Wei Huai’ an sighed and could put people in the carriage again and then quickly ran to the front. If you don’t hurry up, you may sleep in the wilderness. It will freeze to death in such a cold day.


But they didn’t see that the girl in the carriage opened her eyes slightly and the corners of her mouth evoked a radian.
Chief residence
"Father" Xie Chenfeng walked in quickly. "Father expected that Wei Huai ‘an was indeed divided into two teams, but the mother had succeeded in reaching him."
Man, what are you trying so hard for? Either fame, wealth, and sex are always exciting. For a lofty man like Wei Huai ‘an who has no women, a beautiful woman is the most attractive. Of course, if there is still money behind him, you can’t believe that you can’t attack him.
It’s a bride. That’s his training ace. It’s cheaper than that old man.
"Well," Xie Hua’s face relaxed. "But we can’t take things lightly. We have to do it well." We gently clicked on the desktop with our fingers. "Our new emperor is not so easy to fool you and send more people. Anyone who enters three counties should carefully check and would rather kill by mistake than let go."
"Father, do you think that one will send someone else?"
"Will you always be careful?"
"Yes" Xie Chenfeng should hesitate "Xian Wang also sent a message over there"
"Ha ha" Xie Hua laughed. "I didn’t expect him to be so vulnerable."
"Then let’s ignore it?"
"Don’t pay attention to your letter to show his loyalty. After all, he is a royal orthodoxy. When it comes to that, we need a justified flag." Xie Hua opened his eyes and even if he wants to fight, he needs a header. His former son-in-law is a good excuse.
"Father Ying" Xie Chenfeng left the room with a smile, but just walked to the door and saw her sister coming quickly. "Sister, how did you come here?"
"I want to see my father"
"Father is busy, you’d better go home." Xie Chenfeng frowned.
"Eldest brother, I am your sister" Xie Chenxi raised his voice "in those days …"
"Morning breeze let her in" Xie Hua said in the room.
Xie Chenfeng gave way to the position, but it seemed a little impatient.
Xie Chenxi stared at his brother and then entered the room.
Xie Chenfeng followed in.
"Dad" Xie Chenxi came to Xie Hua with red eyes. "When you asked me to marry Xianwang, I married Xianwang. Later, you asked me to leave me. Now I want to live in peace. How? Do you still want me to change my interests? I tell you that I won’t marry that prince of Beimeng unless I die. "
"Bastard!" Xie Chenfeng frown "what did you say? Everything we do is hello. "
"Bullshit, you are just yourselves." Xie Chenxi looked at them stubbornly. "That king of North Mongolia is in his fifties. His father is older than you. Is it good for me to let me marry him?"
"Dawn" Xie Hua got up and walked to her daughter. "You were raised in Xie Jia Jin Zun Yu Gui for more than ten years ago. Even if you married a virtuous king, you are a virtuous princess. Now your father needs you to sacrifice one. Don’t you want to?"
Xie Chenxi couldn’t believe looking at Xie Hua. "Father, I am your daughter, not your tool."
"If you weren’t my daughter, would you have the opportunity to make such a fuss in front of me?" Xie Hua’s eyes flashed a bit cold.
Xie Chenxi inexplicably shivered "Father …"
"Either marry in the past and let the King of North Mongolia do what I want or die." Xie Hua’s tone is very light, but his words are very vicious. "Xie Gu leaves no one."
Xie Chenxi’s lips trembled for a long time and finally swallowed "Good I’ll marry"
Xie Hua smiled. "This is my good daughter. Don’t worry. In the future, when my father achieves great things, you will be a noble princess royal. When you think about it, it will be like no one can control you."
Xie Chenxi also smiled, but he couldn’t reach his eyes. "Then congratulate my father on his wish."
Xie Hua patted Xie Chenxi on the shoulder. "Father is very happy that you can think so."
"But I have a request." Xie Chenxi’s eyes are desolate. This is her father cool thin’s selfishness and interests, but she should have seen through it long ago, shouldn’t she? It’s silly and naive to feel sad.
"You said" Xie Hua turned and sat in the chair.
"I want PeiYan" Xie Chenxi looked at Xie Hua.
Chapter five hundred and ninety-one PeiYan
Xie Hua frown "change a request".
"Father, when I was with Pei Yan two of a kind, but you wooed Xian Wang and made her daughter a virtuous princess, you broke us up and Pei Yan was sent to the northernmost part after you found a mistake. Now I’m going to woo Bei Meng King for you, so you have to give me some sweetness?" Xie Chenxi sneer at a.