"ah!" She was suddenly shocked, and then she squatted on his chest and rubbed his shirt button with her fingers and muttered, "Isn’t husband old?"


Where is this woman intentionally drunk? Where should she be sober? Although I didn’t call him directly, I didn’t know that these two words came out of her mouth as clear as the tinkling of spring water resounded through his narrow heart.
He carried her to the sofa and let her lie on the pillow. She covered her face and others pressed her.
She moved her finger "the curtain is not closed"
Fu Jingxiao got up from the sofa to draw the curtains.
Xu Jin inkstone has fled from the sofa back to the bedroom to take a shower.
Fu Jingxiao, can you cut her some slack? You can’t make it worse because he is vengeful. Xu Jinyan regrets that he pretended to be drunk.
She sobbed and shouted, "Husband …"
He didn’t satisfactorily well a repeatedly confirmed "didn’t hear clearly …"
She turned over and was fished back into her arms by him, as if she never got tired of hearing it.
Fu Jingxiao was close to her ear, finely tender, crushed together and sent to her neck, and the sound slowly overflowed like sinking into the deep sea.
"Wife, we have a family."
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Chapter one hundred and fifty-four Getting married together is not good?
She rolled over and got into his arms, half closed her eyes and lazily shrank her arms, rubbing against his chest and repeating his words like a child, "We have a family."
I don’t know when the concept of home is very vague, because losing a happy home is like a noun that can do metonymy.
Now home has become a verb. Two people contribute to this home and then create happiness together.
He touched her head. "Well, it will be our house."
Fu Jingxiao doesn’t want external factors to affect them in the future, so they can stay with each other until they are old.
Parents and women can accompany each other for a period of life, and only the people around them will always reach the end of life.
No one will look forward to home more than Xu Jinyan.
He gave her a sense of belonging, not an image description room, but a future with him.
After a long time, she opened her eyes and looked up at his deep black eyes. "Why don’t you promise to have a wedding with Jing Yun and his sister, but it’s not so anxious."
Fu Jingxiao put his thumb on her forehead and smiled lightly. "You fool, what do you think is the reason for the wedding? It’s something that we can’t share. It’s sacred, not a job."
Xu Jinyan didn’t expect that he was so noble and sacred about the wedding, which was because she wanted to be partial.
Fu Jingxiao is the one who holds her in his heart.
"I think it’s wrong." She closed her arm and hugged others and leaned over. "Xiao, you are so kind to me. No one in the world should be so kind to me anymore."
"Because you are worth it." He kissed his forehead. "Go to sleep."
She nodded.
The pain of the past is over, and the future will be completely different because of today’s arrival.