her.
He has seen a lot of actresses by men, but he is so confident by men that there is no other one except Yan Wu.
When Yan Wu was chatting with Fang, Jiang Yun always sat by and listened quietly.
Watching her choke those two people can be said that the corners of her mouth are hooked unconsciously.
He was sure that the two people across the street must have scolded her several times in their hearts, and they had to talk and laugh with her on the surface.
When Yan Wu finished talking with the director and producer, it was lunch time. After coming out of the western restaurant, Yan Wu took the initiative to invite Jiang Yun to have dinner together.
"Hey, let me treat you to dinner. Thank you for coming with me today."
"Thank me for what?" Jiang Yun refused to accept her thanks. "I am helping Lao Fu, not you."
"I find you are really …"
Jiang Yun choked Yan Fog with a word. She raised her finger at him for a long time and didn’t come up with a suitable word.
Yan Wu is now white. What do you mean, you hate less when you do it?
"Forget it, forget it. My adults have a lot of different knowledge from you." Yan Wu waved. "Let’s invite you to dinner. What do you want to eat?"
"No, I won’t eat out." Jiang Yun refused Yan Wu’s invitation again.
"… what? I heard from Fu Jingsi that you often eat together. Why don’t you eat when I invite you? " Yan Wu blinked at him. "Do you have a problem with me?"
"No, I’m afraid of eating gutter oil." Jiang Yun kindly woke her up. "I advise you to eat less outside, too. If you get food poisoning, you will suffer."
"My mother, you rich people are so particular."
Yan Wu burst out laughing. "I’m telling you, I like roadside stalls best. I’ve been eating them for so many years, and I’m fine."
Speaking of which, Yan Wu specially turned a circle in front of Jiang Yun. "You see, I am still so smart and so beautiful."
"It turns out that you will suffer from paranoia if you eat too much waste oil."
Jiang Yunyin is not loud, but Yan Wu heard it.
Section 231
She didn’t understand what he meant by this. She asked curiously, "What are you talking about?"
"Don’t you think you are delusional?" Jiang Yun still has the same expression as before. "After that, eat less gutter oil."
"I made a grass …"
Yan Wu was shocked by Jiang Yun’s way of beating around the bush and swearing. He couldn’t help swearing in front of him.
"It’s not good to swear when you can rise to the level of life." Jiang Yun woke her up. "You’d better pay attention to the fact that the entertainment circle is not so easy to mix up."
"Okay, okay, you’re right."
Yan Wu nodded obsequiously like a chicken pecking rice.
"I said Dr. Jiang, I’m starving. Can you give me a bite to eat?"
An hour later, Jiang Yun returned to his apartment near the hospital with Yan Wu.