She wrinkled her nose and made an expression of disgust, but she still pushed the door and drove the car obediently, and sat down in the front face and kept looking out of the window. Anyway, she didn’t want to see him


Qin Mu looked at her with the back of her head pointed at herself, thinking that she was high above herself. Who dares to treat her coldly? The girl is too lazy to look at him directly with her eyes.
How to eat oranges? I don’t know what to do. Exchange group 36621167
I have a big temper.
Qin Mu didn’t force her to see her small pink ears again, shook her head and stepped on the gas pedal, and the car left all the way.
Qin Mu was thinking about talking to his father in the afternoon while driving. He knew that his father was a sharp-eyed and thoughtful person. When he met in less than five minutes at a time, he already saw that he was thinking about Teacher Xia. Of course, Qin Song was so fair and honest that his father was whiter. Both of them saw Teacher Xia.
Father didn’t say anything about letting him handle it properly, but how to handle it properly? He certainly won’t quit, because even if he quits, the benefit will not be Qin and Song Dynasties.
I’m upset to think about him, little girl. No one can have wild desires. I can’t even think about it. I just take advantage of his Qin Mu.
He licked his lip corner and glanced at the summer orange voice, which was more clear in this not too narrow and closed room.
"Don’t pick up the Qin and Song dialects after the orange, and you can’t meet anyone privately."
Summer orange is not going to look at him or say a word. I’m whispering to you that many dissenting Confucian pursed his mouth, but I can’t help laughing.
"Orange, turn your head back. Why don’t you even want to look at me now? I don’t like talking to people’s heads."
""Summer orange doesn’t like to talk to his head, so just don’t talk.
"Because this project is very important to Qin, I will go there in person. I will come back as soon as possible. If you have anything to say, call Lv Zeng. Of course, call me. I still hope you can call me."
Qin Mu gently sighed and glanced at Xia Orange’s little body. It’s really an awkward little girl. It’s not so annoying to me. It’s not so frustrating to pretend to be unmoved and like me.
Girls may have some duplicity. Xia Orange is thinking about what I can do. I wish I had something. Who is it?
"Did you hear me?"
Qin Mu is very patient to ask what he confessed at ordinary times. You must remember that if you can’t remember I’m sorry, don’t get mixed up in Qin’s family. How can you ask people if you understand it after talking for a long time now?
Summer orange impatiently turned his head "know know"
Anyway, when you talk, I go in one ear and out the other, and I’m not ready to answer Qin and Song. Of course, I’m too busy to go out with anyone, but not with you.
Qin Mu looked at her black eyes, clear as people’s emotions, and it was easy to see a spoiled smile from these eyes.
Soon they arrived at the door of the reserved restaurant, and the waiter respectfully took them to the whole floor of the building, except for the workers, who had soft and ambiguous lights
Pushing the door, Qin Mu personally helped her pull up the chair, supported her hands on the table, arched her tall body slightly, and stared at her with deep eyes.
"I came to let you try the steak here, but you should eat something light if you have a cold."
Qin Mu took the waiter’s menu and put it in front of Xia Orange. "Look at what you want to eat."
It’s annoying to order by yourself every time, but it’s really appetizing to see the steak pattern. She moved her lips as if to say I want to eat.
Qin Mu bent the corner of her eyes and put her voice slowly, as if she were coaxing her.
"There’s a chance later. Shall we eat something else instead today?"
There is no expression on Xia Orange’s face. It seems that he is already familiar with his aura. If he is so close to himself, she must feel that the momentum is forcing people to feel embarrassed. But now that he is so close to himself, she subconsciously feels warm and at ease. What will become like this? She suddenly hates herself.
She was a little fidgety, and she also thought about who he was. He was Qin Mu, and what he represented was not only wealth, but also a symbol of power. His interpersonal relationship must be complicated. His world must be that he could not adapt to her, nor did he feel that he was poor, but he just felt that he was unattainable. Compared with him, it was too general.
Stick to your position and never waver. Why did he push himself to another position as soon as he came? Qin Mu, can’t you just listen to me and stay away from me for once?
She suddenly became sexual and felt that she could upset him. She should be very happy.
"I’ll eat this. I haven’t heard that I can’t eat steak with a cold."
Qin mu see my girl suddenly become loud frowning slightly or good temper to say
"It’s not that you can’t eat it. It’s best not to eat it. It’s not good for you to recover from a cold. It’s not you and I can’t replace you."
Qin Mu raised her hand and gently touched her head. Her thick hair was rolled up high and her white loose shirt was tied loosely in tight trousers, which made her look particularly youthful.
"I didn’t say I’d come to eat, but you just came. It’s no good, it’s no good, just don’t eat."
Summer orange face expression is also insolently raise my hand and knock off his big hand on his head without a trace of temperature.
At the door stood two waiters who became speechless and looked at each other strangely. This woman was too scared. Do you know who the man is in front of her? How many women have tried their best? He may not look at the lovely girl. Not only is her tone cold, but her expression is cold.
Qin Mu was slightly dazed for a moment, but it was just fine. Why did she suddenly get angry? It’s not like her character. She always impressed herself as gentle, graceful, clever and sensible. How did it suddenly get up?
He didn’t know that Xia Chen thought about it so much, but he didn’t offend her because he didn’t let her eat steak. But he knew Xia Chen well, so he shouldn’t lose his temper with himself because of what he ate.
"orange, orange, if you really want to eat, you can eat some properly. Shall we eat something else?"
Qin Mu raised a hand on her shoulder and coaxed it patiently.
I cann’t believe he can still hold his horses. Isn’t your big president very bad-tempered? Get angry quickly so that we can die of old age.
You make it sound like you’re a glutton for food, and you lose your temper because you don’t want to eat. Do I let others eat?
"I don’t want to eat"
"Then I’ll give you some."
Qin Mu looked at her silently and didn’t return it. She agreed with what she said. He slightly raised his other hand and the waiter hurriedly listened to his order before he left.
"Two steaks, one medium rare and one rare."