Li Tu, huh? (Skip)


You Xue hasn’t been measured ~
Month and month …
Six constellations?
Scorpio litu
Scorpio youxue
No wonder both husband and wife are so scheming and bear grudges! (shrink)
7 usually address each other?
Li tu you Xue
You Xue Li tu
Yueyue language ~ ~
8 hope that the other party will address themselves?
Li tu, um, I’ve always hoped that Yosuke would call me tu ~
Will you call me Xue after Yosemite? (Li Tuhao ~ ~)
Month ⊙ ⊙ … What a tacit understanding!
9 cohabitation?
Li Tu, we share the same room and bed. What do you think? (squint)
Youxue Aiyue, you are a white barrier ~ ~
Don’t say it every month! The soul is weak! (Li Tu sneers at the sword)
? 1 Who goes first?
month in and month out
Who is in charge of the family at ordinary times? What?
Does Li Tu want to do something? Didn’t Li grind them?
What is the Youxue family?
You always enjoy the moon and moon feelings ~ ~ poor mother Li Mowa, I’m sorry ~!
? 1 Who is in charge of cooking? What?
Li Tu cooks? What? We are blood clan!
You Xue: Yes, Li Tuxue is delicious! (jump)
Skip every month ~ ~
13 like food?
Li tu you Xue
You Xue Li tu
Skip every month ~ ~ (45 is charming and sad. Oh, my God, when will the topic be finished? God, you called me? I count to 87! Hold on! )
Does the other person like food?
15 your own personality?
Li tu tiao tiao
Youxue skip
16 the other person’s personality?
If Li Tu has a grudge, he will repay it. If he is kind, he will not necessarily repay it ~ ~
Youxue is affectionate and not bitter (what do you mean? Children? )
What do you hate about each other?
Have you ever had a quarrel?
Li Tu did not.