The situation in this game is so grim, but even so, Ibrahimovic didn’t get the chance to start.


4231 even aimar started.
I have to be more careful and more strict with the wild horse Ibrahimovic, because if I can’t clean up Ibrahimovic’s posts completely this time, I’m afraid I will have to stop until this season
The game was so intense that it was cruel.
There was a fierce competition between the two teams in possession of the ball at halftime because both teams were ball-holding.
Valencia’s midfield brain is Guardiola and La Coruna is Belleron.
These two top midfielders compete.
La Corunia scored a goal at home advantage.
But Valencia stubbornly pulled back a point just after halftime.
Then in the 60 th minute, La Coruna took the lead again. The goal was scored by Dejaha.
La Coruna is in the lead again!
When Dejaha blasted the football into the goal, there was a huge cheer at Riaso Stadium as if they had won the game.
Even the commentator Moen cheered in La Coruna, "Powerful Super Laco! Super Laco! It seems that only they can defeat Valencia and end their unbeaten! "
"Super Laco! Super Laco! !” As if to cooperate with him, deafening cheers rang out from the stands of Riaso Stadium.
In their shouts, La Coruna players are celebrating, while Valencia players are a little absent-minded
Huge waves hit their eardrums and hearts, suffocating them.
Changsheng clenched his lips and stared at the stadium.
These years are the peak of La Coruna’s momentum. Their team has achieved outstanding results, and fans are naturally full of confidence. At home, they have a domineering attitude of "I dare to overlook the sky and see the sky as a hero".
Later, with the departure of Irueta, La Coruna declined and even downgraded.
The atmosphere at Riaso Stadium is not as good as that of the fans now.
But that was the last thing that always wins, and now unfortunately I have met the most powerful La Coruna.
Do you want to give up because of this?
Of course not!
Changsheng withdrew his eyes and turned his attention to the bench.
Ibrahimovic sat on the bench with a straight face.
Chapter 70 We want to win the championship
In the cheers of La Coruna fans at Riaso Stadium, Changsheng turned his eyes back to Ibrahimovic, who was sitting on the bench.
The Swede sat on the bench and looked at the stadium.
No one knows what he is thinking.
Changsheng didn’t bother to guess what he was thinking. He just walked up to him and said, "Go warm up, young man, and prove that it’s your time."
Ibrahimovic took one look at Chang Sheng and got up and took off his coat and ran to the warm-up area.
Changsheng turned around again and continued to look at the stadium.
Five minutes later, Ibrahimovic reappeared in front of him.
Changsheng still doesn’t have any nonsense. He just said to him, "We are one goal behind but I don’t want to lose. Did I let you play?"
Ibrahimovic glanced at the stadium and nodded. "If you don’t want to lose, you have to rely on me."
"Ha, then prove it to me."
Soon Ibrahimovic came out and changed the state of the game, so Villa.
When Ibrahimovic came out, the commentator Mohn specifically noticed why the player had become a substitute from the former main force.
Finally, he said, "When the team is in a critical moment, Sweden is back in charge, but he seems to have some conflicts with Chang Qian. I don’t know if he can fight hard at this time-to be honest, I doubt it. After all, even if Valencia loses to La Coruna this time, it’s no big deal …"
As soon as the voice fell, Ibrahimovic got the football on the court and faced the opponent to force him to grab his own skills and body to protect the football and then sent it to the pawn.
Then mendieta completed a high-quality long-range shot from outside the penalty area, forcing La Coruna goalkeeper Molina to make a wonderful save and give Valencia a corner.
"Huh?" Mon was surprised. "Ibrahimovic didn’t stick the ball, but quickly threw the football out … It’s really strange-if he played like this in Barcelona, how could he be replaced so often?"
Ever-victorious saw Ibrahimovic present and couldn’t help laughing.
Although this is the first time to touch the ball after a moving field, it is a trivial detail, but Changsheng sees what he wants to see from this detail