Of course she doesn’t want DOG to know who her father is, but she doesn’t want DOG to keep calling Fu Jingsi’s father-


It’s so easy to misunderstand. She really doesn’t want to add to his life? bother
What happened that year was that she volunteered to leave her and felt that she was dirty. He would rather disappear from his life.
Fu Jingsi has been blaming himself for what happened in those years, and Bai Huan knows that he didn’t do these things out of love and heart.
Maybe he was just looking at her pity and giving her a little charity.
She would rather not have such feelings.
"Hey, I don’t know why you are so persistent with DOG. She is sensible now. It’s better not to tell her about those bad things, otherwise it will have an impact on the growth and development of children."
Fu Jingsi patiently analyzed with her, "If I want to get married later, I will explain it to my wife."
"Fu Jingsi, you don’t know anything about women." Bai Huan was suddenly very excited. She said to him in a trembling voice, "No woman can accept this kind of thing. It’s selfish of you to think so …"
"selfish?" Fu Jingsi didn’t understand her meaning.
Bai Huan knew that he didn’t understand, so he went on to say, "Woman, I absolutely don’t want my husband to be entangled with his ex-girlfriend and be so kind to her child. If I see this situation, I will definitely think that the child was born to him and his ex-girlfriend. In that case, why should I give him my own generation?"
The way men and women think is indeed very different. Fu Jingsi didn’t think of this until he said that.
"Don’t be nice to me and my children after Fu Jingsi."
Bai Huan looked at him with tears in her eyes. "You can’t give us eternal warmth and heart. It’s better to give nothing at all."
Fu Jing is heavy? It took a long time to say "OK, I get it" to her.
"But before going to bed, I promised DOG that I would take you out to play together." Fu Jingsi rubbed his eyebrows. "Just be the last time."
Bai Huan looked at Fu Jingsi’s tired limbs and cold, and his heart was chilly.
She always knew that Fu Jingsi had no love or pity for her.
She knows that he has something else in mind, and this time she will force herself to completely withdraw from his life.
Since she is no longer worthy of him, she might as well be clean and leave him alone and fall in love with others. This is how she loves him.
"Have you ever thought about getting married?"
While Bai Huan was thinking, Fu Jingsi suddenly asked such a question.
She came to her senses and looked at him with more expectation in her eyes-
She is waiting for him to go on.
"I want to help you find a stable home, so I can rest assured."
If there is a mirror in front of her, she can clearly see the moment when hope is dashed from her own eyes.
When Fu Jingsi said, "Help you find a stable home," all your expectations and hopes came to nothing.
"Fu Jingsi, I can handle my own feelings," Bai Huan replied. "At present, I have no plans to get married, and … you also know that others are unwilling to accept my offer."
"Come on, don’t talk about yourself like that." Fu Jingsi patted her on the shoulder. "Go to bed early. You have a lot of things to do tomorrow. Don’t delay too late."
"Okay, I get it."
Bai Huan hid himself from his touch and got up and walked towards his bedroom.
Jirou had a long, long nightmare all night that night.
In the dream, there is a woman who can’t see her face and two children who can’t see her face. The woman is kissing a man.
Ji Rou can see the man’s back. In the dream, she ran after the four of them all the way, and finally chased him to see the man’s face clearly-
That face that can’t be more familiar.
Fu Jingsi looked at her with a light/floating smile and arrogance. He said, "Jirou and I both have two children. What are you, I will give them up?"
She stared at him and kept shaking her head, saying that she couldn’t say a word, and her breath in her throat almost killed her.
Then she watched their family of four interact and watched him kiss and flirt with the woman who couldn’t see her face clearly.
That kind of pain is too real. When I wake up early, there are tears in Jirou’s eyes.
She raised her hand, wiped her eyes and smiled wryly.
Fu Jingsi, he is really restless.
Just seeing both sides made her have a nightmare all night-
Ji rou was exhausted by the nightmare all night. She got up and took a bath before her muscles relaxed a little.
Just changing clothes, I heard a knock at the door.
Jirou was startled by this sudden sound. She consciously covered her chest and asked, "Who’s calling?"
"I don’t remember?"
There is a male Jirou outside the door who feels strangely familiar when listening to this sound, but he can’t remember who he is.
To be on the safe side, Jirou didn’t give him any more questions. "I don’t remember. Tell me your name."
The people outside the door were amused by her, and then they resumed their seriousness and reported themselves. "It’s my Ye Chen."
After hearing this name, Jirou suddenly realized that it was no wonder that he was so familiar just now.
Knowing who the bearer was, Jirou gave him the door.
Ye Chen has a bad personality, but she doesn’t have many friends in Los Angeles. He has been trying to make her see Fu Jingsi.
It’s a pity that she was carried away by love at that time and didn’t take what he said seriously
Later, reality slapped her hard and told her that Ye Chen was right.
I haven’t seen Ye Chen for five years. He looks a lot more mature than before, but his smirked face has not changed at all.
As soon as he entered the door, Ye Chen stared at Jirou’s chest for a long time. After that, he gave a burst of laughter and said meaningfully, "Jirou’s children have grown up now."
Ji Rou knew where Ye Chen meant when he said "grow up" by looking at his hostile eyes.
Section 35
She is not shy and generous to admit "well, thank you"
"Hey, aren’t you shy now?" Ye Chen was amused by Jirou’s reaction. "You’ve really grown up. Look, your new boyfriend has moistened you very well."