The original July 7th and Jun Yang will not be in danger. I didn’t expect him to miscalculate. Chapter 143 He underestimated her after all.


It seems that he still underestimated Hu Ji that she would be afraid of Jun Yang.
In fact, he did not underestimate Hu Ji. If Hu Ji did not dare to provoke Jun Yang at ordinary times, he forgot that Hu Ji is a woman in love and that her lover can give everything, including life.
Women in love often lose their minds easily.
And he didn’t think that it was because of her fear of Junyang that she would be cruel. If Junyang died, the threat would be gone. This is the best way once and for all.
It is a piece of cake for Macey Eva to set up an enchantment for Hu Ji, but what he saw after entering the cabin made him feel resentful for Hu Ji for the first time.
Yes, resentment is anger and hatred.
Anger is that she takes life seriously. Those who lie down are livid and know that they have been poisoned by poisonous snakes.
Hate is that she is so unscrupulous that she makes so many people pay for her sins.
Although he is cold-blooded, Macey Eva also has her own bottom line, that is, not to kill koo people. But today, Hu Ji’s practice has obviously touched his bottom line, which makes him feel angry.
And it’s hard for them to inherit. Hu Ji has taken so many koo lives this time. I’m afraid it will be even harder after their snake clan.
Took a deep breath and calmed his mood. He walked quickly to Junyang.
His face was livid, his breathing was almost imperceptible, and he was obviously poisoned, but his body remained in a forward posture, facing the door. Obviously, there was someone important outside the door that made him want to protect her at the most critical moment.
That person doesn’t want to be suspected by Shen Qiqi.
So it seems that Shen Qiqi was the deck at that time.
On the other hand, Jun Si and Jersey on the deck were fascinated. It seems that at that time, Hu Ji put down the cabin crew and the urgency did not poison them.
According to this, it is inferred that Qiqi should not be poisoned either.
No, July 7th is definitely not poisoned, because Hu Ji wants her to come and save Shen, so she won’t be fine.
With this in mind, Macey Eva finally breathed a sigh of relief.
He is really confused.
However, Junyang’s face became more and more gray because of the deep poisoning, and the whole person showed a gloomy and lifeless mood.
Macey Eva was frightened to disgrace, fed him a detoxification pill, blocked his meridians and took him back to the clause without stopping.
While Junsi and Jersey, who had already woken up, stayed to clean up the mess.
Jersey will lay people one by one to look at the past and find that Zhou Jin, who is hiding behind Zhou Guzhu, is still breathing, so he will have her sent to the clause for Macey Eva to be treated.
And Zhou’s main reason was to protect the heart pulse, and there was still a sigh of relief that was sent back to the clause by your four policemen.
Among the remaining people, there are a few lucky ones who are still alive with high spiritual strength.
Seeing this, Jersey is a little heavy in my heart.
When he first arrived, he didn’t know what grievances Hu Ji and Shen Qiqi had, but because of his long-term life, Ghost Village was as peaceful as a small village, and he had never been exposed to a bloody scene.
Besides, the ghost village people have special respect for life because of that experience, and they will definitely not do anything like tonight to destroy Gu’s life.
Tonight is his first time to touch these dark sides.
And in such a tragic way
His face is very ugly and even slightly pale.
Jun Sibai, he thought of coming and patting him on the shoulder at the moment. "Now that I have decided to come out and make these things, I will experience them sooner or later. See some 144. Chapter 144 Prisoners.
Jersey West Point nodded. "I’m fine, but I can’t accept it for a while."
"It’s nothing here. We should go back. I don’t know, young master …" Jun Si said with a sigh and took the lead in taking the boat.
Jersey and his body think of now is still alive and dead, Jun Yang and falling, Shen Qiqi also sighed.